Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hyun Joong's gentle side is seen once more

Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong moved to Seoul during the broadcast of WGM on the 29th of June. The reason for the move is because of economic burdens.

Hwang Bo came to pick Hyun Joong up in a truck instead of the convertible that he had expected, telling him not to be embarrassed. Hyun Joong mentioned that Hwang Bo's economic situation must not be very good and that as they had spent too much on water before, they would have to start saving now but the side of him that he shown while saying that was disrupted as he freaked out because of a flying bug, asking the people around him for help.

Hwang Bo also kept the promise that she made to him before and made him a scarf as a present, making Hyun Joong touched. Even with her busy schedule, she made the scarf for him and caught a cold which left her body in a bad state. As she gave the scarf to Hyun Joong, she hinted at him about keeping his promise.

However, Hyun Joong unexpectedly told her that he was unable to complete the promise of playing her the piano. Hwang Bo replied that she did not anticipate it, but her disappointed look couldn't be hidden and Hyun Joong told her that he had a present for her that he bought from Thailand. His present for her was cosmetics that were good for wrinkles. Truly a present that leaves one speechless.
But what Hwang Bo really wanted to receive was listening to Hyun Joong playing the piano. Hyun Joong told her that he wasn't able to play the whole song, compared to before he could play it with more feel now, which made Hwang Bo laugh. Hyun Joong sat in front of the piano and played for her, but stopped at the same place he did last time.
Knowing that Hwang Bo was disappointed, he told her that he would sing her a song instead, choosing the song "Thank goodness/ I'm glad". But even then, after a while he said that he didn't know the lyrics and asked Hwang Bo to help him look for the lyrics on her handphone, making her laugh. However, even then, the lyrics kept disappearing from the screen making him decide to sing the song from the middle instead. He was still able to give her a touching present in the end.
If the charms shown by Hyun Joong in the beginning was his 4D personality, then it is the later charms he showed by being gentle that touched Hwang Bo.
Hyun Joong surprised Hwang Bo by wearing the scarf and the vest that his dog peed on, both made by Hwang Bo, out to buy ramyun. Hyun Joong, wearing his hat, even went as far as asking the police for directions to a pharmacy, just to buy medicine for the sick Hwang Bo. Although it seemed like he wasn't bothered, he still took care of her condition.
Hwang Bo thanked him for being gentle, displaying the feelings of her being touched.
*Credits: Newsen*


Anonymous said...

lol... it is truly a gift that leaves one speechless. LOL. As long as Hwangbo understands that he's not trying to hurt her with his comments, it's not a problem. He's just a little too literal.

Thanks for the translation and a lot of the older grooms can also learn a lot from his thoughtfulness.

Now, all we need is for them to be a little more physical. Hwangbo needs to allow it and I'm sure it'll happen naturally.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you ...i would love to have him