Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WGM: Younger husband Hyun Joong just won't stop; Hwang Bo's Arirang in Japan

Hwang Bo, who went to Japan just to meet her younger husband Hyun Joong, sang Arirang.

During the WGM broadcast on the 13th, Hwang Bo headed for Japan alone to meet Hyun Joong without knowing SS501's schedule.
Armed with her basic Japanese, Hwang Bo managed to find Hyun Joong's dorm without much difficulty. Hwang Bu In also told the part-time helper that she had secretly married Hyun Joong, just to end her worries regarding Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong and his members were surprised by Hwang Bo's sudden appearance in their dorm when they returned from their schedule. Despite Hyun Joong's blunt reaction, saying "Why did you come?" to her, he still helped her cook the ramyun and together they prepared a fantastic dinner.

Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo and the rest of the SS501 members joined up in groups and played a game of rock, paper, scissors in order to determine who would wash the dishes. However, Hwang Bo lost the game when she went against Hyung Joon, who had never won once in 5 years. But Hyun Joong's impressive actions of making his members come out and tell her that they had eaten well made her feel touched.
In order to ease the awkwardness, the SS501 members prepared a karaoke session and Hyun Joong asked Hwang Bo to sing Arirang. Hwang Bo, who was initially embarrassed, later sang Arirang enthusiastically, with much emotion.

Hyun Joong said "I like it when my wife does things for the guys. I want to boast about my wife's capabilities, about how she is able to do this and that".

Hyun Joong also wore a bear costume out on a date with Hwang Bo on the streets of Japan. They went into a mart and put on afro wigs, and had a happy time reliving their juvenile years. Hyun Joong also told Hwang Bo that he had always wanted to go on a strange date like this, the both of them enjoying their unique happiness in a foreign country.

*Credits: Newsen, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Seems like HJ hasn't done many things in his must have been hard for him to do stuffs w/o people looking at...feel sorry for him.
BTW, haha my unnie is another HJ's 1st time again ^_^

Nearly go on vacation huh? have a nice trip \^O^/

chonsa said...

heyya muize! haven't heard from you in ages, seems like the only time i can talk to you is via comments! yea, it's great that they are sharing so many first times. and great that hb's looking so blisfully happy these days!

yeah, vacation time in another couple of days! can't wait!! thanks!!

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