Monday, July 7, 2008

Hwang Bo: I want to wear a wedding dress too

Hwang Bo who went to Andy and Solbi's wedding photoshoot to help out was holding back her feelings of envy.

The wedding photoshoots commemorating the 100 day celebrations of the other couples was shown during the broadcast of WGM on the 6th of July. Andy and Solbi who had displayed a rather unconfortable side last week, forgot their couple fight as soon as they started shooting.

Although this couple represent the most affectionate couple in WGM, the both of them were still a little awkward when dressed in their wedding dress and tuxedo to take the photos. However, this changed with the progression of the photoshoot, and the couple's sweet sides emerged again.

Hwang Bo who came to the site to assist after being asked to by Andy expressed her envy after seeing the both of them being so fond of each other.

Hwang Bo asked Andy if Solbi was pretty and he replied "Of course!" . Andy also told Hwang Bo to help Solbi, which made her say "If my husband saw this, you'd be in trouble!" with which Andy replied, "But Hwang Bo, I'm the senior".

Hwang Bo who kept watching the both of them being friendly with each other and seeing Solbi in a wedding dress while having their wedding photos taken in public by a photographer complained that she too wanted to wear a wedding dress, expressing her innerfelt feelings of envy.

*Credits: Newsen*


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