Friday, July 25, 2008

Hyun Joong+ Hwang Bo: Their sweet, rough vacation story

The awkward couple, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo arrive at their arranged meeting place early in the morning! But no matter how long they wait, they do not see their vacation mates. Who is the problematic couple? Their second fishing experience since their honeymoon in Jeju Island is a challenge... Bu In who says that she knows and the young groom who prepares for fishing. Will they be able to catch any fish today?

*Credits:, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Bu In who says that she knows
my friend, i don't get this...she knows what???

I hope that they spend a night together all 4 of them and have a little party and dance hehe..what am i hoping anyway? skinship!!!


chonsa said...

muize, it doesn't say in the previews either, but i'm thinking it should be that she was saying that she knows how to fish as well. my guess here! and i know what you mean! i can't wait to see what their mini holiday is going to be like!

Anonymous said...

1 day to go!!!! wooohooo
*sings* I'm so excited and I just cant hide it*
Isit too much to ask for them to get 40mins airtime?!?! pleaseeeeeee Im really worried that theyre gonna spend more time on Anbi and CrownJ/SIY coz they talk more and even dondons gonna show up.
Please PDs atleast 30-40 mins just on Joongbo *hopeful*