Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reasons Why We Love KPN: 3

After a long while, we're finally back with the rest of our thoughts!! ^^!!!!!!

1) Jandi being drunk!! This has got to be the funniest scene in this episode! Especially when she pouted her lips like a fish when she was about to kiss him! And when she was slapping him and laughing while thanking him! Cuteness!!

2) Hyun Joong playing chess!!!

Chonsa: A hot intellectual... Yum...

Sharry: UU, yes! A hot man with a brain!

3) She looks like she got caught while she was about to use the loo!

We hated the dress though. In Sharry's words, it looked like something out of an Andre Kim nightmare fashion show.

4) He got her the Park Tae Hwan goggles!! Aaahhh!!! I thought he was going to snap at her for oogling at another man's belongings, but he got it for her! One more point for Jun Pyo!

5) Heart wrenching scene number one. Hyun Joong's crying while playing the violin. We felt so sad, we could feel his sorrow and loneliness. Just don't pay attention to the song. It's the same one again isn't it? I'm sending him new pieces, seriously.

6) The rest of the boys pushing Jandi out onto the runway at the fashion show! Hillarious!

Sharry: They are dead! As dead as Jun Pyo's fur!!

Chonsa: LOL!!!!!!!

7) Jandi's expression here. She is honestly fantastic at looking hurt and sad.

Ji Hoo: Who do you think you are? Who are you to do things like that? Who asked you to ask her for that favor? That wasn't even asking for a favor, it was begging on your knees. Don't you have any self pride?

Jandi: It's not that I don't have any self pride. It's because you are suffering so much. I felt that you were so sad that you were going to die.

Ji Hoo: What is it to you?

The sorrow! The pain!!

8) Jandi's stepping on Hyun Joong's feet! Classic Jandi moment!

Jandi: It feels like I'm floating!

Ji Hoo: I just wish she'd get her shoes off mine.

9) Jun Pyo's smile when he managed to get her to 'kiss' him under the pretext of CPR!! Adorable!!!

9) CG ducks!! Need we say more?? HAHAHA!!!

10) We loved him in his plastic blow up boat! Looking like he was holidaying in the Maldives, and acting so proud of himself!! Jun Pyo, you are so adorable, we want to pinch your cheeks!

11) So classic, isn't it? I expected her to leave it there for him to use, but when they closed in on it, she was sheltering the violin... *sigh* *heart melts*

12) Heart wrenching scene number two. Hyun Joong playing with the puppet alone. I felt his loneliness so much there. I can imagine the slightly autistic Ji Hoo hiding away from the rest of the world while he is being tormented by his pain. Hyun Joong did a great job in this scene.

13) Heart wrenching scene number three.

Jandi: I don't want to! No!!

Jun Pyo: Do you really hate it that much? *walks away*

AAAAAAHHHH!!! The sorrow! The pain!

14) Jun Pyo's line!
Jun Pyo: The early worm dies early.

What was that?! Hahahahaha!!!!!!

15) Jandi being forced to wear the neighborhood clothes by her parents! These are the times when owning a drycleaning shop comes in handy!

16) Jandi telling her mom to hit her instead of making her go to school! Hahahahaha!!!!!!

17) The both of them bargaining about how much he has repaid her back for saving him! And Jandi's ever famous '25%'!! Cuteness!!!

Things that we thought were evil in this episode:

1) The emergence of the evil witch mother. This actress has perfected the image of sheer evil. She was evil in MISA as well. Evil, evil, evil... I liked this evil witch mother more than the Japanese version though, I thought the Japanese version's mother looked more crazy than evil. The Taiwanese one was pretty mean as well. Evil ajummas. Evil, I tell you.

2) What is with the fur theme?? Everywhere we looked, there was a fur thing on the clothes! Jun Pyo looked like he was carrying a dead animal on him!! It's creepy! Shar and I both reckon that someone from PETA's gonna go round to the KPN wardrobe and start confiscating clothes to give them a proper burial.

3) Why?? Why?? WHY?!?

Chonsa: How is that thing worth so much money? There's even a Chanel logo on it!

Sharry: It's scrapbook material stuck with glue!

4) Hyun Joong's glaring. Boy, you know we love you, but you have got to act expressive with your eyes. Not overstrain them.

Chonsa: He looks like his eyeballs are gonna pop out.

Sharry: LOL!!

Overall, we think that the episodes are improving, Jun Pyo is the best, Hyun Joong's trying really hard (a bit too hard in the above photo, but never mind, he's getting there) and the other boys are distracting us too. Hehehehe!

We'll be back with Episode 4 soon! That's when Kyu and the other boys appear! Yayy!! ^^!!


Sharry and Chonsa

Hyun Joong: There was a female celebrity that I liked at first sight while filming X-Man

Hyun Joong revealed that there was a female celebrity that he liked at first sight while he was filming X-Man.

During the recording of Ya Shim Man Man that there was a female celebrity that he had laid his eyes on and liked during the filming of X-Man and that after the recording, he thought of her on his way home, even when he was about to sleep.

He revealed on the show that he is someone who puts love above friendship, and that if the girl really was someone he liked, he would go full force ahead even if it was his friend's girlfriend. He also surprisingly disclosed that he had stolen his friend's girlfriend before.

The program will air on the 2nd of February at 11.10 p.m. Korean time.

P/S: He also revealed on Section TV that his first kiss was when he was in Junior High.

*Credits: Empas News*

JoongBo wedding pictures

After waiting forever, they finally released them! Yayy!! I love all the pictures, they look so into each other! Look carefully at the detail, and see the lurve... Is there a place where I can order myself a whole photo album too??

Can't I?



*Credits: Baidu, Sharry*

Hyun Joong Vogue picspam


Must there be a reason?

I don't think so!

*Credits: DC, Sharry*

Friday, January 30, 2009

Brief updates

Another round of quick updates!

1) Hyun Joong lost 3 kgs for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in KPN. If you ask me, I prefer him buffed the way he looked like when he first started WGM. Skinny men, just don't do it for me. Hmmm...

2) Pictures of Hwang Bo when she was volunteering in Bangladesh, a selfless act of hers that deserves her being called an angel. She fed them as well as did body painting with them, making her fans feel that she really was an angel and was someone worth respecting, sparing time out of her busy schedule to spread joy amongst the children. Hwang Bo jjang!

Rumors, rumors, rumors? When will you prove yourself true?

*Credits: Empas News*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hyun Joong: I like girls who are comfortable like friends to me

Hyun Joong's revelation of his ideal girl being someone who was as comfortable to be around like a friend has garnered much attention.

Hyun Joong, who has been acting as Yoon Ji Hoo in KPN made a surprising revelation as to his preferred ideal woman.

He revealed that he liked women who were like friends to him, and that the side of him that he showed while he was on WGM with Hwang Bo was similar to the real him.

He said that he would like to meet a girlfriend who did not need each other to say mushy words to each other, but could be someone like a friend. He also added that he would like for her to be someone that he could meet wearing slippers at the supermarket outside the apartment for a can of beer and jerky and still be happy.

He said that before he liked women who were pretty and kind, but now age no longer mattered to him as long as she was someone well matched with him.

*Credits: Empas News*

Monday, January 26, 2009

KPN Picspam

To cheer myself up. Chonsa, himnae!!

*Credits: 501dong*

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Seollal!!

Hey there guys! It's been quite a while since I posted, sorry about that! Not voluntary, mostly due to the fact that when I get home, all I want to do is sleep... Sleep is good...

I've been trying to watch KPN but failing hopelessly. Halfway into the episode, I'm either drifting off or waking up... So I've given up and decided that since I have a long weekend off this week, I'll catch up on the episodes then! ^^!!!

Anyhow, did anyone manage to watch Hwang Bo's Colorholic? I missed it, dang it, even though Sharry reminded me! Sigh.. Oh well...

Good news about Hyun Joong though, he's being approached for more CFs thanks to his increasing popularity! Yayyy!! Hyun Joong jjang! ^^!!

As for the news about his interview with Vogue, don't take it to heart guys. There are happier things to focus on! Remember that!

(P/S: For those who don't know, I'll see if I can find it and translate it later. When I find the time to~ )

Anyhow, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Seollal! And a Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese Joongboers out there! May this year bring more happiness, good luck and most importantly, good news to everyone out there! ^^!!!!!!!!!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!!!!!

*Credits: Empas News*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hyun Joong Picspam!

To settle the nerves of those who worried for him. ^^

*Credits: KPN official website*

Hyun Joong: Returns back on filming set after traffic accident

Hyun Joong returns to the filming site after being involved in a traffic accident.

Hyun Joong was involved in a car accident on the 21st at about 5.30 p.m. He was lucky to not have suffered from any major injuries as he was on the other side of the vehicle when the vehicle was hit. He was then sent to the hospital for further inspection.

However, as there was no trauma suffered by him, he returned back to the set of KPN. There are plans of sending him for a body checkup at the hospital.

*Credits: Empas News*