Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hwang Bo goes bohemian

Hwang Bo was featured in Elle Girl sporting a bohemian look, which I totally adore but cannot carry off...

*Sigh* .
Anyways, these pictures of Hwang Bo will be made available online in December.


Just because...

I smile.. doesn't mean that I don't hurt...

I laugh... doesn't mean that I don't cry..

I pretend that every thing is okay... doesn't mean that I have forgotten every thing that has happened...

I sleep soundly at night... doesn't mean that I don't have demons haunting me...

I walk with my head held high... doesn't mean that I am not broken inside...

I sing and dance... doesn't mean that I don't feel like hiding away by myself in sorrow...

I drink my wine and be merry... doesn't mean that I don't try to numb the pain I feel in me...

I walk away from everything... doesn't mean that I don't want to hold it within me...

I seem like I can love again... doesn't mean that my heart is whole again once more...

I reach out with my arms wide open... doesn't mean that I will receive as much as I have given...

Just because I want you to be happy... doesn't mean that I am happy...

Hwang Bo: I am happy to make a comeback on Infinity Girls

Hwang Bo will make a comeback on Infinity Girls Season 3.

Hwang Bo and Baek Bo Ram, both who were immensely popular during their stint on Infinity Girls Season 1, will make a comeback together on Infinity Girls Season 3, beginning December.

Hwang Bo stated her happiness in coming back as a member to the Infinity Girls makeup and promised to showcase an even more fun and exciting season of Infinity Girls.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hyun Joong Picspam

Picspam of the owner of this lovely sunshine smile!!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Hyun Joong News in a flash!

I haven't really been featuring any news on Hyun Joong lately, so this are all the interesting bits done in a jiffy! Will be more dedicated to him soon, I promise!

1) Hyun Joong donated the proceeds he earned from his final 'Playful Kiss' event in support of women's soccer. He also teamed up with Adidas and donated some 23 million won worth of sporting goods to the women's soccer team. Keyeast revealed that he decided to do this as he has always been a strong supporter of soccer, and wanted to do something to encourage the girls to not give up on their dreams and to continue to work hard towards their goals.

2) Hyun Joong will also be representing Korea at the opening of the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou on the 12th.

3) Fans of Playful Kiss can look forward to more goodness via YouTube, as they have announced that they will be releasing more footage on the popular streaming portal. Hyun Joong also mentioned that as there were lesser restrictions on YouTube, fans can anticipate more lovey dovey scenes between him and Ha Ni. I am pretty sure that there are some episodes circulating on YouTube now, so don't forget to watch!

4) Hyun Joong and Joe Cheng will also be on the same stage in Japan as they will participate in a concert that aims at helping the lesser privileged children in the Philippines and Cambodia.

5) Hyun Joong attended the Seoul Fashion Week which was held from the 22nd till the 28th.

More news coming soon! Hyun Joong sure has been busy! Hope he's getting enough rest though. ^^


Hwang Bo's sexy back revealed

Hwang Bo has released another set of photos highlighting her sexiness following the revelation of her semi-nude photo which was taken as the jacket cover of her single album 'I am still beautiful'.

These pictures feature Hwang Bo revealing her sexy back, and were taken by Star Hwabo using the 'Sexy Queen' concept. The photo shoot was conducted in Macau, also known as Asia's Europe and was a 5 day 4 night project which began on the 11th.

Hwang Bo posed in several outfits, including a bikini as well as several glamourous and luxurious outfits, and her femininity exuded in all these photos.

An official spokesperson stated that Hwang Bo is one of the first to be featured in such a pictorial in Star Hwabo, and the response has been good thus far, especially since the revelation of her album jacket. He also said to look forward to more from her in the later part of 2010.

Previews of her pictorial can be viewed at