Friday, October 29, 2010

Hwang Bo makes her comeback with a sad ballad

Hwang Bo has once again brought the limelight on herself with the newly released semi nude picture of her for her latest single, entitled 'I am still beautiful'.

This single was released digitally on websites on the 29th and is a song which depicts the state of mind of a woman when she loses her love.

The jacket cover of her album shows her topless back, as she looks downwards. The overall photography, together with her posing, makeup and hairstyle gives off a unique atmosphere and overall feel of the picture.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hwang Bo: Ryu Shi Won Oppa, be happy!

Hwang Bo attended the wedding ceremony of her close friend, Ryu Shi Won, on the 26th.

Hwang Bo, who had on several occasions stated that Ryu Shi Won was her ideal type of man, cheerfully greeted everyone and wished him happiness and a blissful wedded life, as he marries his wife.

Shi Won has also stated that he will be a father come spring! Congrats!


P/S: Another rival out of the scene! Muahahahaha! *starting to sound like a crazy fangirl*

P/S 2: I JUST LOVE HER SHOES!! I want them. Pretty please?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hwang Bo: I weigh the same as male idol group members

Hwang Bo revealed that her body weight was the same as male idol group 'Infinite' member, Song Jung, during the recording of her cable programme, which also sees Hyung Joon as a host together with her.

Hyung Joon had earlier commented that the Song Jung was too thin and stated that he hoped that he would gain some weight, leading Hwang Bo to ask him how heavy he was. When she heard that he was 52 kgs, she exclaimed that that was the same weight that she was and even went as far as to say that he really was her rival, bringing about much laughter on the set.

Last week Hwang Bo had stated that Song Jung looked even better than her while he was dancing, and created even more laughter with her latest revelation of envy this week.


Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been practically a month...

... since I last updated here! I know, I know, I am a horrible correspondent.

Or a blog upkeeper.

Oh well.

Been going through some revamping in my life, made several crucial decisions and finally come to live with the fact that while I do make wrong decisions sometimes, they have been important parts of my life.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, I've done quite a fair bit of readjusting and basically brought everything back to point one.

And I am happy.

Now I have a little more time to do things that I enjoy, and to think of where I am headed off to now. Plus, I recently bought myself a HUGE TV to hog in my room, and I am truly enjoying watching everything supersized!

Ah, bliss!!

My parents are enjoying seeing me do that, as can be seen from the way they keep opening my door to check in on me and to ask if I want anything. I think they're just happy that I am home. Haha!

I will be updating a bit more later, just trying to sort out what I want to do first, so hopefully there'll be quite a lot of buzz from me over the next few days!

Later, guys!