Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hwang Bo's seven year friendship with Son Tae Young

Hwang Bo's seven year friendship with Son Tae Young was made known through a surprise telephone call made on a radio broadcast.

Hwang Bo, who recently released a digital single titled "Words I Can't Believe" was a guest on Tablo's radio programme on the 28th, when Son Tae Young made a surprise phone call to her.

The both of them who have not been able to call each other very frequently due to their busy schedules usually make do with sending messages to each other, exchanged encouraging words.

Hwang Bo also sang "Words I Can't Believe" and "Mature" live during the radio broadcast.



Hey there guys! Pop the champagne! It's their first anniversary!

Here's to all the fans of the couple who still love them for who they are, both together and individually!

And thank you to our lovely JoongBo, for giving us such joy, laughter, and happy memories. I know that I have them to thank for a lot of new experiences, and new life-long friends that I made while going down this journey with them.

To all my world soul sisters, 고맙다... 사랑해...

And to all the JoongBoers out there, TO THE WORLD!

P/S: Thank you everyone for all your contributions to the project. Both me and Shar are working on completing the project now, and we will be posting it up on the 9th of May! ^^!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Notice

Some people were asking me when the special KPN MV would be out, and as I just got home to check news and stuff, I found out that it was being shown on MNet tonight at 10 p.m. Korean time.

Since it's already past the broadcast time, I figure it should be up for download or on streaming sites soon. If I do get hold of it, I'll share it with you guys!

And Witch!! I know exactly what you mean!!! Mini script come true!!!!!!!


I managed to get the MU link for part one of the MV, part two is to be released on the 5th of May.

Happy downloading people!!!

*Credits:, aja-aja*

Monday, April 27, 2009

KPN news in a flash

Just a few updates on KPN! ^^!! Not very new, I'm pretty sure that all these news has been posted already, but just decided to post it here in brief.

1) Promotions for KPN in Japan may face a setback as Kusonagi Tsuyoshi, host of SMAP X SMAP, and SMAP member, was arrested in Japan for indecent exposure while under the influence of alcohol. It is unsure when the episode in which the cast of KPN appeared on will be broadcast as sponsorships and other programmes in which he partakes in has been held back.

2) KPN is set to be broadcast in Taiwan and Japan in August.

3) Samsung Anycall Haptic Mission ads with Son Dam Bi will be made available on MNet and on from the 25th onwards.

4) There will be a 25 minute KPN special MV set to be released on the 28th. This MV will feature their stories 5 years later.

*fingers crossed for my mini script for Ji Hoo to come true!!*


Hwang Bo: But I managed to finish it within 58 minutes when I was training for it...

Hwang Bo, together with the Muhan Girls, went on a 10 km marathon challenge on the 26th. Despite stating that they would complete the challenge in 58 minutes, they were unable to do so within the stipulated time frame and as they only finished after an hour, their faces showed their feelings of regret.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kyu Jong: Hyun Joong became similar to Ji Hoo after the filming of KPN

Kyu Jong revealed that Hyun Joong became somewhat similar to the character of Ji Hoo, whom he played in KPN.

Kyu Jong was asked by the MCs of Happy Together when he participated in the programme on the 23rd if Hyun Joong had changed at all after being Ji Hoo in KPN. He replied that before, Hyun Joong used to be brash, whereas now he has become somewhat more calm in character, adding that he felt like he had turned into Ji Hoo.

When he was asked if he was jealous of Hyun Joong's success by Park Myung Soo, his reply was how could he be jealous of his member's success, adding that it was great that he had that success, displaying the close friendship between them.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pic Spam!! And the link to Hwang Bo's Angels! ^^!!

Pic spam, pic spam!

Angels, angels!


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