Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hwang Bo's seven year friendship with Son Tae Young

Hwang Bo's seven year friendship with Son Tae Young was made known through a surprise telephone call made on a radio broadcast.

Hwang Bo, who recently released a digital single titled "Words I Can't Believe" was a guest on Tablo's radio programme on the 28th, when Son Tae Young made a surprise phone call to her.

The both of them who have not been able to call each other very frequently due to their busy schedules usually make do with sending messages to each other, exchanged encouraging words.

Hwang Bo also sang "Words I Can't Believe" and "Mature" live during the radio broadcast.



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised... didn't know that they were friends that long. Anyway, our Hwang buin is always a friendly and sociable person. Thanks Chonsa for sharing! :-) To the World!!!

Anonymous said...

Hwang Bo - Son Tae Yong = BFF
TOP - Kim Hyun Joong = BFF
Hwang Bo - Kim Hyun Joong = WGM
Son Tae Yong - TOP = MNis Sam


Anonymous said...

its so wonderful that hwangbo has so many best friends..

i am praying that her new single will be a big HIT !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hwang Bo unnie is such a friendly person. I would not wonder at all, if she has like a thousand group of people that she would consider BBF. :)

I also hope that her new single would become a big HIT as she really deserves it.

HB unnie hwaiting!!

PS: I heard she does a 12-12:30 radio show, but I was wondering if anyone knows what RADIOshow is it?

kinella said...

didnt hwang bo attend her wedding?
i remember her wearing a short nice black could even see the little scar on her knee she got while filming the JoongBo's olympics during the fake farewell mission.
correct me if i am wrong.

and yes, our lady seems to have a lot of good friends in the entertainment world. this is not a surprise since she is so brilliant, funny, outgoing, sociable and warm hearted ^^

Anonymous said...

Yep, Hwangbo attended Kwon Sang Woo & Son Tae Young's wedding (supposedly, she was one of the few celebs who knew about it before it was widely announced) and even caught STY's bouquet.

Hwangbo is an amazing person and friend, she's seriously friends with *everyone* in the K-entertainment world!

Anonymous said...

hwangbo starts promoting her new single and hyun joong is back to ss501.
i hope they will see each other at any music shows soon.

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo unni is really friendly and well loved. I hope her song will be ahit. Hoping HJ will try to get in touch with her, maybe duet Joongbo fightin.

Anonymous said...

If she can keep the friendship under the radar for that long then it make me even more believe in joongbo. I am happy as long as no news about them dating other pp. HB really know how to keep her private life low key.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Hwang Bo starting the promotion of her single. I hope to get to see her more on youtube, promoting on every show there is. That would be tiring for her but Im greedy..heheh..

I hope she'll have a good response for this one, better than get hot or mature :)

Yeah, she attended STY&KSW wedding, and she caught the bouquet, and every guys eyes were on her. hihih

She keeps everyone she got to meet, how much more the one whom she lived with for 7 months? If romance cant be, friendship it will be. But of course im wishing for the first one. :)

Ah..commenting here is becoming a habit.. but i like it, i hope its ok with everyone..

Hwang Bo fighting!!

JoongBo to the world!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Hwang Bo is amazing!!! She knows practically everyone in the entertainment world! STY and HB are BFF for 7 years, wow!!! Like someone said about, it makes me believe in JoongBo even more, if she can keep her friendship a secret for that long and her last relationship with her ex for 8 years, she can definitely keep her relationship with HJ under the radar. JoongBo fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

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