Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pic Spam!! And the link to Hwang Bo's Angels! ^^!!

Pic spam, pic spam!

Angels, angels!


*Credits: ss501.dong, Sharry*


Anonymous said...

So refreshing to see the boys in casual/sporty outfits again! Candy in the eye!

Sorry need to let this out.. KYU is ssooo HOT!!

Thanks Sharry for putting up HB's fansite!

Yes. Angel Iam.

To the world!

Jan92ice said...

Thanks Chonsa and Sharry!!

Aren't they just adorable!!!
Thanks for HwangBo's international fansite!See ya there!!
*rushes off to register myself*

Anonymous said...

For me, they are great...the best that's why i love them JOONGBO Couple..

Anonymous said...

yay!! ss501 working together again!

Anonymous said...

I cried when I saw them finally together again...they are the best together.

evelyn168 said...

Sharry: I joined the forums... But I have really nothing to share... Maybe I'll try posting up old pics of HB from Baidu... Msg me if u want me to do that.