Monday, April 6, 2009

SS501 who changed into sportsmen

After a long while, all the members of SS501 gathered at one place together.

On the 3rd in a studio in KangNam, all five members of SS501 gathered for a photoshoot for a well known sporting clothes brand.

The five of them, decked in their outfits, welcomed the summer look as they continuously had fun while shooting their photos together, as though they had all returned to their childhood worlds.

The five of them had their individual shots after the group shots. News of Hyun Joong's collapsing and getting admitted into the hospital also surprised their fans.

The hectic schedule of the drama, resulting in the lack of rest and the 8kg weight loss took its toll on Hyun Joong as he was admitted into the hospital. However, it was good that he was released the next day on the 4th. It is hoped for that he will rest and get well soon.


Watch the photoshoot here:


Anonymous said...

Buin, please take good care of HJ since BOF is over. Hope you guys find time to see each other and have a date in real life.

Anonymous said...

This is the photoshoot session when HJ fainted and rushed to hospital. You can see at 0.55, HJ looks like he couldn't take it anymore and Jungmin asked somebody to look after him.

sureL said...

yay, they're back together! =)
...i hope HJ is feeling better =*(

Anonymous said...

oh God, Leader looks so sick in this clip! Damn you DSP, why can't you keep to your promise of letting him get a month break after BOF is over? If not a month, just a freaking week, please!!

A 23 years old guy should not be fainting left and right like this! D:


evelyn168 said...

I saw a news report of the photoshoot. Kyujong and Jungmin always kept on the lookout for HJ. I guess they knew he was really sick...

I'm happy that they're back together, but I didn't expect HJ back to work so soon...

Anyways, good luck to them in their promotions... Can't wait for their Japanese album... I want to listen to the song HB recorded in Japan.