Sunday, August 31, 2008

JoongBo: 15

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo continue with their wedding photoshoot as Hwang Bo dresses Hyun Joong up. Hyun Joong keeps holding on to her train making the photographers say that it’s strange for him to keep holding on to it when other grooms would just drop it on the ground. Hwang Bo smiles proudly before saying “My groom listens to me well”.

It’s their solo shoots and Hyun Joong receives instructions from the photographer. Hwang Bo watches on from the other side of the room, the both of them separated by some iron railings.

HB: My shillang who’s trapped in an iron cage.

HJ: That’s not it.

HB: I need to help him.

HJ: It’s Bu In that’s trapped. I’ll visit you again. Eat well!

HB: *laughs* I just can’t win with you.

Hyun Joong starts posing for his solo shoots, looking really cool and handsome as Hwang Bo and another photographer looks on.

Photographer: He looks more natural when he’s taking solo shots.

HB: *speechless*

It’s her turn now and she’s getting her hair done, Hyun Joong standing beside her, watching on and holding on to her hair pins. He starts handing them to the stylist whenever she needs one, Hwang Bo all smiles.

Private interview:

HB: He takes care of me a lot. It was quite unexpected. Before, as we were rather uncomfortable with each other, we didn’t really talk much. I would be thankful if he answered me at all. But now, even though he doesn’t even have to help me, he really takes care of me. It’s really sweet. It feels like he’s not younger than me.

They start taking Hwang Bo’s solo shots, using smog as a prop and Hyun Joong helps out by fanning the smog around her as she poses for the camera. The effect is really nice as it gives off a rather mysterious feel to the photo, and in one of the photos, you can see Hwang Bo posing beautifully and Hyun Joong’s hand holding on to a hat, fanning the smog around her.

They begin preparing for their couple shots again, this time the both of them bearing cards saying “Hwang Bo and Kim” and “You love me…?”. The photographer tells to pose cutely as they do a small jump.

Photographer: It’d be okay to hold hands too, hold hands.

HJ: *reaches out for her hand*

HB: It’s fine like this.

HJ: *quickly pulls away, embarrassed* *looks at her*

HB+HJ: *shy*

They begin taking photos, jumping with their cards as the photographer keeps instructing them on what to do. He tells them to look at each other as they jump, which they do.

HJ: She can’t jump very well!

HB:*hits his arm*

HJ: I was looking down at her as she jumps!

HB: *laughs* *Why are you blurting that out???*

They continue posing and finally do hold hands for their shots, jumping as they smile happily for the camera.

Photographer: Although you are holding hands, your expressions have to be loveable as well.

HB+HJ: *speechless*

HB: But we are being loveable!

HJ: Yea.

Photographer: Look at this. *to Hwang Bo* You’re clenching your jaw too tightly.

Photographer: If the bride would do a bit better…

HB: *pouts* I’m sorry.

HJ: *looking at her, holding on to her hand* No, it’s okay. We have a lot of time.

HB: I’m not doing well because I’m treating this as a wedding shoot. He’s doing well because he thinks of this as work!

HB: Right?

HJ: *indignant* No! How is this work, this is a wedding!

They both pose successfully, the shots that come out are really lovely.

Photographer: This time, Hyun Joong proposes to Hwang Bo.

HB: *to photographer* *thankfully smacks his hand* *Thank you*

HB: It’s okay if you don’t do it, but he says you have to. *smiles*

HJ: I’d also like doing it!

They hand Hwang Bo a fake bouquet of flowers and Hyun Joong looks at it and holds it before saying “ Aaah…this is nice for a first time proposal, artificial flowers…”, making her laugh. [The captions read: Is shillang showing concern?]

The photography staff start telling Hyun Joong how to pose, asking him to squat in midair, his hand held up 45 degrees, and Hwang Bo looks around suspiciously going “This isn’t a hidden camera prank is it?”. The staff continue to act out the expressions and pose that they are supposed to do and the both of them watch them, somewhat baffled, Hwang Bo still asking if it was a hidden camera prank.

Photographer: This shot is supposed to be “I’ll express to you with my body how much I love you”.

HJ in the studio: I thought that he was peddling medicine. He was so descriptive…

He starts getting into position when they tell him to stick his lips out and look at her, making him nervously awkward and shy. He looks at her a few times before looking away again, not really able to look at her in the eye. She is unable to look at him too, smiling shyly as they prepare for the shoot. He tries it a few times, but fails at it because he isn’t able to stick his lips out in a mock kiss kind of pose. He tries it again, extremely nervous and shy before jumping up again, and success! He starts walking away before the photographer tells him do one last shot.

HJ: Yes, director! Did you really get the word for last time? *jokingly*

HB: *laughs*

He does it one more time and gets the perfect shot!

They leave the studio for an outdoor photo session, having changed their outfits. Hyun Joong looks at Hwang Bo, before he starts commenting.

HJ: Oh, this (dress) is short.

They get on a bus and sit down on the front part of it, Hwang Bo holding on to an umbrella and Hyun Joong wearing black spectacle frames.

HB: Usually when couples take photos, they don’t really talk do they?

Photographer: No, they do talk quite a bit.

HB: What do they say? I’m curious. I mean, you’ve photographed other couples before right? What sort of conversations do they have?

Photographer: Things like cost and calculations. Before the grooms usually just pay for it all but now they usually say, let’s do it equally.

HB: We’re doing it equally right? Let’s do it equally.

Photographer: Okay.

HJ: Let’s do it a 6/4. She had an extra solo shoot. *taps Hwang Bo’s hand*

HB: *laughs*

They start taking photos and the photographer starts telling them to talk between themselves.

HB: Have you eaten Korean ginseng chicken?

HJ: Me? No.

HB: You can’t eat when you come back to Korea right?

HJ: Me? I ate chicken today… and I got diarrhea.

HB: *hits his hand*

HB: Why?? Where did you eat it?

Photographer: It seems that the groom is still thinking about something else now.

HB: *angry* Who are you thinking about??

HJ: *innocently defends himself* Me? I’m thinking of chicken.

The both of them start taking photos of them looking at each other, Hyun Joong counting down all the time. They get really shy every time they look at each other in the eye, smiling away each time.

HJ: It’s finished now right?

Photographer: Yes, this part is done. Now, the groom gives the bride a kiss.

HJ: What? *surprised*

Photographer: Can you kiss her?

HJ: Kiss? Kiss? *surprised*

HB: *fans herself from embarrassment*

The photographer starts persuading Hyun Joong, and he listens on, seemingly deep in thought.


Solbi: Did the photographer investigate you (Hwang Bo) before the shoot?

HJ: Yes. The photographer and Hwang Bo know each other.

HB: *hits his arm* *laughs*

Solbi: *laughs* No wonder!!

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo begin preparing for the shoot, taking instructions from the photographer, Hwang Bo seemingly nervous. She smiles anxiously, taking in deep breaths before shouting “Fighting!” in an attempt to prep herself.

HJ: A kiss that I don’t even give my mother…

HB: *laughs*

He reaches forward for the shot, only to hold back a few inches away from her face, making the photographer tell him that he’s not supposed to smell her. He tries again but pulls away as he starts to get nervous when he sees her. The photographer asks him to make a kissing sound, and he makes a smooching sound, making her laugh. [Captions read: Does it well when he’s doing it alone.]

He tries it again, sticking his lips out but laughs when he hears smooching sounds being made. He fails for the third time and he lets out a frustrated yell as she laughs at the third failed attempt. They tell him to go for it once more and he says “Is this an encore?” but attempts it anyway. The photographers start yelling “Go for it!” “Just a bit more!” making them both start laughing shyly and it’s another failed attempt. They tell him to do it again, and he says that “I guess this isn’t a democratic country after all”, making her laugh and prepares for the shoot again. He nears his face to hers, Hwang Bo smiling shyly and gently presses his lips on her cheek. It’s finally a success!

HJ: *to the photographer* I did it! I did it!

Private interview:

HB: I was really nervous at the time. I’m still nervous now. Even though I knew when his lips were reaching me and not, I kept moving away from him. I don’t know about others, but there are times when you can hear your heart beating right? I heard mine beating today.

HJ: It was quite amazing right? When people tell me to kiss, I don’t do it, but why did I do it today? Honestly, it’s because there were (feelings) of like, that’s why I did it. I’m not sure too but now I think that I have to show that I care a bit more.

The both of them proceed to the merry-go-round for another photo session, the both of them spinning while laughing happily. The photos that came out were incredibly beautiful, capturing their laughter. They finally finish the shoot and Hyun Joong gets off, and starts spinning Hwang Bo who’s still on the merry-go-round, even though she says that she’s dizzy, making her hit him with her bouquet of flowers as they laugh together.

Hwang Bo lies on the bed, asleep as Hyun Joong comes out of the changing room and starts looking for her. He peers inside her empty changing room before going outside to see if she’s there. Unable to find her, he looks around again before spotting her on the bed and he walks towards her, a smile on his face.

In the studio:

MC Hyung Don: Hwang Bu In used to be the one searching for him, now the roles are reversed. He should wake her up with a kiss.

MC Kang: Or just touch her head.

HJ: Wake up! *pulls her wrist* It’s not the time to sleep now! How can you sleep?

HB: Huh? *dazed*

HJ: Are we taking a photo shoot lying down?

HB: Huh? Oh! *gets up* Did I fall asleep?

HJ: Yeah.

Private interview:

HJ: It’s really tiring for her, she can’t even go to the washroom. She can’t take it off either. I tried to hold her dress up for her, and relieve her of some of the weight of the dress but it seems that it was still tiring for her. The wedding dress.

HB: Oh this is tiring.

HJ: Wedding photo shoots are rather tiring.

HB: You can’t do it twice, right?

HJ: Yea. Which is why…

HB: Let’s just finish it all this one time!

HJ: We should just have one wedding! I think that those getting married several times would have a lot of headaches.

HB: I feel like I’m a princess.

HJ: Hmm?

HB: I feel like a princess.

HJ: Women should be princesses during their wedding photo shoots.

HB: Can’t I be a princess forever?

HJ: Does that mean that you're usually like a handmaiden?

HB: *laughs* That’s not it.

HJ: I think I wasn’t very good to you in Japan.

HB: You think that way? Why?

HJ: I didn’t get up and all…

HB: Wow, so you self reflected after coming back to Korea?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: Can I cry?

HJ: No. Even if you cry, the sound of the cicadas will drown you out.

HB: *laugh*

Private interview:

HB: There are times like that; when one is there you don’t realize it. Now that I’ve come back to Korea, he feels it in his house in Japan. There isn’t anyone to prepare food for him. Whoever it is, whenever they feel like they need me, I’m happy with that feeling. But I don’t want him to feel sorry. I want him to feel that he wants to do better for me, but not that he feels sorry to me. I think that there’s a big difference between the two.

The both of them begin their photo session in the woods, sitting on a bench. The photographers tell her to lean against Hyun Joong, and he rests his hand on her shoulder. (It’s here that he asks her who her friend is, but they get interrupted by the photographer.)

Photographer: Now look at each other and talk naturally, like what are you going to eat once this is over, things like that.

HJ: She said that she’s going drinking after the shoot!

HB: *hits him with her bouquet of flowers* *laughs*

Photographer: Oh, this is nice.

HB+HJ: *look at each other* *look around*

Photographer: Talk to each other!

HJ: Yes. We are talking now. We’ve spoken a lot together today.

HB: We didn’t know that we’d come this far, right?

HJ: Mmm. We’ve done a lot of things, surprisingly.

HB: Oh, really?

HJ: I’m rather afraid.

HB: What are you afraid of? *laughs*

HJ: I don’t know, I just think it’s scary.

HB: But there must be something that makes you afraid, right?

HJ: It’s just that everything seems to be changing.

HB: What’s that?? *laughs*

HJ: I don’t know. It’s strange.

HB: Oh, I hope my friend comes soon. I want to ask her to help me.

HJ: *deep in thought* *somewhat sad looking*

HJ: Help you out with what?

HB: No, just..

HJ: What is it? What’s making you uncomfortable? When we’ve proceeded this much!

HB: *laughs*

The both of them lie on the grass, the photographers giving them more instructions, when someone calls out for Hwang Bo in the distance. Baek Bo Ram arrives on scene, bearing a picnic basket.

BR: Onni!

HB: Why is she calling me that? Ah, she’s not helping me out at all!

HJ: *looks at her*

HB: Onni!

BR: Onni!

HB: Why are you so late, onni?

BR: Onni, how can you call me onni on a program?

HB: *to Hyun Joong* Do you know who she is?

HJ: Ahh…

BR: Brother in law!

HJ: Hello.

BR: Hello.

BR: Oh, really pretty.

HB: You’re talking about my husband right?

BR: Yea.

HB: Oh, my head.

They say their greetings as Hwang Bo introduces Hyun Joong to Baek Bo Ram, who in turn tells them that she brought chicken and sandwiches instead of Korean ginseng chicken.

HJ: *downcast* *This morning’s chicken… Diarrhea…*

HB: *laughs*

BR: Why? Do you not like it?

HB: Since she brought it, you should have some.

HJ: *forced* I like it.

They sit on the grass with the rest of the staff talking and eating, Baek Bo Ram asking why did they get married before taking the photos. Hwang Bo tells her that when you marry a younger man, you report the wedding first then you do all the other things as there was no fixed order! They continue laughing when a staff member asks Hyun Joong what he thought of Hwang Bo in a wedding dress.

HJ: Compared to her usually, the feeling is the same!

HB: *speechless*

HJ: She’s always wearing such gorgeous clothes. I don’t know what the difference is between now and usually.

BR: *laugh*

The staff leave the three of them alone and they start having their own private conversations.

BR: You guys don’t feed each other?

HB: Don’t ask us to do things like that!

BR: Oh, you guys don’t do things like that?

HJ: *immediately* Here! *feeds Hwang Bo a piece of fruit*

HB: *surprised* *smiles* *eats fruit*

HB: Here! *feeds Hyun Joong*

HJ: *eats*

HB: I suddenly remember the past. Can you get me a stalk of leaves from the tree? The long one.

BR: The long one?

HB: Yea. I don’t know if Hyun Joong knows this, this was from when I was young.

HJ: Here and Not? (kind of like Yes and No)

HB: Here and Not! I’ll do it!

HJ: Mmm.

HB: Hyun Joong regrets marrying! Doesn’t regret marrying! (goes on till she reaches the last leaf)

HB: Doesn’t regret marrying!

HJ: See, doesn’t regret right?

HB: Yea.

HJ: I’ll go get another one. The same results will come out again.

HB: Don’t! One is enough! If it’s just for confirmation, then one is enough!

Hyun Joong gets up and plucks off another stalk of leaves from the tree despite Hwang Bo’s protests. He goes back to where they’re sitting, Hwang Bo looking a little worried.

HJ: I love Hwang Bu In! I don’t love Hwang Bu In!

HB: *smiles*

BR: *amazed*

HJ: I love her! I don’t!

HB: I’m getting nervous!

HJ: I love her! I don’t! I love her! I don’t! I love her! See! I love her, right?

HB: *smile*

Baek Bo Ram watches them and says that she’s never done that before and that she was as jealous as those who didn’t have a boyfriend. Hwang Bo looks at Hyun Joong and says that they’ve become a couple that others envy, and Hyun Joong looks at Baek Bo Ram smiling, his eyes bright before he says “You’re rather unique”, making Hwang Bo laugh. Baek Bo Ram looks at him seriously and replies, “Am I unique? I really am envious!” as Hwang Bo laughs quietly beside her.

Private interview:

HB: I remember what Ae Ra onni said. Her words gave me 100% confidence. She said that even though there is a six year difference between the both of you, when you’re 76, he’ll be 70! When I heard that I was like, “Oh, that’s right!” and I thought why am I feeling guilty? I got courage after listening to her words.

It’s night, and they are taking their last photo shoot. Hwang Bo is dressed and walking outside Hyun Joong’s changing room, humming a tune to herself.

HB: Shillang!

HJ: Yea?

HB: The main part of this dress is the back part. Therefore, I’ll stand with my back facing you.

HJ: Do I come out?

HB: Come out! Quickly come out! *poses*

HJ: *appears wearing a whole arrangement of clothes!*

HB: Do you see my back? *oblivious*

HJ: Aigoo, this is like completely bare!

HB: *laughs*

She turns around and sees him, smiling mischievously at her and drops to her feet at the sight of his outfit!

HB: Omo! I wanted to shock him with my clothes!

HJ: *beams naughtily*

HB: This is the one from…

HJ: Yea.

HB: The one we bought in Japan together!

HJ: And the scarf and this (vest). *looks at her expectantly*

HB: *laughs*

HJ: It’s because it’s our 100th day.

HB: You did this for me? That’s why you’re wearing this?

HJ: Mmm. I look like a Columbian right?

HB: Now you’re starting to look more Oriental.

HJ: No, Mexican!

Private interview:

HJ: I’d like it if she knew that I do think a lot for her too. Compared to a blunt younger groom, I’d like it if she saw me as someone who thinks for her and tries to do things for her to treat her well.

Hwang Bo starts playing a guitar as Hyun Joong sits on a chair, the both of them under a tree in the studio. He starts clapping as she plays the guitar, making her laugh. He asks her to play something, and she starts strumming “The school bell rings” and he says that she plays well. She then goes a note lower and he grabs the opportunity to tease her, singing the lyrics to the song and purposely dropping a note lower at the part where she strummed wrongly, making her laugh and he laughs with her. He keeps on singing, following her playing even when she goes off tune. She ends her playing and he claps, and the scene ends with photos of them under the tree and the following captions.

“Although they began with a somewhat awkward start, they were brought a notch closer through their wedding photoshoot. Subtle feelings emerge between these two people.”