Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hwang Bo: WGM causes me to be seen as being old

One of the disadvantages of filming WGM is that people would see me as being old.

MC Shin Jung Hwan had posed a question to Hwang Bo while she was guesting at Radio Star on the 30th of July, asking her what were the advantages and disadvantages of filming WGM.

Her reply was that one of the disadvantages was that the viewers would think that she was really old as she had come out on the show portraying an older woman. The advantage was that she can show her feminine side as compared to her current image, which is a good thing.

MC Kim Gu Ra asked her who the 'Him' was in her digital single titled 'Gift for Him', to which she replied that the Him was God. She said that Christians would be able to emphatize, however she said that it was somewhat a burden to reveal because of those who were not Christians.

When asked about her boyfriends, she replied that she broke up with her last boyfriend two years ago, and that to answer simply as to why they broke up was because of character differences.
*Credits: Newsen, Joy News, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

haha..i've watched the radio star interview..
when she mentioned the word Him is actually God the Mc's started to ask her back is she being serious giving God a technotronic song as a gift..

Anonymous said...

^ i know i shouldn't laugh at this but that's what hilarious!

if she just let her hair straight, she'll become younger. and one more, dress likes when she's off-screen but i know one thing that (some) cloths are sponsored..not her own...hmmm


Anonymous said...

Suggestions: She should stop wearing glasses and putting her hair up in a bun -like the time when she made HJ the vest (if I remember right). It really made her look older than her age. Also her choice of clothes sometimes like when she wore that skirt/blouse while on a date with HJ in Japan. Looks good but not when you are married/dating a younger man.

Anonymous said...

Being in WGM is a double edged sword - she is popular now than ever before but people look at her as old. That's life.

Anonymous said...

Oh? Didn't know she was a Christian!!! :) But tt's good news to me!