Friday, August 1, 2008

Hwang Bo: I'm envious of Alex- Shin Ae couple!

Hwang Bo told Shin Ae that she was envious of her.

Hwang Bo was deeply touched by the way Alex leads and cares for Shin Ae, as can be seen in the WGM broadcast on the 27th.

The four WGM couples paired up and went on their summer holiday special, with Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo and Alex- Shin Ae going to Haeundae, Busan.

Hyun Joong had somewhat hurt Hwang Bo by bringing 10 manhwa books all the way to Haeundae with them. Of course, she did not expect a surprise lovers show to be prepared for her, but she had felt that manhwa books should be kept for leisure reading instead. This show of emotions resulted in a surprise argument.

Hyun Joong always listens well to Hwang Bo as he is younger than her, but the voice of the viewers is that he doesn't lead.

On the other hand, Alex's show of consideration and care for Shin Ae was displayed in this episode. He had rented a large boat and a room that faces the beach front for them, displaying his thoughtfulness for his wife, which deeply touched Shin Ae.

Hwang Bo said in WGM that Alex's leading skills and the way he knows a woman's feelings is good.

However, after the broadcast, the viewers said that it shouldn't end like this and that next week should be a positive reversal for the Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo couple.

*Credits:, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

"but she had felt that manhwa books should be kept for leisure reading instead. This show of emotions resulted in a surprise argument."

......looking forward to this in the next episode??.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. i'm really looking to watch the next episode. hopefully after this holiday with AlShin couple, HJ will learn to be more appreciative towards my dearest HB. frankly for me, at his age, he should be able to think how to treat woman better as he also had a gf before ... not that i hope he do something like other hubby but you know.. showing more love to her wont hurt right... mmmm

Anonymous said...

^^ totally agree, I feel bad for hwangbo :(

Anonymous said...

Sure this ain't a rumour? When was Hwangbo's displeasure at Hyung Joong bringing manhwa books shown anyway? During episode 20? Poor gut shouldn't be faulted on that unless he was busy reading the manhwa books and totally ignoring her most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I meant "poor guy", sorry about the typo

evelyn168 said...

I think it's time for HJ to step up after this trip. He's seen HB's private interviews now. He knows that HB is okay if he leads. I think in the 100th day special, the groom does something special. He wears HB's handmade vest and scarf. I think that's somewhat cheesy of him to do. But it's really heartwarming.

I don't think HB is jealous at all. I just think she's saying that it's nice to have guys who lead at times. She still likes HJ as who he is cause he's so geniuine.

dd said...

is this based on the last ep or the next one? because it doesn't seem like this at all the last ep,, humm, it just feels like the news is too dramatic.

Anonymous said...

well i am married and my husband love to read the books that i hate the most !!suspense etc. though i was like in the beginning upset about it i felt like he don't care about me at all , but i realize that i was being selfish for trying to stopping him i mean mostly girl's need attention specially from their husband right? but i think a lot and ask myself how can our relationship we be more longer and be forever if i am being like this i mean a nonsense thing's really can broke up the relationship, so what i did was talking to him heart to heart and i said to him you can have some privacy to reading those books but sometimes we need have family talk too you know, so as he understand me how i feel up then we are happily married tell now. in fact have 1 girl heheheh .... so in their realtion of hwangbo and hyunjoong need this they need positive thought and action to make their situation goes well.....