Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WGM: Introduction of make believe parenting under review

The producers have announced that they are currently discussing giving the four couples parenting duties.

Recently, WGM has been approached by the Health and Welfare Family Department for a way to encourage childbirth.

The Health and Welfare department has said that they, the production team and the cast of WGM are currently discussing ways of responsible make believe parenting.

The production team has said that they are planning introduce the make believe parenting within their scope. They also said that as the program has only been airing for about 5 months, they are looking at ways of making the program more diverse which includes introducing make believe parenting.

Meanwhile, due to the Olympics the broadcast of WGM will take a break on the 10th and will continue its broadcast on the 17th.

*Credits: Cyworld News, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

I'm fine with this....but this just came to my thought if children are added, how old will they be? i think 4+ yr is good since they can send them to school while having their time together then both pick them up at school..come back and help them do homework (i'm thinking of my nephew)
haha so much going on in my head since i have an experience raising my's fun anyway having someone to play with all the time ~^^~

But the word "childbirth" scares me, are they thinking of infant?

Talking like it will really happen ....<_<


Alexandria said...

I don't know. Maybe an infant would be better? With the way this show it set up, it would be more like babysitting once a week. I don't know what's the right age, because what kinds of kids do you get? If you get actors, it will be a little more scripted, but if you get random kids, then ask them to call strangers "mom and dad", won't they get confused? I think maybe if they find a child that at least one of the "parents" know (a child of a friend) it would be more like an aunt/uncle situation, so it might be better.

christina said...

hmmm, i think its a bit early for them to have one, dunno know but i dont feel that good about this -_-

evelyn168 said...

So that's a week without Joongbo... I guess I'll have to rewatch their old clips and try to hunt down mroe performances of them.

I ABSOLUTELY DON'T want a kid in the picture. I mean, for Anbi and CJ-SIY, it's okay cause their relationship is quite developed. But kids for Joongbo, NO!!! They have to be in love first before they can be parents.

Also, I've watched G.O.D. show with Jaemin. It was really sweet and stuff, but how can Joongbo take care of the kid while HJ is only back in Korea once a week. I don't think it's a good idea for them.

Anonymous said...

@ evelyn168, I thought he was done with work in japan already?

I wouldn't mind seeing the couple's with a little one, I think it'd be cute plus I' curious as to how their parenting skills would be like.

My concern is...which kids are they going to have? Little toddlers would be best, cause then we can really see how the couple's work together when the child needs changing, feeding, playing, among other things.

Anonymous said...

The show is aimimg to reflect what a real marriage is like, right? So they should go through pregnancy first, like one of these fake tummies. Wouldn't that be funny? XD
The girls can be pretend-pregnant for just two to three months. That would give joongbo some time to grow closer, right?

Maybe, the producer should ask orphans to act as the couples' children. Or is that unethical? Would the publicity be unhealthy for them? >_< The PDs have so many things to consider.

However they decide to do it, the show will always be funny cuz joongbo's there^^

Anonymous said...


The airtime will be only 5 months!!

Please tell me I read it wrong (--)! No, it can't be right!! becoz HJ is going to be good for HB buin for another 994 days, then starting to make a turtle instead of bird crane in order to stay together for more. It can't be just 5 months which means 4 months have left^^!

Anonymous said...

Oh okay!!!

I read it again and again, and it's not that it's going to end within 5 months, but just that been already aired for 5 months, eieie...forgive me, I'm too shock with the idea of seperation ^o^