Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hwang Bo: Andy's surprising revelation astounding Hwang Bo

Andy revealed the secret that Hwang Bo was someone who would always hit the guys, making her astounded by his words.

Andy and Hwang Bo were squabbling with each other in the broadcast of Yo Yu Man Man on the 31st, with Andy saying that Hwang Bo was like a macho man and Hwang Bo retorting that Andy had won a lot of money off her while playing Go Stop. Upon hearing that Andy quickly replied that even if he had won 50,000 won off her she would make him buy her a meal worth 150,000 won.

Andy also said that Hwang Bo really hits the guys a lot and that her hands are really hot, and that he wishes that she wouldn't hit that way. He also said that he wished that Hwang Bo would not curse while on the phone, making Hwang Bo really astounded with what he said.

Even Hwang Bo's close friend, Sung Eun, who appeared on the show said that while they were at the coffee shop drinking tea, Hwang Bo suddenly asked if the tea was good for one's face. It turns out that the tea she was referring to was Earl Gray tea, and that was her idea of a joke. (Earl Gray tea can somewhat sound similar to face in Korean.)

Kim Shin Young said that if she was to use four characters to describe Hwang Bo's song, it would be "It is a mess", whereas Alex told her to do well as there were kids watching her. Hwang Bo said "I think I've bought the wrong life" in reply, making everyone laugh.

*Credits: Newsen, Soompi*


Roobina said...

whoa people are mean ....woah
maybe a joke !!!

Anonymous said...

They must be so closeeee
she even hugged Andy in this clip <_<

what about your groom???


Anonymous said...

Er.... what did she mean by " I've bought the wrong life"?

Anonymous said...

I saw the scene where she was wearing Crown J's "A" cap. Wonder what was the conversation between them since HJ's picture appeared at the bottom left corner of the vid?

Anonymous said...

i dunno, but andy strikes me as a douchebag for making comments like that. he talks as if hwang bo's a real tomboy and like she's got no manners at all.

dd said...

ooh, lol, earl grey=eolgul, hahaha,, lameeeee hwangbo! i remember when hwangbo's danghyunaji with junjin where she said that junjin sees her as a guy friend and immediately he said YES! hahaha..

Anonymous said...

how mean of andy to talk of her like that.. >.>

Anonymous said...

of course Andy and everyone commented on that show is close to her. They are obviously kidding and don't mean to be MEAN... aghhh...that's why she was also making fun of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Andy saying that about her isn't mean, it just shows how close they are. Hwangbo and the Shinwa members have ben friends for a very long time, since both Shinwa and Chakra debuted at around the same time.

Anonymous said...

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AileenRae said...

i really dont think ANDY is being mean.. They are close friends.. dont make it a big deal... shisshhhh