Monday, August 18, 2008

Cancellation of WGM on the 24th of August

Hello! We are the administrators of 'Sunday Night'.

We are informing in advance that the broadcast for 'Sunday Night' scheduled for the 24th will be cancelled due to the Beijing Olympics- Handball (Male) finals event.

The program will be continued as usual if there is a turn of events.

We ask for your kind understanding.

We will look for more interesting content.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

so frustrating 3 weekends without WGM...miss my 3 fave couples!!!

Jacqueline Tan said...

Goodness. I hope there is indeed a turn of events. However, the 24th August also marks the closing of the 2008 Olympic Games so I guess it will have to make way for that.

One more abstinence day without 'We Got Married' and all the rumours of a surprise guest at the my favourite couple 100th day studio is tearing my patience.

Anonymous said...

sorry korea but i hope there is a turn of events! koreas already won enough medals so this shouldnt be a big deal.... Id prefer wgm to be aired than korea to win tennis .. defo!

Anonymous said...

Aigoo~!!!! 3rd in a Row~! I realli Wanna Watch Our Sangchu COuple 100th Day ... Arghhhhhh..

Anonymous said...

I OFFICIALLY hate the Olympics!!!

It was bad enough that they canceled the first week and then horrible that they canceled again yesterday but this is just wrong! Another week? Meaning no WGM till almost September?! I am SOOO not happy!

Anonymous said...

NOOOO !! >_< Olympics sucks
Can't they just put WGM on another day ? T_T 3 weeks !! They're out of mind ! o_O

Anonymous said...


r0fl said...

.... handball?! .. canceling wgm cause of handball?! =.= oh my ...effen' gawd!!! are they stupid or are they stupid?!