Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hwang Bo: I'll move into my husband's house within four years

Multi entertainer Hwang Bo who has been participating in WGM said that she has been seriously thinking about marriage.

In an interview, Hwang Bo said that she plans to get married within four years and that she doesn't want to exceed 33 years of age.

As for her ideal man, she said that it didn't matter that he doesn't show that he cared about her in front of people as long as she could feel that he cares about her. She also said that she didn't need gifts or anything, all that she needed was to be able to feel that she could live the rest of her life with that person.

She also said that someone responsible and someone who grew up in a harmonious home would be good and that it didn't matter if he looked worse than her. She stated that of course someone who was good looking would be good, but looks didn't matter as long as he was someone that would like her.

Hwang Bo who is currently filming WGM with Hyun Joong stated that the side of her portrayed in the show is what she was like if she really had a boyfriend. However, as Hyun Joong wasn't really her man, displaying this side of her in advance was a bit of a pity. She also said that when she really does have a boyfriend in the future, she was worried that he wouldn't be touched by her actions after having already seen them on the show, laughing as she made these statements.

She also stated that WGM was a program that she enjoyed working on and that it was a happy program for her as there was no restrictions on the image and character and that she could show herself as she is.

She said that although she was a lot closer to Hyun Joong now, there was still a little awkwardness to some extent. However she felt that it was good that probably due to the awkwardness with each other, they treated each other with consideration and respect, making her think that it might be good to get married with someone who was younger.

With regards to the older woman-younger man issue that has been emerging, she said that she had never once dated a younger man and that the "Younger man killer" image that has been cropping up was one that was totally irrelevant. She also confidently added that she doesn't think that 29 is an old age and that she had never thought that she herself was old.

Hwang Bo also said that she hopes that even when she becomes an ajumma, she will come and go beautifully, and display her age gracefully with her actions and speech, giving people a good impression of her.

Hwang Bo's activities as a singer begins with the release of her digital single which includes the Euro electro house infused "Getting Hot" and the title song which is a ballad titled "Mature". DJ Koo designed the choreography of her dance song "Getting Hot" which was a Europe techtonik dance.

Hwang Bo said that although many people know her, many still do not know her songs. She also stated that people know her as Chakra's Hwang Bo, but she still has to work hard to be recognized as the solo singer Hwang Bo, voicing her aspirations.

*Credits: Empas, Joy News 24, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translated article. Hope HB will find her true love in real life soon.

skittles03 said...

chonsa!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! =) thank you so much for translating this article and sharing it with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HWANGBO UNNIE!!!!! hmmm... i know i'm totally biased.. BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS IN HERE THAT MAKES ME THINK NOT ALL IS LOST FOR OUR JOONGBO DREAM!!! FIGHTING!!!

Anonymous said...

HB deserves all the best !!!! she is such a great woman. Love her so much.....
Never say never. Or HJ and HB will become real couple and HB will move in HJ's house within four years !!!!!!!! there has 1000 cranes make it happen !!!

chonsa, thanks so much for your hard work. you are amazing !!!! thanks again !!!!!

livelyf2dmax said...

Wow! I so agree w/ HB... to age gracefully. Am I dreaming but it seems that she is describing her Shillang in her ideal man?

Tnx chonsa for the translation! Your work is awesome and very much appreciated by us, Joongboers.

rispas said...

Thanks for the translation Chonsa. Interesting article.

Hwang Bo deserves the best..and the guy who marries her? Well..he is one lucky guy! He better treat her well and make her happy..if not..there's a long line of guy friends he is going to answer to!

On Buin's cyworld today..she added in "Happy Day" with ballons flying..This is really her happy day!

Anonymous said...

rispas ur right !! although i want still the 994 crane left will happen in the future hehehehhe you'll never know! the fact is i felt that hwangbo has a feeling of hyunjoong too, trust this words without a doubt both of them have feeling's (excited me)in love huhuhuhu . well, about junjin i am not sure for that but we'll never know either we will see !!!!!! thanks chonsa for ur news i'm happy again this morning gezzzzz i'm addicted of this article of chonsa high 994

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa for the translation of a very interesting article, you are the best n this article really make me happy.
Hwang Bo, may she met the best love of her life...if it is HJ ahhhh it will be a bliss and a bless...we can dream can we? hahahaha...still, fighting JOONGBO!!!

Anonymous said...

well about moving to hj's house within four years time but he must earn 22 billion rite he said that in wgm!!so tat HIS WIFE HAVE A GOOD LIFE AND DO WATEVER SHE LIKES RITE>>>when hj said tat i feel that moment hb is a bit touched by his words but hj fans are being haesh to her they go to her homepage write not nice things...lucky hj got leave msg dun say hb is not good...well all of this i think hj & hb got alot of pressure from media and fans!!!i really hope i can see that hj really folding the rest paper crane and give to hwangbo. still got 994 to go.....she is a nice lady and she is a good catch too.. being a singer or artist who can cooks doing sewing and knitting it is hard to find who say hwangbo is not good for hyun joong? i think hwangbo is the rite lady for him...who can take of him well. DO u all out there AGREE with ME?

angie9705 said...

Thanks for sharing this article...I really hope she can find a man that would make her happy, love and take care of her.......I still hope there's a chance for her and HJ to be knows maybe in 4 years they could get married in real life.....

!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hwang Bo Hye Jung!!! LOVE you forever......

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