Monday, August 25, 2008

Hyun Joong: Adult phobia - extreme panic when Shin Ae Ra came to visit

Hyun Joong displayed extreme panic when Shin Ae Ra came to visit.

Hyun Joong is currently in the midst of shooting WGM with his make believe wife Hwang Bo. The both of them had their commemorative wedding photo shoot for their 100th day of marriage during the broadcast of WGM on the 24th. Hwang Bo, who invited Shin Ae Ra to the location, had a good time trying out the wedding dresses and learning from her. Shin Ae Ra said that she became friends with Hwang Bo through their volunteer work in Bangladesh.

From the moment he saw her till the end of her visit, Hyun Joong appeared to be extremely thirsty, making Shin Ae Ra, who was sitting beside him, laugh at his nervousness. Hyun Joong, who said that he had an adult phobia on air, can be seen to be extremely nervous in front of elders.

Hyun Joong, who had a blind interview with Shin Ae Ra, said that she gave off a goddess like force and referred to her as Shin Ae Ra Nim, making everyone laugh.

*Credits: GoNews,*


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viperpen said...

hahahahahaha.. his reaction was so funny!!!!! ^^

Jacqueline Tan said...

I want to see his adult phobia comes to full force when they eventually get to meet her parents. I hope they will put them on. Solbi's mother was excellant and HwangBo's mother did tell Hyun Joong that she will 'observed' him from the shows, in which he replied that he will do his best.