Thursday, August 28, 2008

WGM: In the midst of search for new couples, NONE of the old couples leaving

The producers of WGM have announced that they are currently in the midst of looking for new couples.

The current format including the four current couples, Alex- Shin Ae, Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo and the others is still in the works. PD Jeon Seong Ho said that they are conducting interviews with the artists to bring changes onto the show, and that they are in the process of creating couples with new concepts.

Entertainment officials believe that the birth of new stars such as So In Young, Solbi and Alex has brought new focus to entertainment programs such as WGM and that there are opportunities to for appearances by the celebrities. However, this does not mean that the existing couples are going to stop participation. Jeon PD said that it was possible to have 5 couples on the program, the same format as when Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Jeon Young were on the show and that if needed, a different type of format can be introduced, keeping the various possibilities open.

In order for viewership rebounding due to the Olympics period, WGM is planning on a new setting. Alex- Shin Ae and So In Young- Crown J will be experiencing parenting for a day whereas Andy- Solbi and Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo will be having their mission in the rural areas, saying that the focus will be on fun and developing the relationships of the couples.

Jeon PD said that as the country was very interested in the Korean representative team therefore they leaned towards the Olympics. During this period, WGM broadcasts were canceled, creating much restlessness. He said that they will present WGM as though they were starting again from the first time and that they would introduce more interesting parts to the show.



Jacqueline Tan said...

They seem to have this theme. I believe they had one during the Lunar Year as well. So it is just a short special.

viperpen said...

i think they should not add another couple again..
the 4 couples are enough..