Friday, August 8, 2008

Hyun Joong+ Hwang Bo's fate linked from three years ago?

Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo have had moments together on previous TV shows.

This can be seen on previous episodes of 'X-Man' where the MC had asked Hyun Joong who he wanted to see the most during the filming, to which he answered Hwang Bo. Although it's just a make believe relationship, their apparent fate is stirring up the interest of netizens.

Hyun Joong's reason for wanting to see her again was because she had become a lot more tanned compared to the week before, making Hwang Bo and the rest of the participants burst out in laughter. The heated interest amongst the netizens with regards to their fate is becoming very apparent.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo have been garnering a lot of popularity due to their cute portrayal of marriage life in WGM, where they both play a younger man older woman couple.

*Credits: Review Star, ss601*


Dee said...

ah...this is from the 44th ep of x-man, isn't it?
i was just watching it the other day n was wondering why he said he wanted to see HB the most

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember seeing them both on old Xman shows...someone even commented that Hyun Joong kept on staring at Hwangbo during the sexy couple selection dances!!! Could he have been attracted to her then...and just been shy about it since she is his "senior"??? Must have a lot of bottled up feelings, where that outburst of "Yeobo!" in Japan came from...kekeke...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Love Dem~!

Anonymous said...

woohooo! I love it when I hear Hwangbo's gaining popularity, More people need to realize her awsomenessnessssss<3 Love her shes like my idol now :)

Thank you for the news chonsa :D

Anonymous said...

wahh... maybe he liked her even before... from the drawing of his ideal girl (am i right?) that kinda looks like hwang bo, to that episode of xman.. and now him saying 'yeobo' and all that... maybe he really likes her...i mean there was an interview where he said that sometimes he really thinks of her as his wife..right?...hahaha...(just wishful thinking!! ^_^