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JoongBo: 13

Alex and Shin Ae realise that Hwang Bo is pretending to throw up at the scene of them dancing and call her towards them, telling her that she shouldn’t do that. She walks towards them, Hyun Joong behind her all the time, watching out for her so she doesn’t fall, and tells them that she becomes like that when she watches certain kinds of movies.

SA: You dance too!
A: Yea, let’s see you dance once!
HJ: There’s that dance that you like, Bu In, techtonik or technic or something.
HB: Ok! Lets do this our style Shillang!
HJ: Oh, so this is your style? Isn’t this what we were listening to when we were eating?

They start dancing to the techno music, when Hwang Bo suddenly moves towards the pole and holds on to it, only to be dragged back down by Hyun Joong.

HJ: Why are you grabbing on to the pole???
HJ: Don’t hold on to the pole!

The both of them start doing Hwang Bo’s techtonik dance moves while Alex and Shin Ae watch them, amused. Hyun Joong exclaims that the boat is shaking roughly before he jumps on to the pole and twirls around it a couple of times.

HB: Shillang, that was really cool!! How did you do it?
HJ: I lose my senses the moment the music comes on!

They return to their chalet, everyone exclaiming that they’re tired. Alex and Hyun Joong immediately lie on their beds while Hwang Bo and Shin Ae drag their feet to their own room. As they pass the sofas, Hwang Bo immediately lies down and says that she’s turning into Hyung Don. Shin Ae pulls Hwang Bo up and drags her to their room before throwing her on the bed, making Hwang Bo say that she really is the extraordinarily strong Shin Ae. The two girls have a little girl talk session in their room.

HB: Alex really has leadership skills. Hyun Joong’s the leader of his group as was I when I was in Chakra. But we both really don’t have any leadership skills at all. I really think that Alkkagi (Alex’s new nickname from Hwang Bo) really does have leadership skills.
SA: …………..

Hyun Joong is in his own room, sitting as he folds paper cranes and Alex walks over to the girl’s room in search of Shin Ae.

HB: *shocked expression* Ommo, that tee shirt.
A: Why?
HB: This shouldn’t be it. I have that tee too!
A: Did you bring it?
HB: *nods as she laughs* *brings it out to show them*
HB: Can’t you take it off?
A: Why?
HB: *says something, can’t make it out*
A: Ah, shall I get Hyun Joong to wear it instead? *gets up*
HB: *pulls him back* No, he really hates couple tees.
SA: Ah! Right!
A: Oh. *continues walking out*
SA: He should wear it during times like this.

Hwang Bo continues to try holding Alex back and he pushes her back on the bed and Shin Ae holds her down as she struggles. Hyun Joong who is busy folding his cranes, oblivious of what is happening is disturbed by Alex who comes back in the room.

A: Hyun Joong, do you have a short sleeved shirt?
HJ: Me? *pulls one out of the cupboard*
A: Can I borrow this? This shirt is kinda big. You wear this ok?
HJ: Me?? *surprised but starts taking necklace off*

The both of them are changed and Hyun Joong is still folding the cranes when Alex tells him that Hwang Bo is looking for him. Outside, Hwang Bo hides behind Shin Ae as they walk towards his room, Hwang Bo refusing to show her tee. Hyun Joong gets up and grabs his bag before walking out. Seeing her, he asks her what’s up and they walk towards the sofas, Hwang Bo still hiding behind Shin Ae. Her toothbrush ends up tangled in Shin Ae’s hair when she’s left with no other choice.

HB: Shillang…
HJ: Yea?
HB: I’ve done wrong to you.
HB: *jumps out revealing her tee*
HJ: *surprised* …………….
HB: I’ve done wrong to you!

Alex laughs at his reaction and goes on to explain that he was wearing it and walked into their room when he saw her wearing it as well when she starts defending herself saying that she wasn’t wearing it and that all she did was tell him that she had the exact same one. Hyun Joong just looks at the both of them talking, at a loss for words.

HB: He kept on insisting on wearing it when I was perfectly okay with it.
HJ: Really?
A: But then why is your expression like this? Why are you so happy?
HJ: It really is the same.
A: Yours is for men, hers is for women.
HJ: But this sort of tee is fine, as it’s not childish. At least there isn’t like a mouse on it.
HB: *laughs and skips away happily*
SA: You’re really happy right?
HB: It’s nothing, really.
A: Hyung hasn’t even worn it once, so don’t reform it!

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo stand together as he pulls out something from his bag. He hands it to her and tells her that he’s gotten the things that she asked for from Japan, namely the shampoo container, the shower cap and the underwear, and tells her that it was really embarrassing for him to get her the underwear.

Private interview:

HB: He pretends to ignore you but he remembers everything that he should remember.

Alex, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are in her room when Alex holds out a bag and asks her if it’s hers. She says yea, and he tells her that the phone is ringing. She wonders out loud who it is and takes the phone out as Alex tells her that it’s a man calling. She looks at the phone, makes a face, before turning to Hyun Joong.

HB: Answer this, answer this.
HJ: Who is this?
HB: Just talk to the person.
HJ: Hello?
Person: Hello?
HJ: Yes, who is this?
Person: *silence*
HJ: Hello?
HB: It’s my mother.
HJ: *shocked* *immediately hands phone back to her*

Hwang Bo starts talking to her mother, telling her that her shillang had picked the phone up while following Hyun Joong around as he walks away from her.

HJ: I have a phobia towards elders!
HB: Hahaha! My mother’s asking if it’s her son-in-law!!!

HB: Mom, if you have anything to say to him I’ll put him on!
HB: *chases Hyun Joong who’s still running away*
HJ: *gives up as she holds on to his arm*
HJ: *politely* Hello? Ah, yes, hello. Ah yes, thank you very much. I will try my best.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Yes, thank you very much. Yes. Yes. Please rest.
HB: *laughs as she talks to her mom again*
HJ: *embarrassed*

Hyun Joong is sitting on the sofa when Hwang Bo goes up to him and tells him to get up. He asks her where are they going as he gets up and she tells him that they are going to visit someplace to watch and learn. He asks her what as she leads him on and he follows her from behind to the bathroom, where Shin Ae is drying Alex’s hair. Both Alex and Shin Ae look at them as they walk away and Hwang Bo tells them “Please rest!”.

HJ: You think that that scene looks good?
HB: Yea, don’t you?
HJ: Yea, it’s good.
HJ: *looks at Hwang Bo*
HJ: Shall I do your hair for you?
HB: What?
HJ: Or should I give you a neck massage?
HB: No.
HJ: Come, I’ll give you one.

He starts massaging her neck and she squirms a little before relaxing. He asks her if it feels relaxing and she says yes, as he continues to massage her neck.

The guys are going out to buy food and the girls are left back in the chalet. Hwang Bo comments that Shin Ae and Alex are really comfortable with one another while Alex tells Hyun Joong how Hwang Bo was holding him back earlier, saying that Hyun Joong would really hate wearing couple tees.

Hwang Bo and Shin Ae start discussing their husbands as they both know that the guys would be talking about them too. They talk about the positives and negatives of their own husbands and Shin Ae says that Alex’s plus point is that he is able to take care of her in everyway. Which was his negative point as well, since he took care of her too well which made her feel like she was somewhat lacking instead.

SA: What about Hyun Joong?
HB: The way he seems like he has no worries at all. His bright personality.
SA: What would you like changed about him?
HB: His bright personality. His positives can be his negatives as well.
SA: That’s true.
HB: Isn’t there a way to find out? Exactly how much we mean to them?
SA: I don’t know…
HB: No way of finding out at all?

Alex and Hyun Joong walk into a store and start picking out things to buy while the girls plan a way to find out what they want to know. Shin Ae suggests staging an argument to see what their husbands would do and how they would react.

HB: I have no confidence at all…
SA: We need a reason as to why we fought.
HB: I don’t think that the reason is very important. What’s most important is that we make the atmosphere really uncomfortable and awkward, such as by looking at a
different direction even when we’re both sitting here together.

Shin Ae says that she’s afraid that she’d start laughing and Hwang Bo tells her that she mustn’t laugh so as to ensure a successful pretend fight. They are about to high five when Shin Ae drops her hand in midair, and Hwang Bo starts to seem angry. The both of them start acting as though they are really fighting then. In the studio, the both of them say that they were practicing for the real show.

Hyun Joong and Alex sit at a bench, eating ice creams as they continue talking about their wives.

A: Even at the beach and while we were fishing, Hwang Bo was really taking care of you.
HJ: I know she does take care of me, but I just can’t really express myself, so it seems that she thinks like I don’t really care about her.
A: What about my wife?
HJ: Honestly, we aren’t very familiar with each other, but I find her eye gaze rather scary. She’s like a cat. I can’t look her in the eye. It’s like she can grab you with her eyes.
A: Frankly, I didn’t know that it would be you guys coming here today. Thank you.
HJ: Oh, me too. This is the first time that I have so many things to say.
A: Shin Ae’s been treating me really well today. I think it’s because of Hwang Bo that she’s like that. Which is why I am really thankful to Hwang Bo!

HB: What’s most important is that I don’t think Hyun Joong would really care!
SA: *lies down*
HB: *slaps butt* Hey, how can you be so comfortable when we’re having a fight?
SA: Ah, that’s right!

The both of them start getting ready and Hwang Bo keeps telling Shin Ae not to laugh no matter what. They sit and wait for their husbands to come back and immediately get into their roles when they hear them coming through the doors.

The guys announce their arrivals and immediately notice the strain between the two women. Alex asks playfully if they fought and the both of them just maintain their silence. The guys walk to their own wives and try to find out what happened, trying to keep the atmosphere light.

HJ: What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?
HB: *shakes head*
HB: *gets up to leave*
HJ: What’s wrong?
HJ: *stares after her before following her in*

The two guys are dumbfounded as to what happened and try to find out from their wives, but the both of them are just keeping quiet, making things even more awkward.

HJ: What’s wrong?
HB: *silence*HJ: *concerned* What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Hmmm?
HB: I think I’m about to go mad. Seriously.
HJ: Why? What’s wrong? Why?
HB: I want to tell you, but I can’t now when I’m feeling like this.
HB: Ahh… I’m going nuts, I’m going nuts.
HJ: Why?
HB: Nothing, just go out first. I’ll come out soon.

Alex walks into the room to find out what happened and Hwang Bo tells him that Shin Ae had offended her and told him to ask her what she said to her. He walks out and talks to Shin Ae while Hyun Joong stays in the room with Hwang Bo and watches her reflection from the window as he continues to ask her what’s wrong.

HJ: What’s wrong?
HB: She offended me.
HJ: How? What did she say?
HB: Something about you and me. I don’t even want to say it out.
HJ: *looks away, deep in thought*
HJ: What’s wrong, why are you like this?
HB: I can’t say it out *says something else but I can’t make it out*
HJ: Why? What happened exactly?

MC Hyung Don: Oh, this drama’s really interesting!!

Shin Ae gets up and walks to the room, followed by Alex.

SA: Unnie.
A: I don’t know what’s going on, what’s wrong?
HB: *looks away*

HJ: *looks at Hwang Bo*
HJ: Talk to her face to face. *pulls Hwang Bo* Look at her and talk.
HB: *moves towards Shin Ae’s direction*
SA: You can tell me what I’ve done wrong. I’m younger than you. If I have said something to offend you, you can just tell me outright that I shouldn’t say things like that.
HB: I thought that you would have known even without me telling you.
SA: But I really don’t know.
HB: It’s because you don’t know that’s making me even more speechless.
HB: *plays with handphone*
HJ: Look at her and talk.
HB: If you don’t know what you did wrong, then what else can I say? What can I say?
A: It’s because she doesn’t know that you should tell her.

HB: I’m honestly speechless that she doesn’t know what she did wrong. It’s really too much of her.
A: Which is why. It’s possible for dongsaengs not to know.
HB: I’m not the type to get angry, honestly. But this was really too much. It’s like she made a fool out of me and Hyun Joong.
HJ: *listens by Hwang Bo’s side*
SA: That’s just it, you should tell me.
HB: If I tell you, then?
SA: If you tell me then I’ll know what I did wrong and I can apologize to you.
HB: I really don’t understand why you don’t know, Shin Ae ssi.
SA: I don’t know what I did to offend you.
HB: I just don’t understand how is it that you don’t know what you did wrong when you’ve caused someone so much hurt, Shin Ae ssi.
HJ: *looks back and forth*
A: She doesn’t have the intention to hurt anyone, she could have just said something without realizing it.
A: What did Shin Ae do?
HB: Ask her then. You can ask her.
A: The thing is she doesn’t know why you’re angry at her.
HB: Ask her what she said. If I said to you that she said this to me, would you be able to understand? I find that really funny.
SA: So just end it now.
A: *looks at Shin Ae*

HB: Did I do anything wrong? I didn’t do anything wrong.
HJ: *puts hand on Hwang Bo’s shoulder to calm her down as he senses her mood turning for the worse*

Alex pulls Shin Ae away and sits her down on the sofa before he goes back and talks to Hwang Bo again. He defends Shin Ae by saying that she doesn’t have those sort of hurtful thoughts when Hwang Bo says that she doesn’t think at all. Alex still tries to get to the bottom of things, but Hwang Bo’s not cooperating with him, and even seems to tear as they continue talking. Hyun Joong watches Hwang Bo silently, sitting beside her, concerned. Alex, unable to get anything out of Hwang Bo, leaves the room, telling Hyun Joong to sort things out as he walks away.

HJ: You have to tell me what’s wrong so that I can give you an answer. Don’t just sit there and be all flustered alone, if tell me what’s wrong I can do something to make you feel better.
HB: It’s not that.. it’s… too much… *breaks off as she really doesn’t know how to carry on with the act*

HB: It’s nothing.
HJ: What do you mean by nothing? What is it? What? Tell me.
HB: It’s good if you could understand.
HJ: I’ll listen! *lifts up beanie to expose ear*
HB: *laughs*

HJ: *puts arms around her* That’s right, laugh! Why cry? Isn’t it good to laugh?
HJ: I’m always open. Open ear.
HB: *laughs uncontrollably* I feel better now.
HJ: That’s good. Why fight? I really hate fights.
HB: I shouldn’t be that way because I’m older right?
HJ: No, that’s not it. Don’t feel that way just because you’re older.
HB: *touched*
HJ: Even if it’s a grandfather, if he does something wrong then he’s in the wrong!
HB: You’re still joking around now? *pretends to hit him*
HJ: *blocks hits* I’m not joking around, really. That’s right, laugh well, just like this.

He helps her come down and brings her out when she says that what if they don’t smile and he tells her not to smile. He brings her out to where Alex and Shin Ae are sitting and she apologizes, saying that she must have misunderstood when Shin Ae starts to cry and Hwang Bo walks away frustrated. Shin Ae heads away from the kitchen and Alex follows, as Hwang Bo watches them before heading towards the toilet as well, where Shin Ae has locked herself up. She knocks on the door asking Shin Ae to open up when Alex pulls her away. She tells him that she just wants to say a few words to Shin Ae and he nods while bringing her back to Hyun Joong before going back to Shin Ae. Hyun Joong tells Hwang Bo not to fight as he brings her away.

HB: I really hate this. I really hate crying. Doesn’t crying end everything?
HJ: That’s right.
HB: I’m just being made out as the bad person.
HJ: No, you’re not. It’s just a difference of someone who has more tears and someone who has none.
HB: I have lots of tears.
HJ: What?
HB: I have lots of tears.
HJ: Why fight?
HB: No, but why is she crying? I knew that this would happen.
HJ: No, don’t fight.

Hwang Bo hears Shin Ae coming out and gets up, Hyun Joong asking her where she’s going and she tells him that she can’t just leave things as it is. Hyun Joong just sits there, not knowing what to do as she heads towards Shin Ae. Alex sees her coming and immediately tries to calm her down by tapping her back.

HB: You. To me. Didn’t high five! HIGH FIVE!!!
SA: *laughs*
A: *shocked*
HB + SA: *runs away laughing*

Hyun Joong just sits there as he watches the two girls laughing and high five-ing with each other, a smile on his face as he nods at them. Alex on the other hand is a little more serious as he walks out to them, wondering out loud if they’ve lost their minds.

HJ: It’s not the difference with the one without tears, it’s the difference between an actress and a singer! *smiling as he throws photos on table as he gets up*
HB” *rolls on floor laughing*

The two guys look at their wives as they laugh, completely astounded by their acting. The two girls pretend to be sad when they express their displeasure at them and Alex walks off speechless.

HJ: I think I really need to consider divorce!
HB: How can you joke about that! *throws pillows*
HJ: I’m kidding! Kidding! *blocks pillows*

He ensures her that he’s just kidding and high fives with her when an angry Alex drags him away to lock themselves up in a room.

Private interview:

HJ: If it ever happened again, I would think that it was another joke even if it was real as I would not be able to differentiate the both. I hope that something like this will never happen again.

HB: When he was talking to me, making me laugh during the entire situation, I was really surprised. I never anticipated that. But I was really surprised that he was there by side the whole time.

The four of them head out to the beach in the middle of the night and Hwang Bo holds out her bag of fireworks and tells Hyun Joong that they can’t go back until everything has been played. Alex looks into the bag and asks her why she brought mosquito repellant and she starts defending herself saying that there are lots of mosquitoes and that Hyun Joong hates mosquitoes.

They walk on to the sands and start playing with the fireworks. Hyun Joong helps Hwang Bo light her fireworks, holds her hand in directing her fireworks and pulls her away everytime the sparks start flaring. Hwang Bo also performs her dance in front of the fireworks as it looks like a stage, much to the amusement of everyone in the studio. She immediately pulls out another firework when the others are put off.

A: How many did you buy??
HJ: Are you running a business?

They continue playing with the fireworks and Alex says that this one should be as pretty as Hwang Bo’s heart and they watch the display in anticipation. Unfortunately, the display is really short much to their disappointment.

A: That’s it?
HB: Ah, why is this like that?
HJ: Bu In! What did you buy??

HB: Ok, ok, do you know what to do with this? You take this and..
HJ: Make the word LOVE?
HB: How did you know??

They each discuss how to make the letters appear and start doing it but it turns out a huge mess as all you can see are their movements but no word appears. It’s only after they play the video slowly and capture pictures that the word can be seen. They then run around with their sparklers, playing happily.

Hyun Joong tells Hwang Bo to throw away the rubbish at the bin and she goes off alone as Hyun Joong begins to prepare an event for her. He puts the cranes that he had folded earlier in the chalet into little plastic eggs and starts burying them in the sand, making markers around where he buried them.

Hwang Bo, on the other hand, comments that she’s all alone again, and starts singing a song about what a quiet night it is. Hyun Joong finishes up what he’s doing and sits in the middle, waiting for her as she walks towards him.

HJ: Where did you go?
MC Hyun Don: She went to throw the rubbish, where else!
HB: I went to throw the rubbish.
HJ: Ahh. Then why did you buy back more rubbish?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *reaches hand out to her* Nah, I was just joking.

They sit together and he tells her that he’s prepared a last gift for her on top of the three gifts that he’d already given her and that five things were buried in the sand in the big circle surrounding them, and tells her to look for them. She gets up and starts looking for them as he follows her around.

HB: All I have to do is search for it right?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: Five of them?
HJ: Mmmm.
HB: There’s too big a space!
HJ: Ah, you’re thinking too much.
HB: It’s really here right?
HJ: Mmm. There are markers around them.

Hwang Bo spots something and starts pushing the sand away and Hyun Joong tells her that the marker’s gone as he squats down to dig it up only to exclaim that it’s not there. Hwang Bo starts digging around with him as well, and finds the first plastic egg. He tells her that there are more and she looks up and him and says, ‘You really left this here? It’s not something that the children were playing with and just threw away?” making everyone in the studio laugh.

She starts hunting for the rest and manages to find them, as Hyun Joong tells her that she’s doing a good job at finding them. She finally finds four of them and is left with one.

HB: Only one left right?
HJ: Yea. Hint. This one has no marker.
HB: *sulks*

She manages to find the last one and hands it to him excitedly, saying that she’s found all five of them.

HB: Ok, I’ve found them. Now what?
HJ: Remember how I told you about the 1000 cranes and love?
HB: Yea.
HJ: Now think back to when I gave you the first crane, the one that floated. Start calculating from that one and these. How many more are left?
HB: 994 more?
HJ: I’ll make them for you next time.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I’ll make them less easy to find next time! *hands them to her*
HB: *laughs*

HJ: I’ll treat you well in the coming 994 days.
HB: The coming 994 days? What about day number 995?
HJ: I’ll do something different then. I’ll start folding turtles.
HB: *laughs*

HB: Thank you.
HJ: It’s nothing. Why are you thanking me for?
HB: *smiles while looking at the cranes*
HJ: *smiles while looking at her looking at the cranes*

Private interview:

HB: From now on, I’m not going to anticipate anything like rings and such. What’s more important to me is being able to laugh and give laughter. If I have these two things, I’ll start to think why would I leave this person, why would I fight with him.

*Credits: MBC, Soompi*


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Anonymous said...

Ireally love this episode. Though HJ may not have handled it so rationally and adult manner like Alex did, I like his approach very very much, Esp the open ear and how he was telling her not to think that way just because HB was the noona... Very sweet esp since they are a older gal/ younger guy couple and such thing coming from the little groom really make it sound very sweet to the noona, i think..

Love how he hid the crane and that he will top it up till 1000 and will be good to HB.

Really sweet and cute!

Anonymous said...

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