Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hwang Bo's birthday presents

(This is actually something that I wanted to post up a long time ago, but just never got round to actually doing it. Haha! Muize, this is especially for you!!)

Our Hwang Bo recently celebrated her 29th birthday on the 16th. The club spent a week sincerely preparing for this, and although we were running out of time, thanks to the members and the staff we were able to finish this birthday event for her.

Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone for their contributions (sponsorship, birthday messages) that we have received towards this event. And as we were short of time for this one, the members who were unable to contribute this time round will definitely participate together in the next event right?

As we were unable to pass it to her on the 16th (her real birthday) due to the schedule, we had to pass the presents to her during the filming of "Infinite Girls" on the 17th instead. We prepared a basket of flowers, a cake, cookies, a necklace with her initials, message cards and others as well as cookies for the members and the 40 staff of 'Infinite Girls'.

As there are lots of parts that we have not mentioned, we are attaching photos together with this post.

First of all, a square cake with pretty purple cream flowers.

Next is the basket of flowers, we put a message written in a postcard type of card together with the flowers.

Next is a variety of packed cakes and cookies handmade by Sammi. It is a basket filled with sincerity, it was really beautiful.

And the initial necklaces and the cards with birthday wishes that everyone wrote and the fan vow. As she already has the necklaces bearing the words Hwang Bo, we made one using Estella. We also made necklaces for her cute dogs and cat.

We hung the birthday cards using purple ribbons.

We also prepared liquor which was practical and fun for Hwang Bo and everyone, 8 bottles of light soju with the words “Just like Hwang Bo”.


Cookie set for the 5 members of ‘Infinite Girls’ and 2 PDs. (Created by Sammi)

Lastly, cookie packs for the 40 staff members.

*Credits: dcinside.com*


Anonymous said...

wow If I was in korea Id defo be in her fanclub too and participate! I only wish we could see her reaction in recieving this :( Im sure she was overwhelmed :D
Speaking of Infinite girl.. does anyone have a link to watch the latest episode (45) when she was in a hanbok... 479m account got deleted before I could wach it :'(

Anonymous said...

wow......such a sweet hwangbo fanclub in korea....i wish i can join them and contribute something.....at least money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ mah.....if i can't fly to korea......sad...... frm Xueren40

Anonymous said...

thanks again,chonsa!!!4 keep update the latest news abt joongbo(hyun joong or hwang bo) frm xueren40

Anonymous said...

thanks again,chonsa!!!4 keep update the latest news abt joongbo(hyun joong or hwang bo) frm xueren40

Anonymous said...

Those are all beautiful!! What wonderful gifts! I would have loved to know if HJ got her anything...lol Aren't I horrible?! =P

katty27 said...

i just wonder why she is 29!!!isnt she born 1980? im born the year 1981 im onli 27 why she is 29? pls tell mi please???

chonsa said...

katty21, koreans add a year or two to their age, depending on when they are born. so if she was born in 1980, her western age is 28 but her korean age is 29.

yokesoe said...

thanks ,chonsa,and thanks korean fans.i'm really happy to see that.

Anonymous said...

aw, i'm so sorry i didn't get to participate. i just found this website 2 days ago. man, i love hwang bo so much, i would really love to give her a gift just to appreciate her. i personally think that she's underrated because of her tomboy personality but she's a gorgeous person in and out. i wish her more success!

Anonymous said...

wow. it's really cool to see that korean fans are so kind and sincere about the celebrities they like

Anonymous said...

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