Thursday, August 21, 2008

WGM: Filming of the controversial make believe parenting

It has been announced that episodes with the make believe parenting concept has started last week.

The producers of WGM said that Crown J and So In Young filmed the "Parents for a day" concept last week.

According to the producers of WGM, Crown J and So In Young were suddenly made responsible over the care a child as the child's parents. Crown J, who didn't know what the mission was even up to the day of filming, was caught by surprise.

Alex and Shin Ae, who were given the same mission as well, also did not know what the mission was up to the day of filming.

This mission is a collaboration between WGM and the Health and Welfare Family department, in an attempt to encourage childbirth.



Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to the Crown J/SIY segment. It will be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm no mention of Joongbo or Anbi.... they may have not filmed yet then as theyre all really busy... more so than the rest

Haizel said...

so not HJ/HB? i think they're marriage is still too young for them to handle parenting yet.

but CrownJ and SIY! haahahaha omg
CrownJ will have to handle TWO crying whining babies -- baby 1 and Inyoung! hahah :D i can't wait for it!

Anonymous said...

really? so it was just a mission then? well good. at least it's not something like a permanent fixture in the show. i thought it was like a real deal with them actually having kids. that would be a bummer. i'm not cool with the adding kids idea, but if it's just something temporary like a one day mission then i guess it's alright. it would be interesting.

evelyn168 said...

Please no baby yet... I want HJ-HB to have their own romantic time... The other 3 couples, okay... Just not HJ-HB.

Anonymous said...

anbi and joongbo went to a farm.... not sure if together or what hmmmm... I hope seperately for now because I want some alone time... or i wouldnt mind if they went seperate and then met "coincindently" like with Jyoung couple

Anonymous said...

ahh maybe only f0ra day..hehe... i cant help but notice that they have cute pose in the pic above..heheh more than the others.. hehe...unique indeed

Anonymous said...

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