Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TV couple that invokes envy: Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong

Today's current trend is younger men-older women couples. What was once a difficult scene to see is now seen easily as you go about on the streets. Also those who once rejected and looked at these relationships through colored lenses are now wishing "I want to try it once too...".

MBC's WGM's youngest couple are Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. Although they started a little later than the other couples, the both of them are now celebrating their 100th day of marriage with a commemorative wedding photo shoot. Hwang Bo, who was left alone in Korea when the other couples (Andy- Solbi, Crown J- In Young, Alex- Shin Ae) were having their wedding photo shoots because her husband Hyun Joong was away in Japan for work related activities, can now put aside the disappointment then with the photo shoot now.

Compared to the other couples, the both of them were relatively more awkward with each other when they started. However, although their conversations are sometimes stalled with moments of awkward silences, the both of them can be seen to be becoming more and more in tune with each other. Based on their dates of birth, fortune master Lee Kyung Min will study their individual love luck and their harmony, as well as ways for the both of them to appeal to each other. His remarks about Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo's union was "The older meets the younger, brings about harmony. Great."

Hyun Joong's love luck:

The chances of him meeting older women are higher. More older women will be attracted to him compared to younger women. This is because most older women would feel comfortable around him, resulting in his high popularity with older women.

It is also likely that Hyun Joong will marry someone older than him. This type of birth details show that he is someone who is more delicate than he looks, somewhat similar to the psychology of a woman. It is because of this that it would be better to marry an older woman who could protect him.

Plus, it would be better for him to marry early as it would enhance his fortune. A late marriage will not be lucky for him so it would be better to meet a woman early and marry while he is in his twenties or early thirties.

Hwang Bo's love luck:

She is exceptionally stubborn and proud, opinionated and is not the type to give in. As she would not be able to lead in a relationship with someone of the either the same age or older than her, it would be better for her to meet someone younger that she can lead. If she meets someone younger, their relationship would be a better match as they would be able to communicate and develop further.

Based on her birth details, she is likely to marry late. Even if she meets a good person, it would be better for her to date him for one to three years before marrying him. Rather than getting married hastily, it would be better for her to get to know the person first before marrying him.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo's marital harmony:

As they are both a younger man- older woman couple, they are able to achieve harmony. They are a well fitted couple as the woman leads and the man follows. They are also a couple that would not have any huge arguments and their difference in age allows them to understand each other. Since their characters are at opposite ends of the pole, they are able to harmonize each other, which can be said to be a good thing.

If Hyun Joong was to steal Hwang Bo's heart:

As Hwang Bo's exterior seems to be tougher than a man, she naturally leads. However, Hyun Joong should also lead at times, showing his manly side and the side of him that he is able to lead. He shouldn't be timid and be more manly, knowing when to lead and not to, showing his charms which are appealing.

If Hwang Bo was to steal Hyun Joong's heart:

From his birth details, Hyun Joong is the type that likes women who can make him feel her warm side and are able to take care of him, showing him her heart. If she does this, then he will go towards her.

*Credits: gall.dcinside.com*


chubby said...

OMG thanks for this!
I soo agree with the fortune teller!
They're perfect for each other haha♥
I wish HwangBo could open up and show him her heart, then he would open up,too..

viperpen said...

the fortune teller was sooooooooo good!!
hope that his predictions will come true and that these two will be together in real life..


nice one!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the fortune teller a joongbo fan too? LOL

Anonymous said...

ha ha... i'm also think the fortune teller is a joongbo fan .but i hope joongbo feel it's the density.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa for the translation. HB is born in 1981 or 1980?

Anonymous said...

^ 1980
this is good to read but not to take it seriously cuz it'll break your heart...

Anonymous said...

Hey all, this is totally unrelated to Chonsa's article on the fortunesteller...but after a couple of weeks missing WGM, I was just rewatching some older episodes of JoongBo couple, and I noticed that the boat they used for the vacation with AlShin couple looks very similar to the one they used when they first went fishing on their honeymoon...esp the deck part where the two types of dancing took place on ep. 21...am not so sure about the cabin below where they had their meal too...is it just me, or do all boats of that kind look alike? I join other WGM fans in wishing they will air this weekend (sigh!!!)

Anonymous said...

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