Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cancellation of Sunday Night because of the Olympics: Increasing complaints from viewers

MBC cancelled their broadcast of WGM today because of the Beijing Olympics.

The 'Sunday Night' team announced the cancellation of the program on the 16th at 10.20 p.m. on their bulletin board, with a short message saying "We are cancelling our program due to the Beijing Olympics. We ask for your kind understanding."

As the program was still listed to be shown up till the 16th, the surprising cancellation brought about these responses from the audience, "Even though it's the Olympics, but the program shouldn't be cancelled two weeks in a row" and "I was happy as up till yesterday it was listed to be shown, but now I have to wait another week".

Although the interest in the Olympics is still at its peak with the Korean team continuing on in the games, the viewers are demanding that they be given a channel choice as to what to watch as the programs of the main broadcasters get cancelled due to the broadcasting of the Olympic games.

*Credits: Newsen, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

thanks chonsa. yes indeed, even though they cancel the show doesn't mean ppl will watch thru mbc as there are so many other channel to watch.. what were they thinking?

annie said...

AGREED.... that's why, MBC have to know how to take a different way, step up the level. the popular show WGM are so high on demand, they should be able to squeeze in some time during 24 hours a day to broadcast WGM. don't be the like all the boriung channel, I can watch Olypmic in all other coppy TV broadcast. I hope MBC will do something to ease the anger/pain of waiting of WGM fans.

Anonymous said...

YAY THIS IS GOOD!! so i think they will defo broadcast this sunday... or mayb earlier???... well that would be a dream but you know... NETIZENS FIGHTING <3

Alexandria said...

I just read over at Soompi that they're cancelling for the 24th as well...Men's handball finals, I think. I just hope the PD's realize that if you wait 3 weeks to air an episode, things will leak. Didn't they threaten to cut scenes if the audience leaked anything? Everyone was on their best behavior, now they cancel again? Boo. :(

viperpen said...

im going crazy here!!!!!!
waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! :<

can't they just cancel everything????

going crazy waiting here!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god they cancel it once again, they kill me because i can't wait to watch ep 22. I dont know how they aired olympic in korea but in my country during olympic they have 10 extra channel for 24 hour only for olympic.

Anonymous said...

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