Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hwang Bo: Mispronunciation of English not my fault

Hwang Bo revealed her feelings of being wronged over a humiliating incident during a radio program.

Hwang Bo, who had mispronounced some English words during the filming of a program and had been commented on negatively over the mistake, explained the situation then.

She had mispronounced the song "Last Scene" as "Last Scan" while on a live program. She explained that she didn't know what song was coming up next, and that the staff had first shown the word "Last" and then the second word came out slowly. As she saw the letters "S C" coming out she read the word as "Scan", voicing out her feelings of being wronged.

The MCs of the program also said that it wasn't Hwang Bo's fault, but a mistake made by the authors.

*Credits: Empas News, Yahoo Korea*


Anonymous said...

oh who cares, it was obviously an honest mistake.. she was reading off from a wrong cue card or something.. really an honest mistake. if they want to write something about wrong English and all.. try dbsk mickey yoochuns "passionable" speech.. that's something to crack about.

Anonymous said...

LOL about dbsk...but true

Anonymous said...

i know right.. who cares.. even i catch myself pronouncing words wrong at time... no one's perfect