Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My lovely land of the long white cloud


I never thought I'd miss Wellington this badly, but I do. I remember thinking that Welly was a great place, but just not happening enough. It was a nice place to lead a stoic, but fulfilling life, but just not enough excitement.

Which was what I was craving for the minute I was done with uni.

And so I moved, and tried a series of new things, new experiences. Did a lot of things that I think I shouldn't have, but, hey no regrets!

Until a friend from good old Welly came to visit. It was fantastic meeting him again, discussing our favourite haunts, talking about what has changed. Remarkably, a lot has changed in the years that I have not been back. Not drastic changes of course, but enough to make me feel like I've been away for decades. It's just one of those personal things, that only I'd feel I think.

And he's going back home this weekend.

And it struck me.

How much I longed to be on that flight back as well. I miss my coffees, I miss my library. I miss Hell's pizza and partying down Courteney. I miss the pies from the local delis, and the chips from Mr. Bun. I miss my good old TVB aunty who used to smile at me and ask me 'Sik jor fan mei ah, sai mui?' and would always keep the episodes of the dramas that I wanted on hold for me, despite the fact that others would want the same episodes as well.

I miss the ajumma from the Korean restaurant on Manners who would always cook up a pajeon for me when I go for my jajjangmyun. The ajussi who would always ask me if I wanted a fried egg on top of my jajjangmyun. And his familiar smile and wave goodbye as he says 'Kungbu chalhaeyaji. Nei il do ua!'

I miss the regular buses, I miss the train station. I miss the bookstores, the countless cafes dotted all over darling Welly. I miss going to Mt. Victoria at night and seeing the lights all over the city. The firework displays on Guy Fawkes. The cable car rides to botanical gardens, the familiar walk up Kelburn to reach my classes at Murphy, shopping at Glassons and Shanton and all around Lambton. Taking the bus to Karori to meet my friends. Going all the way to Newlands just to have dinner.

I miss Te Papa, I miss the harbour, heck I even miss New World and their daily specials.

But most of all I miss my friends and family. I miss everyone whom I used to see everyday, at any time.

Gosh, Welly... I just miss you.

I want to go back too...


Monday, August 23, 2010

More on 장난스런 Kiss

More on Hyun Joong's latest drama project!

The posters and the trailers are out, and it seems like the excitement is mounting for this drama! I have to admit, Jung So Min is absolutely adorable in the posters and trailer. I have a strong feeling that this drama is going to garner a lot of fans rooting for their pairing.

Hyun Joong seems to be a lot more smiley in the trailer compared to the Japanese and Taiwanese male leads, who carried on a more sullen, nonchalant air about the female lead.

Although I think that he's just being smiley for the sake of the trailer. I mean, the pics that were released during their walk to school had Hyun Joong looking every bit as sullen as Joe Cheng.

And Joe Cheng is absolutely fantastic! I loved him in all his roles, but my absolute fave has got to be the androgynous role that he took on in The Rose. Now who can hate Kui, who was so confused yet so determined to love, and be loved in return?

Plus he was just so super adorable when he was bratty with his siblings, and so full of himself!!

I heart Kui.

But I digress. Back to 장난!!

The drama looks so cute! I can't wait to watch it already!

장난 Fighting!!

P/S: Trailers are up on YouTube, just type it in and uber cuteness will fill your screen!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hyun Joong's latest stills

Another still has been released for Hyun Joong's upcoming drama 'Teasing Kiss' which is set to air on the 1st of September.

I'm kinda looking forward to this drama, as I have loved the previous installments and I'm really anticipating him shining in this drama!
'Teasing Kiss' DAEBAK!