Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JoongBo Kiss- Slow Motion

Heyya guys, I'm gonna be a little occupied in the next couple of days, so probably won't be able to update much the next few days. Anyways, this update is for Muize's benefit, plus I read that someone wanted to see the slow motion kiss of JoongBo in their previews, so I decided to upload the video that I got of it from DC. Enjoy!

*Credits: DC Gallery*


Sunday Line up ratings:

Credit to: TNSMedia

3. 일요일이좋다1부 (Good Sunday Part 1) - FO - SBS 20.3%
5. 일요일일요일밤에2부 (Sunday Sunday Night Part 2) - WGM - MBC 17.3%
8. 해피선데이 (Happy Sunday) - Schoolympic, Kko Kko Tour, 1N2D, KBS2 - 13.4%

3. 일요일이좋다1부 (Good Sunday Part 1) - FO - SBS 20.3%
5. 일요일일요일밤에2부 (Sunday Sunday Night Part 2) - WGM - MBC 18.4%
9. 해피선데이 (Happy Sunday) - Schoolympic, Kko Kko Tour, 1N2D, KBS2 - 13.1%
16. 일요일일요일밤에1부 (Sunday Sunday Night part 1) - Changes the world Quiz - MBC 9.7%

*Credits: TNS Media, Soompi*

Monday, September 29, 2008

JoongBo: 18

The both of them are at home, Hyun Joong sitting on the couch watching Hwang Bo coming out of the room carrying something.

HB: Finally, us too.

HJ: What’s this?

HB: What else can it be? It’s our wedding photos from our 100th day photoshoot.

HJ: Oh, they are being revealed for the first time?

HB: Yea.

HJ: They came out quite well.

They look at the photos, commenting on them together.

HB: You jump really well.

HJ: This is still rather revealing isn’t it? *points to picture of them on the bus*

HB: How is it revealing? *laughs*

HJ: Your thighs are rather exposed. Somewhat like what you would see in a pool place.

HB: *laughs* Who do you go with to the pool place?

HJ: No..

HB: It sounds like you're always going to pool places.

HJ: No, I don’t go to pool places…

HJ: What is the meaning behind this photo? *merry-go-round photo*

HJ: Chaos?

HB: When I hear you say chaos, I think of Hyung Don. (similar sounding words)

HJ: It feels like he’ll come, so let’s not talk about him.

HB: *laughs* You like him, don’t you?

HJ: Oh, I really love him!

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Really, I think that among all the other gagmen, he’s the funniest!

Private interview:

HJ: He can really make people laugh. He looks funny too.

DonDon in studio: This is their farewell vacation, why am I being brought up?

PD: But you don’t talk to him much in the studio.

HJ: Even just by looking at him, I feel happy. I may even be in love with him.

They continue looking at their album when he notices that the picture of them kissing is not inside.

HJ: They made us kiss and all but the pictures aren’t included.

HB: *laugh*

HJ: Are those pictures for their own personal collection or something?

HB: *laughs*

Scenes of them during their wedding photoshoot where he’s trying to kiss her plays back as they flip through the album together.

HJ: Ah, really! There isn’t the kissing picture at all!

HB: *laughs* Ah, so there really isn’t one at all. Let’s just capture it from the program to keep. So you really want to keep it huh?

HJ: *drinks* That’s not it, it’s just that it’s too much isn’t it?

HB: Shall we call them and ask for the photo?

HJ: Ah, it’s here! *reads out number* We have to call them!

He takes the mission envelope, struggles with taking it out for a while before slapping it face down on the table. On the count of three, Hwang Bo flips it up and they both read it together. And the both of them are shocked…


HJ: The farewell vacation between us?

HB+HJ: *silence*

HJ: *quietly* What is this?

The camera zooms into their wedding photo displayed on the wall, before moving to the mission card, which says that they have to go on a farewell vacation. The mood: somber.

Private interview:

HJ: I was rather surprised. It’s not that I thought that we could carry on forever, but it came too surprisingly. I felt like there were more things that had to be done, so I felt like this was a pity.

The both of them sit seriously and discuss the mission.

HB: Instead of this…

HJ: Yea, instead of this, let’s do it as ‘What we want to do together’ mission.

HB: Mmm.

HJ: Let’s do it along those lines, that meaning.

HB: Yea, so this *picks it up* *rips it in half* Let’s just ignore this. *throws away half the card to the side*

HJ: I mean, it’s not like we agreed to divorce, why are they making us marry and divorce as they please?

They open the mission envelope again, this time with their ripped up mission card and their own mission and read it out loud as though they are opening it for the first time!

HJ: Tadaa!! Together…

HB: What shall we do? *chirpy*

HJ: But why does it feel like it’s the last anyways?? *laughs*

HB: *laughs* It does feel weird right?

The both of them sit down together, writing the things that they personally really want to do together. Hyun Joong finishes his list first as Hwang Bo still writes on the coffee table.

HJ: I’m all done.

HB: You’re done?

HJ: I wrote five things. I’ll tell you the first one.

HB: Why? Let’s do it together.

HJ: I’m curious. Marathon. Is it mar-a-thon or is it ma-ra-thon?

HB: *laughs*

HJ: *serious* mar-a-thon, ma-ra-thon. If you run in the field, it’s mal dari, so…

HB: *laughs* I don’t know! I can’t remember!

The both of them start comparing their lists and she suggests to do one that has a common point in their lists. He wanted a marathon, whereas she wanted to continuously walk, holding hands.

HJ: If that’s the case, then let’s have a Lettuce couple marathon!

HB: We’re rivals again?

HJ: Yea. And you make the vest that we wear outside.

HB: This is the last that I can do for you…

HJ: *silent*

They prepare the materials for making the vest together, Hyun Joong extremely helpful, which makes Hwang Bo uneasy.

HB: Shillang, don’t be so good, it makes it feel like it’s the last time!

HJ: I’m rather taken aback at the moment.

HB: Really?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: Isn’t everything just flashing back in your memory right now?

HJ: Mmm.

Past scenes come back on again, as they reminisce their times together and work on the vests. Hyun Joong starts helping her out again whenever she needs something, saying that since it’s the last time he feels like he needs to do this for her.

HB: That’s why… *starts singing* You should be good to her when you have her…

HJ: Yea.

HB: Shall we make a round neck or a V neck?

HJ: Let’s… wear the same one today. The same look.

HB: Really?

HJ: Mmm. Like a couple tee.

HB: *looks away* People are always… the nicest when it’s the last.

HJ: *silent*

Private interview:

HJ: I think I became random when approaching her. It’s something difficult for me, but considering that it’s out last time together, I wanted to do everything for her. I had that in mind, and I became rather impatient in wanting to do everything for her.

The both of them finish the vests together, drawing on each other’s vests as they talk about them.

HB: I initially thought that you were just saying it but you took care of me more than what I expected.

HJ: Me?

HB: Yea. You said that you’d buy me medicine if I got sick right?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: And you did get me medicine when I had the cold.

HJ: Mmm.

HB: You said that you’d be an oxygen like husband right?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: And that you’d always be around me.

HJ: Mmm.

HB: It feels like you’re always around me.

HJ: Really? *smiles*

They continue drawing on each other’s vests and Hwang Bo starts laughing at the supposed lettuce leaf that Hyun Joong was supposed to draw. She then asks him if there was anything that he was upset about with her.

HJ: There’s this one thing that made me really upset.

HB: What is it?

HJ: When we were at the farm… “If I do get married”…

HB: *laughs*

HJ: I think I was upset then. Even though I was smiling, I thought ‘What kind of person would he be?’.

HB: *laughs* (Captions: Shillang, I’m sorry)

HJ: *silent* (Captions: That’s why… don’t say things like that…)

He then shows her the remedied lettuce leaf as she puts the finishing touch on hers. Hers says ‘Thank you my shillang’ and a big number 1, whereas his is a number 11 with a lettuce leaf in the background.

She then goes in and comes out bearing couple hoodies, and shows it to him. He asks if she wants to wear it to their destination and she nods, saying yes.

HJ: This is the first time we’re officially wearing couple tees.

HB: Let’s not reform it!

HJ: No, no. I don’t want to today.

HB: *smiles*

They get changed into their outfits and sit on the couch, posing to take a photo together, in their home wearing their couple hoodies.

He looks at the photo before turning back and looks at their wedding photo together. Hwang Bo picks up her phone and says, ‘Let’s call them!’. She rings them up and the both of them listen to the lady before he takes the phone away.

HJ: Hello?

Lady: Yes?

HJ: Some photos were taken out. The one that we wanted did not come out.

HB: *laughs*

Lady: Is it in the album? Or the framed one?

HJ: Both in the album and in the framed one.

HB: *takes phone back*

HB: Hello.

HJ: Ah, we’re supposed to introduce ourselves first.

HB: *hits him* We’re the Lettuce couple.

Lady: Ahh, Hello!!

HB: Hello. We got our album today.

Lady: Yes.

HB: But…

HJ: *grabs phone back*

HJ: But then.. I’m sorry… You asked us to kiss…

HB: *laughs*

Lady: Excuse me?

HJ: Kiss, kiss. You made us do it…

Lady: Ah, the kissing photos weren’t included?

HJ: Yes.

Lady: Were they chosen during the selection?

HJ: *to Hwang Bo* What’s selection?

HB: *explains*

HJ: Ah, ah, ah, yes. It didn’t come out.

HB: We like all the photos, but the ones that was the most difficult for us to do didn’t come out.

Lady: Ah, then, bride..

HB: *laughs* Bride!

Lady: The kissing photos… what do you think about having them in small frames that you can put by your bedside?

HJ: *immediately* Yes, okay!

HB: *falls over laughing*

HJ: Then please give us two. As service. (for free)

HJ+HB: Thank you!

HJ: Please have a prosperous business.

HB: *laughs*

They begin preparing to go out when he starts saying that there’s a pose from her that he wants to see when they finish the marathon.

HJ: You know what girls do? Jumping up and down brightly. *imitates*

HJ: It’d be great if you did that!!

HB: I did that before! You just didn’t see!

HJ: …….

HB: When you won the wrestling, I did that so many times!!

HJ: Ahh………

HB: But really, I thought that you were the most handsome when you won the wrestling matches.

HJ: Really?

HB: Mmm. When you won the wrestling.

HJ: When I won wrestling? Then shall we wrestle?

HB: *laughs*

Private interview:

HJ: This is the first time that she’s said that I look handsome/cool. And I thought, ‘Ahh, so she likes it like this’. I wanted to show her the best side in whatever we do.

The both of them walk towards their destination, a track field. As they walk down the steps, Hyun Joong asks her if she wants to hold hands and walk down the stairs together, as that was what she wrote in her wish list. She shyly agrees and they hold hands till they reach the bottom of the steps when she pulls away, smiling happily as she does.

They reach the grounds when she takes out a measuring tape to measure 100 meters, reminding him that she’s the walking tool. Again, past scenes of her as the walking tool are shown. They find markers for the 100 meters and prepare their competition. She starts to recite oaths but forgets it and he starts doing the same, only he begins to read the oaths that building developers use, making her laugh. They finally get it together and prepare to start when he starts getting random again.

HJ: Nationality.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Vietnam and Thailand.

HJ: *to Hwang Bo* Yallappongttai.

HB: *hits him*

HJ: I’ll give you a handicap. Let’s make a bet out of the competition. The loser has to 1) kiss the winner on the cheek, then..

HB: You’re ordering that now that nobody else is?

HJ: I guess I’m going to have to do it

Private interview:

HJ: Today is the last day, it’s also the last time for skinship, so I thought that it would be okay to do it. I felt that if I didn’t do it now, I’d regret it later. And I wanted to do these.

HJ: 2) piggyback the winner home

HB: You’re not feeling well, can you do that?

HJ: I’m going to win.

HB: Ah, so you’re thinking that you have to win over me.

HJ: Yea.

HB: So, piggyback, that and?

HJ: 3) cook dinner for the winner.

The both of them stand at the starting line when she starts arranging her hair so it won’t get messy. He tests the direction the wind is blowing by letting the grass fall before sayint that the wind is blowing in their direction.

Private interview:

PD: Do you think you can win?

HJ: Of course, I’m a man. I can’t lose. Even though I give in a little, the end result will be my victory.

He then asks her why she isn’t going forward for her handicap when she starts bounding forward.

HB: 30 paces.

HJ: 26 paces!

HB: 30 paces.

HJ: 26 paces.

HB: Rock paper scissors!

HB+HJ: *plays* *HJ wins*

HJ: There, go, 26 paces.

She takes her 26 paces and they both prepare to run. The moment the PD shouts start, they both start running as fast as they can, tying to win each other. Hyun Joong speeds as fast as he can but Hwang Bo is in the lead thanks to her handicap. They keep running, Hwang Bo screaming that she has to win whereas Hyun Joong yells that she can’t, trying to run even faster. However, Hwang Bo wins the 100 meter run!!

HB: *ecstatic* You’re the loser!!

HJ: *on the ground* *breathless*

HB: Isn’t this too easy?

HJ: *speechless*

HB: You’re not feeling good because you lost to a girl right?

HJ: *immediately* No! Of course I’d lose when you had a headstart.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Let’s do the high jump.

HB: Fine, let’s do it! I’ll definitely cross over it.

HJ: Even if I have to do it backwards, I’ll cross over it!

HB: What? What’s that? Ahh!!

HJ: This. *imitates*

They stand in front of the high jump place and he starts saying that the representative from Vietnam, Yallappongttai, is about to have her turn. She starts running and just as she is about to jump he makes her laugh with his Yallappongtai.

HB: *throws tantrum* I can’t jump if you make me laugh!!!

She tries again, and he begins teasing her again, this time saying that her daily food was rice noodles. She runs and jumps but hits the pole instead, making him laugh at her. She tries again, and falls over again making him laugh at her again.

HB: Can’t I do it again?

HJ: Do it till you can go over it. I think I need to place an order for jajangmyun.

HB: *hits him* *laughs*

It’s his turn and he starts running before successfully jumping over the pole with ease. He jumps around in celebration as she watches him flabbergasted.

HB: Are you that happy that you won over your wife?

HJ: I am blissfully happy!

She tries again, this time at 95cm, 10cm less than him and she succeeds! He looks at her amazed as she says that she knows how to do it now. They rearrange the height to 110cm as it’s his turn to jump again.

HJ: This is pretty high.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: *runs* Let’s win this!!

He jumps over it with ease again and starts running around wildly, celebrating his jump as she watches him amused.

HB: Are you that happy?

HJ: Yea.

HB: Really happy? You seem really happy.

HJ: I’m blissfully happy.

HB: All the while when you were living with me, you never said that you were blissfully happy. But you say it so easily when you’re playing games with me.

It’s her turn again and he starts his teasing all over again.

HJ: Yallappongttai. Ssalguksu (rice noodles), tomyam goong? *fake accent, fake Vietnamese*

HB: *hits him* *laughs* *runs*

HJ: Fail, fail. Wooo..

HB: *falls over the pole*

HJ: *laughs* Are you okay? *heads towards her*

HB: *yells* Ahh! This is annoying!!!

HB: What’s my problem?

HJ: Thinking that you can win over your husband is your problem.

HB: *laughs* *falls on mattresses*

HB: I really don’t have anything to say!

They raise the pole to 120cm as it’s his turn again and he goes to prepare for the jump.

HJ: From now on, my nemesis is Chakra!

HB: We’ve broken up!!

They walk together when he suddenly breaks up in a run, surprising her. He manages the jump again and she starts throwing a tantrum as she loses.

HB: *serious* Congratulations. *walks off*

HJ: I won right? I have to shake hands with the loser.

HB: *shakes hand* *throws his hand off*

He then decides that he wants to try jumping 140cm.

HB: If you can jump over that, I’ll think that you are a little bit more handsome then during the time you were wrestling.

HJ: Ah, I’m scared.

He starts running, but is unfortunately unable to jump over it. He yells in frustration before putting it back again.

HB: Even if you can’t do this, I still think that you’re handsome!

HJ: No, I’m going to do this till I can jump over it.

HB: If you can jump over that, you can live with me.

HJ: What?

HB: If you can jump over that, you can live with me.

HJ: *yells* Aahh!! *starts running*

HB: He’s not going to intentionally not jump over it is he?

He starts running before jumping… jumps… his bum touches the pole… but he still succeeds the 140cm jump!! He jumps up ecstatic before running and pointing at her.

HB: So we can just stay together?

HB: *goes down on knees* Please just let us stay together!!

Private interview:

HJ: When it was the end of it, and I heard that she said that if I did it well, I’d seem handsome and like a man, even though I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it, I felt that I should at least try it once. The first time I did it, I failed but the second time round, it was a life or death situation for me, so when I managed to do it, I was really happy.

HJ: I think I should join Taerung (National Sports Village).

HB: *laughs*

HJ: I’ll see you in London in four years time!

HB: *laughs* Okay. Let’s meet in London.

They walk past a badminton court when she says that it would be fun to play badminton as well when he asks if she wants to play. They approach a couple of kids who are playing and they give them their badminton rackets, before Hyun Joong asks if they want to pair up and play doubles. The children agree and they use scissors paper stone to decide who goes with whom. Hwang Bo wins and says that the winner should pair up with her, but the kid chooses Hyun Joong instead, to her disappointment!

HJ: *to kid* You like me right?

They start playing when Hyun Joong tells his partner that his name is similar to his. (Kid’s name is Hyun Joon) when the kid asks him how he knew and he says that it’s written on the back of his shirt. His team starts gaining points before hers.

HJ: Hyun Joon ah, I’m not going to do anything.

HB: Go to the side *to her partner*

HB’s partner: *hits the same time as her*

HB: I told you that I’d do it so you should go to the side!!!

HB’s partner: …

HB: If I lose this, I’m done for!

HJ: She has to kiss.

HB’s partner: Ah..

HB: Not with you! Not with you! It looks like you’ve misunderstood!

They play again and Hyun Joong’s team wins the match.

HJ: We’ve won!!

HB: *to partner* What’s wrong with us?

They sit with the kids and sign their baseball bats as promised, and the screen shows the results so far. Hyun Joong’s won two games whereas Hwang Bo’s won one. They both get up to leave as she tells the kids that when they get married next time, they have to live like them.

Their final event for their Olympics is the marathon, and they prepare to run when hyun Joong points out that it looks like rain.

HJ: It looks like rain.

HB: So should we go home?

HJ: Mmm. Mom’ll start looking.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Let’s run till the rain comes.

HB: Run till the rain comes?

They both get ready and she says that she wants to do ten rounds (equivalent to 4KM). He agrees and they start to run slowly as she holds out her hand to him. He looks at it for a while before holding her hand and they run hand in hand for a while, as they try to outrun each other. Before long, the competitive spirit kicks in and he starts running as fast as he can, leaving her behind!

The rain comes and the both of them are still running together in the rain when the both of them try to hold each other back in their efforts to outrun each other.

Private interview:

HB: I think this is the first time that we were in the rain together. Which is why I think it was even more nice. Since we were running together.

HJ: If this wasn’t the last time, I would have forfeited the moment the rain came. Honestly, who likes running in the rain? But since it was the last time, I thought that we should just run anyways. To make memories of us in the rain, seeing that this was the first time we were in the rain together. Bearing that in mind, I just ran. Happily.

The both of them continue running slowly in the rain before he starts to speed up as they are about to finish and she chases after him. They start running together again when they start playing dirty tricks in order to hold the other person back. They continue running again when he says that there’s no meaning in running in the rain, so they should just run till there when she starts running faster and he holds on to her hoodie, holding her back. The both of them pull and tug at each other and she ends up being pulled by him as he struggles to reach the ending line.

HB: Hang on, hang on! My leg hurts, it really hurts.

HJ: *concerned* Why? Why?

HB: *sneakily tries to run to the end*

HJ: *grabs on to her, and turns her around before reaching the end himself*

HJ: YEA!! Muahahaha!

HB: *slips and falls* *gets up before he notices*

HJ: I won! I won!

HJ: *holds hand out to her* We’re all winners!

They begin bowing to the audience as they start singing ‘We are the Champions’, to which the MCs start saying that they’ve gone crazy. They head to the benches when she shows him her knee.

HB: Look at this. *scraped knee*

HJ: *concerned* OH! What happened??

HB: What happened? Go back home and watch the program.

HJ: Why?

HB: Who caused this?

HJ: Really?

HB: Really.

HB: The rain has come. I really like rainy days. I really like the rain. The sound of the raindrops falling.

HJ: When the rain started falling, I wanted to just leave you to do it. But I didn’t want to lose…

HB: *laughs*

HJ: But we’re all winners. There aren’t any winners or losers in the Olympics. Since it’s a worldwide meet.

HB: Okay. Let’s not differentiate winners and losers then.

HJ: Yea, but we still have to do our missions. Kiss the cheek, piggyback home and cook dinner.

HB: Dinner.

HJ: About the piggybacking till we get home, since you have to cook dinner as well, I’ll carry you up the stairs. Just till there.

HB: Really? So you have some manners after all.

HJ: Yea. Since it’s an international meet after all. The ending has to be beautiful.

HB: *laughs* Okay! Thanks!

He gets up and stands in front of her as he reaches behind him to lift her up. He carries her on the count of three and walks to the stairs as she carries an umbrella to shade them from the rain, the both of them all smiles. The moment he reaches the top, he lets her go and she hits him playfully as they both begin their walk home together.