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HwanYobi: 1

(Especially for our dear WitchTwitch! Enjoy!)

The scene starts off with Hwan Hee waiting for his bride’s arrival. He flips channels on the T.V and seems a little impatient as he starts walking around the living room.

HH: I knew she would be late. *disgruntled*

MCs in the studio: Who’s his bride? Is it Brian??

His bride is seen carrying a large teddy bear on her back. It’s non other than Hwayobi!

Private interview:

HH: One of her dancers is a friend of mine who also works with me. I found out that it was Hwayobi through him.

He starts peering through the peephole to see if she’s arrived but she’s still lost on the street, trying to find her way to his house. He, on the other hand, locks his door in retaliation to her being late! She finally finds her way to his place and rings the doorbell. He hears it, and has this mischievous look on his face as he goes to the door and peers from the peephole again.

HYB: Please open the door.
HH: Hello. Do you perhaps know who I am?
HYB: I don’t know.. aren’t you my husband?

She tries to open the door but realizes that it’s latched from inside.

HYB: Please open the door. I’m not a peddler. Please open the door.

Private interview:

HYB: His voice was really familiar

He finally opens the door and starts laughing when he sees her surprised that it’s him. He asks her what’s that on her back and she tells him that it’s a present for him. She enters the house and falls on the floor.

HH: This your house stuff?
HYB: Yes.
HH: *carries the bag in and throws it on the floor before kicking it to the side*
HYB: How can you do that??

The both of them look at each other and Hwayobi greets him, bowing and he greets her back and asks her to come in formally. She takes her shoes off and walks in, saying that his place is nice before she sits on the sofa. She then starts walking around his house and he just looks at her, a look of disbelief on his face..

Private interview:

HH: I just wanted to make things fun and prank her a little bit. It’s not that I don’t like her, that’s not it. Please don’t misunderstand.

HYB: He seems like a mean man. Strangely though, I am attracted to him. Living with a kind man, I thought that it’d be like eating kimchi and rice. But with a mean man..

PD: What else would there be aside from rice and kimchi with a mean man?

HYB: Meat side dishes?

Studio introductions:

MC Lee Hyuk Jae: It’s the last couple. The couple that makes people worry. Hwan Hee, do you love your wife Hwayobi?

HH+HYB: *look at each other*
HYB: *frowns and nudges Hwan Hee*
HH: Huh?
HH: *looks front* Yes! It is like that!
HYB: *laughs* *shy*

MC Lee Hyuk Jae: Hwayobi! Do you love your groom?
HYB: Definitely.
HH: *laughs*
MC: Till death?
HYB: Yes?
MC: Would you marry him for real?
HYB: We’re already married, do we have to again?

She continues exploring his house, exclaiming at almost everything much to his amusement.

HH: Is this the first time you’re going to a man’s house?
HYB: Yes. You’re my first man, husband.
HH: *disbelief* What is this…

HH: Did you know or didn’t you know? (that Hwan Hee was her partner)
HYB: No, I didn’t know. Really.
HH: You really didn’t know?
HYB: Yes. Did you know that I would come?
HH: I knew.
HYB: Is that why you didn’t open the door??
HH: No!
HH: We know each other right? Shouldn’t we be able to speak more comfortably?
HYB: Okay!

She goes to her bag, seemingly a little wary still when he comes up to her and takes her bag. He comments that her bag is really nice, and she starts warming up to him, talking to him more comfortably.

HYB: I even have my name there.
HH: Where?
HYB: Here.
HH: Ahh.. this..
HYB: Ashley. My English name.
HH: Ahh! It should be suitable. *mean*

He takes her bag and turns it over, emptying all her things on the floor and she reaches out catch hold of them as they roll on the floor. He looks through her things, and gets really excited when he spots a pair of giant sized plastic frames. They both try them on and laugh.

HYB: And why are you like that to my present?
HH: What’s with your present?
HYB: I brought you that present, going through so much trouble, and you don’t even say thank you..
HH: Thanks a lot, really!
HYB: Do you want to see its feet?

She gets up and runs to the giant teddy bear and shows him the bear’s feet. The words ‘I Love You’ are printed on them! He looks at them for a while before going back to looking through her stuff.

HYB: But why are you dressed so well at home? Did you come back from somewhere?

HH: *speechless* That’s not it. It’s just that, well, it’s the first meeting between us. So it’s important to leave a good first impression. What’s your first impression on me?

HYB: Me? That it wouldn’t be just a marriage life.
HH: It’s not that. I mean, I can’t just open the door for any woman, right?
HYB: Oh, that’s true. So my husband is a pretty good person after all!
HH: Yes, I am a pretty good person.

Private interview:

HH: I think it’s the impression that I leave on people, that I’m cold natured.

HYB: His clothes were rather loud, and because he was harsh with me it seemed like he was even more stern. It was kind of like a student that gets called into the school office. I had thoughts thinking ‘what is this?’. He was cool.

He looks at her tub of body lotion and tries it on himself and Hwayobi comments that he left a mark in the lotion. He tells her that he’ll flatten it out, but she does it herself and puts in on the sofa. He picks it back up and leaves more marks, annoying her as he laughs at his prank. He then spreads it on her arms and she starts protesting, annoyed with him.

She finds his wine refrigerator and tells him that she doesn’t like wine, she’s a soju kind of girl and that she drinks bomb shots (mixtures of alcohol and beer). The doorbell rings and they both peer out of the peephole, wondering who it is when she realizes that it’s the movers bringing her things over. They open the door and Hwan Hee is shocked at the amount of boxes that she brought over!

HH: Did you draw this?
HYB: Mmm.
HH: Really? Don’t lie, really? Hang on. Really?
HYB: What? *aegyo* It’s got me all over it.
HH: Really? You did this? *amazed*
HYB: *happy*
HH: It’s a good thing that you can sing!
HYB: *faints*

Private interview:

HH: I thought that all she knew was music, but she can draw too. She gave me a painting as a present, and I was rather pleased. I thought to myself, Ahh, so she draws too.

He starts bringing in her boxes, complaining that they are really heavy when he sees one box filled with her pots and pans. He closes the cover going “Ugh, the smell’ before he starts moving more boxes for her. She then starts nagging about him walking out into the hallway and coming back into the house in his socks.

HH: I’ve always just worn my shoes and walked all over the house in them.
HYB: Really?
HH: Yea.
HYB: You have a burglar mentality…
HH: Just wipe the floor then.
HYB: Who’s going to wipe it?
HYB: *disbelief* Wait a minute! I hate doing housework!
HH: Really?
HYB: Yes.
HH: ………
HYB: *glare* What are we going to do about it? Let’s spilt costs and hire a maid.
HH: If that’s the case…
HYB: Yea.
HH: I’ll talk to you about this when I come back from the toilet.
HYB: *glare*

Private interview:

HYB: Even though I said that he was a mean man, he really isn’t mean at all, I mean I can’t do anything about the fact that I married a burglar like person. I think that he’s the kind of person that may seem mean, but he’s not.

They sit in the living room and talk when she comments that the photo of him on the wall is rather scary. She says that if she was ever talking to another man on the phone when he wasn’t around, all she’d have to do is look up at the photo and she’d feel like he was watching her and she’d just hang up. He laughs and says that that’s the reason why the photo is up there! She then walks up to another photo of him and comments on it.

HYB: Do you know what this is like? Like a magician who’s just performed his last performance.
HH: That’s the concept, a magician.
HYB: What were you thinking when you posed for that photo?
HH: Do you really want to know?
HYB: Yes.
HH+ HYB: *laughs*

They continue unpacking her things and he finds her collection of cameras, only he calls them ‘sajinki’ (Korean for camera.)

HYB: Oh, husband! I realized that we have something in common!
HH: What?
HYB: We both don’t refer to it as cameras, but sajinki instead! Won’t others find it really funny that we call it that?
HH: Not really.
HYB: I got it…

HH: You have a lot of hobbies.
HYB: Yea. I don’t really have many friends..
HH: Really?
HYB: Mmm. Now you’ll play with me right?
HH: If that’s the case then I’ll play with you.

He looks through her photos and is amazed to find out that she plays golf as well, and says that he should learn how to play golf too. She also shows him her Sudoku books, and tells him that she plays it to prevent dementia. He then tells her that there’s another game good for that purpose.

HYB: Do you play it well?
HH: No, I play cards.
HYB: Poker?
HH: No, another game. (Not sure what game it is)
HYB: I’m really good at that! Shall we play once?
HH: Okay.

They take out a measuring tape and he starts pulling it till the end as she watches him. She takes it up and goes to one side, asking him why he’s doing that and he tells her to let it go and he throws it to the ground as they watch it winding back by itself.

HH: Isn’t that fun??
HYB: *faint*

He then takes out her tongs and she explains that she uses them for cleaning the house as she hates cleaning.

HH: This has can be used for many purposes. I can use this to hold your lips together when you start nagging!
HYB: *disbelief*
HH: I’m just joking.

She looks at him and asks if he’s opened this one box yet as there’s something she’s proud of inside it and he looks at her, asking what’s inside it. She tells him to open it himself as this was something that the husband should see for himself and go, “Ah, so you can do this too”. He listens to her and opens the box, finding music scores.

HH: Wow… *amazed*
HYB: *smile*
HH: But why is it that you’ve never invited me to your concerts once?
HYB: …………

They enter his music studio and he asks her to play the piano. She starts playing and he just watches on astounded as her fingers fly across the keyboard.

HH: You’re really fast!
HYB: You want me to show you an even faster one?
HH: Even faster?

She starts playing another piece, and he watches her hands, dumbfounded when he suddenly stops her.

HH: Wow…
HYB: *cheers happily*
HH: *shocked* You scared me.

HH: *to piano* Piano, are you okay?
HYB: *annoyed* I can just buy you a new one if I spoil yours right?

He starts playing the drums and she cheers him on, and he tells her to dance while he plays which she does, the both of them happily playing together.

They are now at the supermarket shopping for groceries, Hwayobi wearing a very old, grandmotherly dress. She tries to push the cart together with him, and he stops her.

HH: I’ll push it. Walk.
HYB: But it looks more sweet if we push it together!
HH: Ok, fine, push it then. *lets go*
HYB: Okay, okay! *pulls his back*
HH: *laughs*

She goes off to the side and reaches for her camera, and starts asking him to pose for her. He starts avoiding her only to stop when she starts calling him “HUSBAND, just once!!” in the middle of the supermarket! He looks really embarrassed as he’s forced into posing for a photo for her! She goes towards him and takes another shot of the both of them, and he looks at her as she takes the photo, his expression as though he wanted to knock her head.

HYB: *sulks* *drags feet behind him*
HH: *laughs* *reaches for her* Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Private interview:

HH: It was REALLY embarrassing at that time. There were so many people!
PD: But what’s so embarrassing about a wife calling her husband, husband?
HH: Even so it’s still awkward now, it’s our first meeting. But she’s been doing well right from the start.

They continue shopping as she picks out the ingredients to make kimchi chigae for dinner.

HYB: I feel happy when I come to the supermarket.
HH: Why? You cook a lot?
HYB: Mmm!
HH: You like eating right?
HYB: Mmm *change in tone, more cautious*
HH: You don’t like working out right?
HYB: Mmm… Even if I put on weight, I can just lose it… WHAT?? *pushes him*
HH: Okay, okay.

They start to head off when she asks the store helper for something and he walks away from her, leaving her standing there oblivious that he’s gone. She turns towards him only to be greeted with nothing and she spots him a distance away.

HYB: Are you embarrassed of me? Are you?
HH: Did I say I was?? Why are you like this when there are so many people around?
HH: *greets the other people*
HH: Quick, go buy whatever it is you want, quick.
HYB: *pout*

They continue shopping when Hwayobi spots one of those little stalls that give out samples. She tries out the food offered as the worker invites her to have her meal there and again, Hwan Hee walks off in the opposite direction.

Worker: Please have you meal here and leave!
HYB: I’m not hungry! I’m not going to eat this!

HYB: That was so embarrassing! You know what he did husband?
HH: What?
HYB: That guy treated me as though I was really hungry!
HH: You’re really hungry?
HYB: When he saw me! (he said that)
HH: But aren’t you really hungry now?
HYB: *pout*
HH: *laughs*

He sends her off looking for ingredients as he walks away by himself again, and she starts looking for him yelling “HUSBAND!!”. He hears her and starts hiding from her. She looks for him and gets distracted by a bread stall, and starts sampling the bread instead.

Worker: Please have some.
HYB: *pops one in mouth*
Worker: It’s nice right?
HYB: Yes. *reaches for more*
Worker: Please have more, you can even finish it all up.
HYB: *looks around* Where’s husband?

She looks around for him again and finally spots him.

HYB: Husband!
HH: Where did you go? I.. *breaks off*
HYB: Bread! *holds it out for him smiling*
HH: Huh?
HYB: Bread!
HH: *takes it and puts into his mouth*

She pulls him to the aisle and tells him to clap her hands and wait for her there so she knows that he’s there. He does what she says before slowly walking to the side as she hunts for the ingredient. He meets her again and tells her that he wants to listen to music with her as they shop.

HYB: You’re doing this so that I’ll keep quiet right?
HH: No, no.
HYB: Really no?
HH: It’s so that we can listen together. Let’s go. *pulls her along*

Private interview:

HH: Ah, I think I need to treat her well. I do what I should do, but… However, I think that her character is the kind that any man would like, as she treats her man well. Even if she gets hurt, she stays with him.
PD: Then why do you keep acting like the mean man?
HH: It’s not like there’s anything else, I just do it automatically. *laughs* It’s just my personality. I think I need to change it a little.

Back at home, they put the things in the kitchen and he tells her to cook while he goes to change, making her look at him in utter disbelief before saying that she’ll do it. She takes her anger out on the vegetables instead. When he comes out, she tells him that she wants to change too, and show him her pretty side as well. He looks at her puzzled as she goes into the room to change.

HH: *picks things out of her boxes* She should just wear this and be comfortable.. *throws it down when he hears her coming out*
HYB: Husband!
HH: Wow.
HYB: How do I look?
HH: Why are you like this in the middle of the night?
HYB: It’s because it’s our first day as newlyweds…
HH: You should have worn this to the mart!
HYB: ….
HH: You should have worn this to the mart and then come back and wore that instead!

She begins to cook dinner, asking him how he likes his rice, just like a newly wed wife. He, on the other hand, plays with the teddy bear, making it stand on its head. She watches him and berates him.

HYB: Why are you making the bear do Pilates?
HH: He needs to be told to do exercise!
HYB: *pouts*

Private interview:

HH: Other people would treat her well and talk to her nicely. Unfortunately for people like me, this is how we act.

She starts cooking and asks him to help her find the seasonings from her boxes. He picks out soy sauce and pepper powder from the box and she tells him that she needs pepper powder. He pretends to throw it at her and she says that she’s good at catch. He throws it lightly at her first and she catches it before throwing it back at him, slightly strongly. He throws it back at her a bit harder this time and she catches it, but hurts her hand at the same time. She starts throwing a small tantrum, complaining that her hand hurts however, he doesn’t respond. He stirs the food a little and she tells him not to, saying that it’s needs to boil.

HYB: It won’t taste nice if you keep stirring it. *loudly*
HH: We’re right next to each other, do you REALLY HAVE TO TALK THAT LOUDLY? HUH? WHEN WE’RE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER?? *laughs*

HYB: *laughs* That was fun! Do it again!
HH: No, you can only do these kinds of things once. If you do it twice it loses its meaning.

She continues preparing dinner and he walks up to her.

HH: Is it done?
HYB: No, it isn’t. Do you think this is a fast food outlet?
*a while later*
HH: Is it done?
HYB: Just wait a while longer! It’s important that it boils!!
*a while later*
HH: Is it done?
HYB: NO!!! Just wait a while longer!
HH: You said that it would be done immediately…

She then tells him that she wants to change into a different outfit again, and he looks at her surprised. She tells him that it’s because of her belt and he teases her saying that the belt will just give way if she eats. She comes out wearing really cute home clothes and he just looks at her as she busies herself in the kitchen. He comes up and opens the pot of rice.

HH: Wow! Isn’t this watery rice??
HYB: No it’s not!!

They set the table and he brings wine glasses to drink their drink from as he doesn’t have shot glasses. She asks if they are doing a one shot, and he says “What?” in an extremely startled tone before saying that they can’t possibly down it all in a one shot. He tries the food as she watches anxiously.

HH: Ah, it’s hot!!
HYB: *laughs* Of course it is! Stupid.
HH: But it’s good.
HYB: It is right? Don’t you get the taste of happiness?
HH: A little.
HYB: Can’t you just say that it’s nice if it is?
HYB: They say that you shouldn’t even disturb dogs when they’re eating but you’ve been mean to me.
HH: When was I mean to you?
HYB: What is that then, if it was not being mean?
HH: Showing concern.
HYB: *smiles* #*#%@#
HH: What?
HYB: *covers mouth*
HH: What language is that? *imitates her* How am I supposed to understand that?
HYB: *laughs*

The both of them sit in the living room after dinner, talking when she says that they should have something to commemorate their first day together.

HH: If that’s the case, you gave me this painting right?
HYB: Yea.
HH: This was what you felt before you gave it to me. Draw me another one based on your feelings now.

She agrees and asks him to draw her one too when he tells her to be reasonable saying that he can’t draw. She starts painting as they talk and he lists out the things that she’s good at; painting, piano, singing and drinking. She finishes the drawing and shows it to him, the words “Love is beautifool” written on her painting.

HYB: The reason why it’s spelt this way is because it means that if I love then I’m a fool.
HH: *speechless*
HYB: If you look at the heart, it isn’t just a normal heart. It’s one that’s on fire isn’t it? It’s somewhat similar to what I’m feeling now.
HH: Why don’t you go to the toilet if you’re not feeling well? *teasing*
HYB: *pushes him* That’s not it!

Private interview:

HYB: Regardless of whether it’s marriage or dating, if I fall for a mean man, I’ll just say there’s nothing I can do. I’ll still give my all to him. I’ll work hard and keep marching forward in my love.

They continue talking in the living room and she asks him to sing her a song.

HH: What song?
HYB: A love serenade!
HH: What??
HH: *deep in thought*
HH: I don’t really like playing the piano and singing at the same time.
HYB: Me too. Oh, husband! We have common ground!!
HH: *speechless*

They go into the music room and he starts saying that they’ve never sang together once despite having debuted at around the same time. She agrees and they both decide to do a duet, singing ‘Endless Love’. They both begin singing, their voice blending perfectly together.

Private interview:

HH: Honestly, in the beginning before I did the program, I had a lot of worries. I thought of how I should attempt this, what kind of man will I appear to be on the show. After thinking of all this I just thought that I should do my best. However, I’m not the kind of person who does good things for the other person everyday, if I did that just for the show, then it would be too much of a farce. What I displayed was not because I didn’t like it or that I didn’t want to do it. It’s just my way of getting close to the other person. However, if I keep meeting her, I won’t be like this. I will display love too. I am human after all.

*Credits: Baidu, Sya*


Annie said...

thank you so much for this, but I can't help being worried.Does this mean you going to stop doing the Joongbo Part??


Anonymous said...

JoongBo fans worry like it's an olympic sport. I'm quite sure that this doesn't mean she'll stop summarizing the JoongBo parts.

katty81 said...

thanks chonsa for this coz i watch raw but i dun understand wat thet r saying thanks the 3 new couples i like tis one but my fav one is {HJ&HB}heehee....this new one at first i think the guy is mean just like when DON DON treating sori{i forgot spelling} but in end i think he not like dondon heehee well hope can watch them again but i dun want hj&hb leave the show coz they r showing a bit their love to each other more la....joongbo fighting!!!!

annie said...

To anonymous whatever,

Hell yeah I treat this show better than Olympic.In fact, I'm one of those whatever you want to call" as the person who got upset with Olympic because WGM show got postponed " person. thank you very much.

I too think that HH is almost a copy of dondon but a better looking one. and again thank you for all the detailed. you are the best.!!!!

Anonymous said...

can't really say they are worthy of much admiration ... still loyal to JoongBo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

You know...out of the three new couples, this could have to be my favorite one. Even when I didn't really understand what they were saying together, I thought they were interesting to watch. And their duet was amazing. Their voices blended so well together.

Anonymous said...

this couple is fun but still, my heart goes to shillang and buin (sigh........)
anyways, thanks chonsa, you are the best !!!

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hahha that was awesome! thx a lot!! =]
these two are my 2nd fav couple on the show after joongbo XD

yeli said...

aaww...that was cute ^^

i hope this couple stays if Anbi does leave...they are the only couple i liked out of the three new ones...

I love hwanhee...he's like a little boy teasing the girl he likes lol...and her comments are HILARIOUS..

thanks chonsa :D

dee said...

i was hoping that u'd do this ^^;
thanks a lot!
i really enjoy watching this couple...

Anonymous said...

thanks! this couple seems to b d most entertaining of the 3 new pairs. The other two seem boring so far...

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Thanks Chonsa for the summary...

HYB is really eccentric - cool eccentric!! i remembered here on YSMM talking abt her porn tapes collection (?) and abt her comments on she prefer mean man - she dated PMS for awhile!! hehee i love her. - shasha

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Seriously, she dated PMS??? Wow, I really respect her now :P

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coonsa, u and me have the same taste. i only like this couple among new ones.
however, i sad if u stop joongbo parts.
but thks, anyway.

yokesoe said...

i watched their video,

although i like the mean guy and kind girl situation, i think she tried hard to cute.

the more she tried to cute, the more she lose sincere.
if she 'll be herself,it'be more perfect.

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wow thanks I really enjoyed this couple... Im glag your doing them too.... however Joongbo is always number oneeee!!!! I got a feeling though this couple will become permanent n theyll be my second fave

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Thanks for making the summary of Fany and his 'wife' part! :)

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I think HH and HYB are fun to watch. If Ansol does leave, out of the 3 couples, I'll choose HH and HYB because I liked them even before the show started.

I also like them because the other two couples seemed rather dry... SDB and Marco were too greasy for my taste and they were putting on a show in my opinion...The other couple, I really don't see the chemistry.

Anonymous said...

This couple was really nice. They remind me of every single manga I've ever read where the guy is slightly "cool" and "distant" and the girl is really cheerful lol. And then they fall in love.

It's cute.

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need to see this couple more...arghh..they are so KYOOTT..
thank u for the recap.. i'll keep stalking for more..:)

Anonymous said...

this couple is so cute! he's so mean but you can tell he's just doing it all in fun! looking forward to seeing more of them!

Anonymous said...

hmm interesting..
how come none of the screen shots show her face? XDD
i wanted to see what she looked like..

but the guy is pretty cute :D

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