Monday, September 1, 2008


(As requested by Booyah!)

Sunday Night Lineup Ratings

SBS Good Sunday Part 1 (FO): 19.9% (Nationwide), 20.9% (Seoul)
KBS Happy Sunday (DQ, IMC, 1N2D): 15.8% (Nationwide), 16.1% (Seoul)
MBC Sunday Sunday Night Part 1 (WGM): 11.9% (Nationwide), 12.4% (Seoul)

*Credits: TNS Media, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

is it getting lower? can't remember last time rating...why the others shows are doing good? i think i should watch them too to see what good about them!
but.....why bother doing such a thing? B-)

Anonymous said...

awww no! I hope wgm will keep airing :( why cant more people tune in!!! Im mainly curious about next weeks raiting as children are going to be involved , so maybe higher ratings? Lets pray! Thanks for the info chonsa, I hope you could put up next weeks too :D Love u<3

Anonymous said...

wow.. thats really low if that keeps happening there will be no more .....joongbo love.... omg that cant be,,,,

but i read somewhere that there are actually a lot of people from over seas watching the show..

or is it that the rating also counts those that watches over seas

annie said...

Sad.. I guess watching via internet doesn't rise the rating for them. Why don't they do something with the internet broadcasting? anyway people used their pc,notebook,hand thingy more than tv.

Anonymous said...

hmmm like ive mentioned before, i'm not really a fan of ratings, coz it can be easily manipulated...

Anonymous said...

I guess the JoongBo couple is not as popular in Korea as the PDs thought they would be.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...if they can track the online sure the ratings for WGM will sky-rocket!

Anonymous said...

aww :(
that's sad that stupid "fans" would do this...

YES they should track online fans!
then the ratings would be bursting.. haha <3

i also see MANY JoongBo supporters online!