Friday, February 26, 2010

Hwang Bo attends fashion launch party

Hwang Bo attended the launching party of the Louis Quartoze Fall Collection on the 25th at Cheongdam.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hyun Joong's love for his fans

Hyun Joong once again proved his love for his fans when news about him sending a letter and a present to a sick fan in Thailand was made public.

Friend of Thai fan, Nan, who had undergone kidney surgery in January but her health condition was still worrisome, managed to pass a letter to Hyun Joong via a letter telling him about her situation as well as informing him that Nan had been looking forward to attending their concert but was unable to due to her sickly state.

Hyun Joong then proceeded to send her a present and a letter to cheer her on, and even went to the extent of speaking to her on the phone with the assistance of an interpreter. He told her that he was sorry that he couldn't go to see her as they were busy with the concert, but promised to send her a video of the concert.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

MBLAQ's Seung Ho's ideal woman was once Hwang Bo... BUT...

*Irrelevant parts omitted*

Seung Ho from MBLAQ revealed that his ideal girl is no longer Hwang Bo.

Seung Ho, who was participating in KBS2's Star Golden Bell on the 6th was asked by the MCs if his ideal girl was Hwang Bo, to which he replied 'Not anymore', making Hwang Bo flustered.

He added that he felt that they would have been well matched as they had similar characteristics, but then he figured that he'd get into big trouble so he restrained himself, bringing about much laughter on the set.


And I'm really wondering why is that???? ^^

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hwang Bo and Jins- Aegyo Pic revealed

Hwang Bo received Jins as a Christmas present a few years back. She says that Jins doesn't take food from anyone other than her owner, and when she returns home to an enthusiastic Jins after a long day's work, it makes her feel that she is really lucky to have her in her life.


P/S: No wonder she refused to eat from Hyun Joong initially! But she drank, which means that she was in the accepting stage, no? Haha!