Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hwang Bo and Jins- Aegyo Pic revealed

Hwang Bo received Jins as a Christmas present a few years back. She says that Jins doesn't take food from anyone other than her owner, and when she returns home to an enthusiastic Jins after a long day's work, it makes her feel that she is really lucky to have her in her life.

*Credits: Naver.com*

P/S: No wonder she refused to eat from Hyun Joong initially! But she drank, which means that she was in the accepting stage, no? Haha!


iLoVeYaMaPi said...

of course..
Jinsu is daughter of joongbo family... hehehe
Thanks for this info

Anonymous said...

Sandra here, but still couldn't sign in for whatever reason :(

Either way, thanks for the update Chonsa.

Cute picture .. although it doesn't look like HB there, lol.

Still waiting for more & more HB news. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, Jins sorta sense tat HJ will be her dad... tats why she drank... hehe... but i think Jins did munch something when she was with HJ... maybe just a few bites? hehe... anyway, like u said, Jins accepting HJ... kekek...

Lil' Sue said...

Hehehehehe...this is soo cool..Thanks Chonsa for the news!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who gave her as a present? She really completed the family lol. Bet she misses daddy.

Anonymous said...

i heard some says Jun Jin, hence the name Jins? im not sure... sorry if it not the right info

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Katty1981 said...

thanks Chonsa for the update of HB unnie...that pic is so cute...hehehe...fighting!

Anonymous said...

People shouldn't come here to spam instead of leave proper comments. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I miss Jinsu and her daddy ^O^