Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My lovely land of the long white cloud


I never thought I'd miss Wellington this badly, but I do. I remember thinking that Welly was a great place, but just not happening enough. It was a nice place to lead a stoic, but fulfilling life, but just not enough excitement.

Which was what I was craving for the minute I was done with uni.

And so I moved, and tried a series of new things, new experiences. Did a lot of things that I think I shouldn't have, but, hey no regrets!

Until a friend from good old Welly came to visit. It was fantastic meeting him again, discussing our favourite haunts, talking about what has changed. Remarkably, a lot has changed in the years that I have not been back. Not drastic changes of course, but enough to make me feel like I've been away for decades. It's just one of those personal things, that only I'd feel I think.

And he's going back home this weekend.

And it struck me.

How much I longed to be on that flight back as well. I miss my coffees, I miss my library. I miss Hell's pizza and partying down Courteney. I miss the pies from the local delis, and the chips from Mr. Bun. I miss my good old TVB aunty who used to smile at me and ask me 'Sik jor fan mei ah, sai mui?' and would always keep the episodes of the dramas that I wanted on hold for me, despite the fact that others would want the same episodes as well.

I miss the ajumma from the Korean restaurant on Manners who would always cook up a pajeon for me when I go for my jajjangmyun. The ajussi who would always ask me if I wanted a fried egg on top of my jajjangmyun. And his familiar smile and wave goodbye as he says 'Kungbu chalhaeyaji. Nei il do ua!'

I miss the regular buses, I miss the train station. I miss the bookstores, the countless cafes dotted all over darling Welly. I miss going to Mt. Victoria at night and seeing the lights all over the city. The firework displays on Guy Fawkes. The cable car rides to botanical gardens, the familiar walk up Kelburn to reach my classes at Murphy, shopping at Glassons and Shanton and all around Lambton. Taking the bus to Karori to meet my friends. Going all the way to Newlands just to have dinner.

I miss Te Papa, I miss the harbour, heck I even miss New World and their daily specials.

But most of all I miss my friends and family. I miss everyone whom I used to see everyday, at any time.

Gosh, Welly... I just miss you.

I want to go back too...



Anonymous said...

What a serenely beautiful place along the shore, so breathtaking. why don't I come from a place like that...hmmm?
Ok, I didn't know of the place you were writing about, so I googled Wellington, Mt Victoria, just because my curiosity got the better of me, they say "curiosity can kill a cat" lol.
So, I remembered in my younger days watching a movie called "Whale Rider" that acquainted me with New Zealand.
BTW...sometimes....just packing your traveling jeans at the spur of the moment can be fun.
Best wishes.......

Anonymous said...

hey chonsa!

this is violet

i stumbled upon ur blog early last month, i think, and have been reading every single entry with the comments since u first started until today (finally, i finished reading up till ur current entry)
u have made me giddy with joongbo entries, info about hyunjoong, hwangbo and the rest of ss501 boys, heheh
thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us, ur readers

i first discovered hyunjoong back in 2005 when i just started uni in a foreign coutry and living in a student hall, with no tv
i only had the internet for my source of entertainment
that time, youtube was still new and the only entertaining thing to watch was variety shows from korean tv, with english subtitles of coz
i found it funny that the cute 19-year-old guy kept saying "aigoo, aigoo" everytime he messed up in the games
so, i started searching on him on the net but that time ss501 were still new and not many things on them in english
after awhile, i kinda forgot to keep track on what has happen to them as my uni life was getting busier
i came back to my country end of 2008 and watched the boys over flowers series on kbs world early 2009
that time, i knew that one of the ss501 boys was the 'hua zi lei/hanazawa rui' in the korean version of f4
but i thought he was hyungjoon/maknae (i kept getting confused with their names)
becoz in BOF, jihoo had blonde hair was so skinny that i didn't realise that actor was actually hyunjoong/leader
i only remembered him from 2005 when he had black hair and still have baby fat on his face (which i think, he looked the best-but once a guy matured, he will naturally have sharper features i guess)

plus, when BOF was aired on tv i was watching another show on another channel and kept flipping on the channels to watch both shows
but becoz i've watched both meteor garden and hana yori dango, i didn't really pay attention much to BOF
i paid more attention to the other show becoz of a guy who was only 18 that time (and i was already 24 turning 25 last year, huhu)
in meteor garden, i used to like ximen and meizuo (and that has gotten me into these craziness about the taiwanese group f4 and anything to do with them, back then i was only 17 going on 18)
then i watched hana yori dango, but was not really into the japanese version
i only liked hanazawa rui, and the actor shun oguri, of coz
in BOF, i thought goo joonpyo had the best potrayal of the f4 leader
he was the meanest, yet had the most soft side to him
and after watching all the 3 versions of the f4 series, my conclusion was geum jandi was the funniest but makino tsukushi was the prettiest among the 3 girls
shan cai was the original tough girl though, she was cute yet willing to anything to fight for what she think is the right thing to do

(to be continued...)

Anonymous said...

(from the previous post)

then, a year later, early 2010
i discovered, while surfing the net that the guy that played jihoo in BOF was actually the same guy that i had a crush on 5 years back
but it was not my fault that he looked so different that i didn't recognize him, heheh
so, i started searching for him on the net and read something about him saying he used to like a girl he met in a reality show
a lot of comments suggested it was yoon eunhye or hwangbo
so, i checked videos on youtube and realised he was on we got married with hwangbo
i read about the show a few years back and only knew that andy from shinhwa was in it
i thought hwangbo was quite a character from watching her in the variety shows
so,i started watching wgm, only joongbo cuts just to see what these people have been talking about
and i FELL IN LOVE with kim hyunjoong after watching him go through the 'marriage' with hwangbo becoz of his personality
i would want to be married to someone like him, a guy who doesn't like mushy things and do sweet little things instead of saying 'i love you'
"actions speak louder than words"
then, i started looking for more videos on youtube about him
and it went onto getting to know the ss501 boys one-by-one and i am a triple S already by now

back in 2005, i only know their song 'snow prince' and i thought they looked cute in the music video
i've see each one of them appear on variety shows or music video with hyunjoong/leader but i never noticed young saeng
after getting to know more about them,i think youngsaeng is the best singer in ss501 followed by hyungjoon/maknae and jungmin
i find the other 2 don't really have a strong singing voice but they need them to harmonize well when they do accapellas
kyujong is my second favourite after hyunjoong/leader though
i like it that he looks 'plain' compared to hyunjoong/leader that i think has a 'pretty' face for a guy
hyungjoon/maknae for me is the good-looking one amongst the 5 of them but he's a bit too fair for me, heh
jungmin is just too 'girly' sometimes for a guy
and youngsaeng is just too cute(he still has baby fat on his face even after 5 years, heh)
so, if i were to choose my dream guy from ss501 boys, i would say a guy that looks like kyujong with hyunjoong/leader's personality
yeah, in my dreams, i know, heheh

hwangbo in wgm is also the kind of wife that i see myself being like, when i get married
and after reading entries about her on this blog i really admire her as a person
i really hope that she will get married soon, to a guy that would appreciate her
as much as i am a joongboer now and hope that one day, we will hear about the good news that they are actually going to get married
if she does marry someone else, he's the right guy for her, right
lets just be happy for the both of them
and pray that hyunjoong will also get someone as good as his 'buin'
but as long as they are not yet 'married' in real life, lets keep praying for the 'make-believe marriage' becomes a 'real marriage' one day
eventhough i might already be married (pray for me!)by the time we hear the good news, i think i will still go crazy and be giddy like now

i know this post is long but this is my first time writing and i really want to share my point of view with the rest of you guys
i hope i didn't offend anyone with my opinion
and thank you so much chonsa for letting us be part of your spazzing sessions
i really had a great time reading all the entries and comment(though sometimes i just couldn't bear to read more on some of the fights in the comments section, they're just too much,heh)
keep us posted with good entries
and the rest of you guys, have fun reading!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful place, Chonsa~!
Would love to see that place that you miss so badly one day, really.

All the best in all your endeavours anyways~~~!

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