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JoongBo: 14

The episode starts off with the both of them walking on the streets, heading somewhere. Hwang Bo asks him isn’t he isn’t curious as to why they are meeting in the city and he says “Yea”, making her laugh before he explains that he’s tired as he got up early that day. They walk up to a post box and pull out the mission card, which reads that they are to take wedding photos to celebrate their 100th day of marriage.

HJ: Has it already been 100 days?

HB: Yup, it’s already been 100 days.

HB: It’s because we never see each other! *laughs*

HJ: Is that the reason?

HB: *laughing* It’s because we never see each other that’s why we don’t realize that it’s been 100 days!!

Private interview:

HB: It came faster than I thought. It’s here. The 100th day. Sadly, there have been quite a lot of things that were rather disappointing, but there hasn’t been any unhappy things. They were all happy times.

They enter the wedding dress shop and head to the counter where Hwang Bo asks to see some albums, as she wants to have a look at the tuxedos available first. They both sit down and flip through albums.

HJ: How much is it? Something like this? I’m just curious, that’s all.

HB: *laughs*

Hwang Bo looks through the albums, pointing some out to Hyun Joong and he tells her that he can just wear anything to take the photos, when she says that how can he just wear anything as she continues looking through the albums. They both get up to have a look at the tuxedos available and she starts choosing some for him.

HB: I don’t really like these types. Right?

HJ: Yea.

HB: They make you look like a conductor.

HJ: *laughs*

HB: The long one. You said that you like long ones, right?

HJ: Mmm.

HJ: Oh, these kinds are nice.

HB: What are these?

HJ: Penguin style.

HB: *laughs*

She then tells him that he needs a white one and picks one out for him. She continues choosing, asking him if there’s anything that he likes when he asks if they accept cards, making her laugh. She says that he seems a little reluctant to spend money.

HB: You need to spend what you earn!

HJ: We just had a concert in Japan. So I have some balance.

HB: So I can choose an expensive dress?

HJ: *to the shop staff* The things here are for rent right?

HB: I want to buy one.

HJ: If you’re just going to wear it once and throw it aside, then it’s just excessive spending.

HB: *sad* I was going to leave it for my daughter to wear too.

Hyun Joong holds out a coat in front of a mirror and comments that it goes really well with jeans and she tells him to try it on.

HJ: You can’t take wedding photos wearing jeans.

HB: Why not? The model Lee Yoo did that.

HJ: Who?

HB: Lee Yoo. The model. You know whom?

HJ: No.

HB: There’s a model called Lee Yoo…*breaks off as she sees Hyun Joong’s reaction* Why? It’s true.

HJ: *snickers* Ok, I got it.

*both of them walk away*

HJ: You know a lot of men.

HB: *faints* *laughs*

HJ: What?

HB: There’s something I want to tell you. Lee Yoo is a woman! Her husband took the photo in jeans.

HJ: *relieved* Oh, she is? *smiles*

HB: *continues laughing*

HJ: *embarrassed*

(Made a mistake in my previous translation, it was Hyun Joong who said that Hwang Bo knew a lot of men, not the other way around. Must have misread, sorry!)

Private interview:

HJ: I thought it was a man. She kept referring to the name so familiarly, going “The magazine model Lee Yoo, Lee Yoo” so I thought why is she so familiar with this man, calling him like they were really close when she told me that it was a woman. I felt really embarrassed at that moment. Because I seemed rather jealous at the time.

Hyun Joong is asked to try out his outfits when he starts asking if he does it alone and the staff tells him that they will help out when he asks “Then, up to my underwear?” and the staff quickly replies no, Hwang Bo laughing beside him. He gets up to go in and she waits for him outside, feeling rather nervous and starts muttering to herself before asking to herself “What’s he doing in there? He’s just trying ONE out!”.

The doors open and she looks up and sees him standing in his tuxedo in front of her. She laughs delightedly and he turns away smiling, nervously uncomfortable as she studies him. He looks at her, waiting for approval and she just smiles.

HJ: This seems good, let’s just go with this!

HB: *laughs*

HB: Do you like it?

HJ: I’m okay with anything.

He gets ready to try the second tuxedo out and she tells him to do it fast, as she waits again. The doors open once more and he appears in a black tuxedo fiddling away, unable to look her in the eye. She just smiles as he tells the staff that it’s fine and everything, still unable to look her in the eye. She beams radiantly as she watches him before going up to stand next to him.

HJ: Shall we go somewhere?

HB: Huh?

HJ: To do this.. *pretends to play the violin*

HB: *laughs*

HJ: I want to quickly go buy yours now.

HB: I thought you said not to buy one?

HJ: Just to buy you one, I’ll have to go on a 136 month installment plan then.

HB: *laughs*

He goes back in to change and Hwang Bo calls her friend up and asks her to come and that she needs her as it was rather awkward for them since they were going to shoot their wedding photos when her friend asks her why was she awkward while she’s with a good looking, younger man, making her laugh. She asks her friend to come if she was free and her friend agrees. Hyun Joong comes out again, wearing the last suit and again, all she can do is smile radiantly.

HB: Oh, all of them look good, I really don’t know.

HJ: *to the staff* Then there is no choice then. I’ll take all three please. On the 136 month installment plan.

HB: *laughs*

It’s Hwang Bo’s turn to choose her dress and she says that she’ll choose it together with Hyun Joong. They walk in together and he’s amazed at all the dresses they put out for them to choose, saying that there were lots to choose from.

HB: But to you they’re all the same, right?

HJ: No, they’re different! Yellow, pink, white.

HB: Is there one that makes you go “Oh, pretty” at first sight?

HJ: This one is out at first sight!

HB: *laughs* Why?

HJ: This exposes too much!

HB: This? How does this expose too much? Ah, there isn’t a part to cover the shoulders.

HJ: This is out.

HB: Out.

HJ: *to the staff* I’m sorry. You all worked hard to make this.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: This is out too, too revealing.

HB: All that is out. *smiling*

HJ: For me, this, this and that one.

HB: This? Okay. Go be nervous.

HJ: *seriously* I’ve memorized it all! Not this or that! Don’t secretly put them on!

HB: I really won’t try them on.

HJ: Okay.

He goes out and waits for her, nervously tapping the table with his fingers before calling for her.

HJ: Bu In!


HJ: *louder* Bu In!

HB: Yea?

HJ: Nothing, just called you for fun.

HJ: You’ve got a phone call!

*looks over at her phone*

HB: Who is it?

HJ: Your friend, with a male name.

HB + HJ: *laughs*

HB: What’s the name?

HJ: Dong Hyun.

HB: Who’s Dong Hyun?

HJ: What do you mean by who is it, how can you not know. You saved it under Dong Hyun. *puts phone down, with a smile on his face*

HB: *peeks out from the changing room* Who?

HJ: *holds phone out to her* Someone called Dong Hyun rang you up.

HB: *exasperated* It’s a girl!!

HJ: Oh really? Everybody around you have names belonging to guys!

Private interview:

HB: He was jealous right? I was rather surprised that he got jealous over girls. I never expected that from him. I was curious as to whether those were really jealous words or was it because he felt that he wanted to know my matters.

Hyun Joong who’s waiting outside gets a little impatient.

HJ: Bu In, come out!

The doors open and he immediately takes out his camera and focuses on her to take a shot, going ‘Wow” when he sees her. She stands in front of him, nervous and waits for his response. He nods his head in approval, and she seems a little disappointed. He looks at her again before saying, “Oh, beautiful”. She seems a little distrustful, but smiles a small smile and Hyun Joong looks around, not too sure what to do before he tells the staff “We’ll take this, please”, making her laugh.

HB: It’s not too revealing, right?

HJ: No, it’s nice/pure.

*staff says something*

HJ: That’s right, isn’t it? She looks good in it, doesn’t she?

HJ: *gets a sudden shock*

Someone walks in, scaring the life out of Hyun Joong. Hwang Bo’s friend Shin Ae Ra comes in, complimenting Hwang Bo as Hyun Joong stands up and clears the sofa. Hwang Bo introduces Hyun Joong as her groom to Shin Ae Ra and he greets her extremely politely, making her comment that she was rather nervous in front of him.

HB: You know her right?

HJ: Yea, I do.

AR: Did you come back safely from Japan?

HJ: Yes, I came back yesterday. *fiddling with shirt nervously*

AR: Oh, really? You seem really tired.

HJ: Oh, no, not really. *touches eye bags*

HB: He seems rather awkward around you.

AR: Please sit down.

HJ: Yes, yes, have a seat.

HJ: *to the staff* A glass of water, please…

Hwang Bo and Shin Ae Ra talk as Hyun Joong stands around looking really uncomfortable, making Hwang Bo ask if the both of them would really be alright alone together. She starts talking to him first, and he replies her really politely, offering her water as he starts to drink non stop, a clear sign that he’s nervous.

AR: I haven’t really seen the show, but I watched a program where you all came on, it was like a talkshow. I remember you said that you could like someone else? Is that true?

HJ: Yes??

AR: Yes?

HJ: No, that’s not it… *stumbles over words* *reaches for more water*

Private interview:

HJ: Shin Ae Ra Nim (extremely polite term of reference to someone) came, it felt like I was in the presence of a Queen, I couldn’t even breathe and I was stumbling with my words, wondering how should I do well in front of her. It felt like I had gone on Shin Ae Ra’s talkshow.

The doors open again and Hwang Bo appears wearing a goddess like dress with a wreath of flowers on her head. Hyun Joong begins clapping at the sight of her and Shin Ae Ra tells her that she looks really pretty.

HB: But he says that it looks rather revealing, and he doesn’t like it.

HJ: Yes, it’s different. It’s not revealing at all. But aren’t there any straps? It looks like it’s going to fall off.

AR: Is this nicer or the one before?

HJ: I’m okay with anything. But the one before seems better.

HB: *smiles knowingly*

AR: Really?

HB: Really?

AR: But the one before seemed more revealing than this one.

HJ: Oh, really?

AR: Do you normally like revealing ones?

HJ: No, No! *protests vigorously*

HB: *laughs*

Hyun Joong looks around, really nervous and tells her to try the peach colored one next, before asking the staff for another glass of water. Shin Ae Ra continues talking to him, telling him that Hwang Bo went to visit children in Bangladesh, asking if he knew about it and he tells her no, and that she’s not the type to boast about herself, making Shin Ae Ra laugh. He then tells her that he initially didn’t like older women, but after being with her, he’s changed his mind.

Her phone rings and he tells her to answer it, both arms outstretched. It’s her husband, Cha In Pyo, and Hyun Joong is rendered even more in awe. She apologizes and asks him to continue, but he’s forgotten where stopped! She reminds him and he continues, saying that age doesn’t matter as long as it’s someone he loves.

Hwang Bo makes her appearance in her peach dress and the both of them watch her. Shin Ae Ra notices that she has a little difficulty breathing.

HJ: Take a deep breath, a deep breath.

HB: *breathes* *something snaps*

HB: What was that?

HJ: Something snapped. *to staff* Isn’t there an XL size?

HB: *laughs* *pouts* That’s not it…

HJ: *smiles* It’s pretty. How much is it?

Hwang Bo asks Shin Ae Ra to go in with her, saying that she has something to tell her. She walks in and Hwang Bo asks her what they chatted about. Shin Ae Ra tells her that they were talking about Bangladesh, and Hwang Bo explains that Hyun Joong has a phobia for adults. Hyun Joong, who’s sitting alone, looks really stressed out and says that his dark circles are coming out.

The both of them continue talking inside, laughing, much to the curiosity of Hyun Joong. Shin Ae Ra comes out and sits next to him again, and says that he seems really uncomfortable. He tells her that he’s okay and that it’s not that he’s uncomfortable but that he’s going nuts. She then advises him to lead Hwang Bo more and he says that he will. He then tells Hwang Bo to take a photo with Shin Ae Ra.

HB: Who’s prettier? Me or her?

HJ: Ah..

HB: Sorry for asking a Lee Hyuk Jae type of question!

HJ: No, it’s too easy a question.

HB: *to Shin Ae Ra* Don’t ask! Don’t ask! I don’t have the confidence when it comes to things like this!

Shin Ae Ra tries to continue probing only to be stopped by Hwang Bo, who says that Shin Ae Ra is leaving, making everyone laugh.

Private interview:

HJ: Hwang Bu In. Of course my wife’s the prettiest of them all. With Shin Ae Ra Nim, the one that would say that she’s the prettiest would be Cha In Pyo Nim, so I think it’s right that one would think that his own wife is the prettiest.

Hyun Joong sends Shin Ae Ra off, and can finally breathe again. He sits outside, waiting for Hwang Bo to finish changing. The doors open again and Hwang Bo stands in front of him wearing a yellow dress. He takes another picture of her when he sees her, and she smiles holding out her hand in a stop sign.

HB: Do you remember every dress I wore?

HJ: Yea.

HB: Ok, so you remember numbers one to four right?

HJ: Yea. Even if you asked me to draw it out for you, I’d be able to.

HB: Ok, so lets say the number of the one that’s the best choice. In unison. One, two, three.

HB+ HJ: Number one.

HJ: *smiles* *pleased* Surprisingly we’re in sync!

HJ: Then shall we also say the second best one? The one that you like the most.

HB: The one that I like the most? Okay.

HJ: *closes his eyes in concentration* Okay. One, two three.

HJ+HB: Number four!

HJ: *happily shocked* What’s this? It seems that we’ve become connected now that it’s our 100th day!

HB: *laughs*

HJ: I’ll take another picture of you.

HB: Let’s take it together?

HJ: Together? Shall we?

HB: Selca.

HJ: I can’t take it this way though.

HB: I’ll take it.

The both of them head off to the studio and Hwang Bo says that it’s finally their 100th day.

HJ: What?

HB: *crackles* It’s finally our 100th day!

HJ: Your voice. *imitates crackling voice* It’s finally our 100th day.

HB: *hits him while laughing*

HJ: Don’t people usually prepare gifts for their 100th day?

HB: Yea. *hands outstretched in anticipation* So?

HJ: We don’t have a present.

HB: Then why did you make me expect one? I honestly thought that you had one at that moment!

HJ: I don’t. Not having one is our charm!

HB: *laughs*

Hwang Bo gets on a merry go round and Hyun Joong starts spinning her, telling her that it’s her 100th day present. He spins her faster and faster and she tells him to stop, saying that she’s getting really dizzy.

HJ: It’s your 100th day present! You like it so much you’re going out of your mind right?

HB: *hits him while laughing* Hateful!

They walk in and greet the photographers and staff, who tell them to get ready. They both decide to wear outfit number one, and head off to get changed. Hyun Joong finishes first and walks around outside Hwang Bo’s changing area. Getting a little impatient, he peers through the doors only to jump back in surprise as she calls out his name.

HJ: Why aren’t you coming out?

HB: Hang on a second. So, I see you really want to see me!

HJ: No, it’s hot here.

HB: *laughs* Hot? Wait a while.

HB: *comes out* Tadaa.

HJ: *claps*

HB: *laughs* Why are you clapping? Because I’m pretty?

HJ: The earrings are pretty!

HB: Only the earrings?

HJ: Nah.

HJ: What’s this?

HB: This has to be held.

HJ: This has to be held? *takes it from her*

HB: No, it’s okay, I can hold it.

HJ: I’ll hold it for you!

HB: No, it’s really ok!

HJ: *indignant* Why? This usually held from behind!

HB: Okay! *smiles*

They both walk slowly when Hwang Bo stops, as her inner layer is showing. She tells him to hold it prettily and he says that it should be snipped a little instead of dragging over the floor like that, making it dirty, and she hits him again.

They both walk off to where they are supposed to shoot the photos and the photographer tells them to sit down as though they are really awkward and nervous with each other, saying that the concept for now was awkwardness. Hyun Joong replies that it’s not a problem as they are usually like that anyway.

The photographers continue telling them how to pose and Hwang Bo starts feeling uncomfortable, giggling as she tries to pose with him. Hyun Joong sits up straight as he was told and they tell him to look at her.

HB: Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!

HJ: Let’s take this properly! We’re spending a lot of money just to take this!

HB: *laughs and hits him*

HJ: I was just joking.

Photographer: Okay, Hwang Bo sit properly, your shoulders can’t be the same level as his!

HB: Okay.

Photographer: Hyun Joong, sit more upright.

HJ: This is my maximum though.

HB: *laughs*

The both of them take their first photo together, one dripping with awkwardness. It’s something like what someone would have taken almost 60 years ago, really old school awkward.

The staff keep telling them how to pose, saying that she looks rather distant from him and that she seems like she doesn’t like her him. She looks really flustered as the staff keeps shooting orders at her as he laughs at her.

Photographer: Okay, now smile. Laugh like ‘Ha ha ha’.

HJ: *deadpan* Ha Ha Ha.

HB: *laughs*

Photographer: Really brightly now, ha ha ha.

HJ: *jokingly* Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

HB: *laughs out loud*

Photographer: That’s good! Ok, now look at each other!

HB: Why is this so difficult??

The photographer tells them to get closer and look at each other, but Hwang Bo finds it difficult to do so. Hyun Joong tries a spontaneous one, but it makes Hwang Bo laugh instead. He then asks the photographers if they can just add the open eyes to the photos instead.

Photographer: Now, the wife holds the husband’s face and pulls it towards her.

HJ: Like this? *does action*

HB: This is a wedding photoshoot right?

Photographer: Do it like you’re asking him to come in for a peck.

HB: Oh, pretend like we’re going to kiss?

HJ: Is this how our first skinship is going to go?

Photographer: Is this your first skinship? Oh, sorry. Then act like you’re extremely happy.

HJ: Oh?

Photographer: Tilt your head to the side. Okay, bride. Go in for the shot. It’s okay if you don’t look at the camera.

HB: *hesitates*

HJ: Oh, my neck hurts.

HB: *laughs*

Hwang Bo tries doing it, but is really hesitant and uncomfortable while Hyun Joong seems nervously excited. She nears his face slowly, under the instruction of the photographers, but is still unable to do it.

HJ: *to photographers* When are you going to take the picture??

Photographer: Act like you’re really in love as this is your 100th day.

HB: I thought you said that the first set of photos were really easy!

Photographer: Is it difficult?

HJ: I’ll cover you with this.

Photographer: Okay, closer. Lower the bouquet.

HJ: But this is a mosaic…

HB: *laughs*

Photographer: Excuse me, but you’re not supposed to peck him with your chin.

HB: *laughs*

The photographer keeps telling them to get closer and for her to peck him, and she finally gives up and goes for the shot. After taking the picture, they both sit back, tired out.

HJ: Let’s just go with this one.

HB: *laughs*

Private interview:

HB: I was really nervous. He was shy, and so was I. If he was really just a dongseang, it would have been fine. Like, Noona’s going to hug you, going to peck you. But as I was thinking of him as my man, I couldn’t do anything.

HJ: This is the first set of photos, and they already asked us to take a pecking scene. They said that it was going to be easy, and I thought that if this is the rate then what’s going to be like in the later photos? But it didn’t feel bad at all, my feelings at the time.


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