Friday, August 15, 2008

Hwang Bo: I can become Angelina Jolie with techtonik

Direct and frank in nature, popular singer Hwang Bo is being called the Warrior of Techtonik.

Techtonik, an increasingly popular dance in Europe which includes movements of the hands and feet, moving freely to the rhythm. Although not widely spread in Korea, recently Hwang Bo has been actively dancing this dance in the spotlight.

Hwang Bo, who released her Euro electro house single "Getting Hot" last month, announced that "Angelina Jolie is Hollywood's woman warrior, I want to be the techtonik warrior who introduces techtonik to Korea".

She added that techtonik is not a difficult dance to do, all that has to be done is to move your hands and legs with the rhythm. Hwang Bo, techtonik ambassador, also said that anyone can dance this dance and that it was good for diets as well.

Go Jun Yup and Shim Tae Yoon are the two people who got Hwang Bo into techtonik. The both of them have been travelling around Europe studying techtonik for several years.

Go Jun Yup personally choreographed the dance moves and taught them to Hwang Bo whereas Shim Tae Yoon wrote the song "Getting Hot" as a gift for her.

Hwang Bo said that she was dancing again five years after her years with girl group Chakra, and that her body was no longer the same as before.

Apart from performing her comeback single as a singer, Hwang Bo is also actively participating in WGM, and Infinity Girls.

*Credits: Empas, Yahoo Korea, Star News*


viperpen said...

hope that hwang bo and hyun joong can dance to it.. hehehehehe.. ^^

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh holy cow i was not wrong of this feeling that hwangbo body seems angelina jolie hahahha very happy to hear that chonsa she should be proud to herself that even angelina jolie notice and heard or saw her in the web.which one of the person known this earth wowwwww at least she's slowly going back to the top now which great for hwangbo. thank you chonsa very very happy to hear this proud of you. bless u

Anonymous said...

aint it called techno?

Anonymous said...

hwangbo's dancing is so cool. Didn't hyun joong choose Angelina Jolie as his ideal type in some show..

evelyn168 said...

I'd really like to see HB dancing more. Seriously, I'm not into Techno, but HB makes it really fun to watch.