Saturday, August 9, 2008

WGM's PD's interview: His opinion of Hyun Joong

Q: If you were determined not to cast superstars, then why is Hyun Joong an exclusion?

Jeon Seong Ho PD: Is Hyun Joong a superstar? Just joking. SS501 and Hyun Joong were casted when we were filming 'Thank You For Waking Me Up'. I got to wake them (the idol stars) up for ten weeks. *laughs*

I got to know Hyun Joong better during that time, so when I was participating in WGM, I thought that he would be able to show himself naturally. Looking at that, I now think that it appears that superstars can do it too.

Q: But for how long is he going to remain so awkward? Although that is interesting as well.

Jeon Seong Ho PD: I have a friend who married an older woman as well. He is literally a kid groom but they are both living well. Hyun Joong is also in the middle of that. Those who are around his age would know his sincerity but it seems difficult for someone of Hwang Bu In's age to catch that.

Hyun Joong plays around with those he is close to and are of around the same age. Why is that even for us, when we were younger, it was difficult (not too sure how to translate the exact term he used, sorry!) when we were around girls that we were interested in?

When I told Hwang Bo "This is Hyun Joong's heart (feelings) but you were unable to catch on" her reply was "Oh, so that was what it was?".

Later, when Hyun Joong meets someone he really loves, he'll be caught in the same headlock again.

*Credits: ss601*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

But I don't really under stand the last paragrapgh "Later, when Hyun Joong meets someone he really loves, he'll be caught in the same headlock again".

Anonymous said...

was that the pd emphazise on the age difference again ?????

Anonymous said...

Interesting... thanks chonsa :)

Anonymous said...

I'm older but I can sense his sincerity. I wonder how they really real. I get the sense that he likes her on some level but she doesn't really like him. I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

why am i excited about this??? is it that exciting??? <_<

seriously, these two need to talk....
it seems to me that they need messenger..i'm going crazy, just talk talk talk at least after filming (cuz i know he can't speak all of his feelings while filming due to fans ) she won't bite -*-

i hope that she'll believe the PD's words "this is Hyun Joong's heart (feelings) but you were unable to catch on"


Anonymous said...

"Later, when Hyun Joong meets someone he really loves, he'll be caught in the same headlock again"

Hmmm..wonder what the pd meant.
I agree with you Muize...HJ & HB should have a chat outside the filming..get to know each other by hanging out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I really enjoy the usage of the word "headlock". I totally imagined HB putting HJ in one, both literally and figuratively.

Anonymous said...

thanks chonsa for the news.
yeah, mb PD sees a chemistry between them and WGM is the good opportunity to unite them.

i remember HJ once says that he wanted to ask HB out for drink to ease their awkwardness but HB left after her interview done.. wonder why he not just give her a call instead.. aren't they married? (^_^)

Anonymous said...

juat a passerby who happens to love JoongBo couple :)

I think someone has mentioned this, but the way the PD was talking about 'why is that, around the person that we like, its difficult (when we were young)' bit....somehow, I think that he's giving a 'hint'?...probably to HB, or probably to both..ahh. going crazy here...there's no Wgm for a week, so am trying to distract myself to news & articles about them,...and to the owner of this blog, Chonsa..thank you for informing about them...^__^

Anonymous said...

i think the PD meant the way that HJ expressed his affection to HB by joking around or making fun of her which he did always to those close to him (you can see that when he's with SS401...). HJ uses tons of jokes to cheer her up in order to come close to her. Too bad HB not cathing his affection.

They definitely need to understand each other more otherwise HB will complain again about his unconcerned though he already used utmost efforts to show his liking to her.

Anonymous said...

wad a boring weekend w/o WGM...i realli lyk Joongbo couple...everytin bout them in e show is so real.. i feel that only a personality lyk hwang Buin's would match perfectly for our shiliang..

Anonymous said...

^^ I kno .. Personally I feel hwangbo could get along with manyyyyyyyyyy guys as she has a very open/loving personality, but the only girl i could ever see getting with hyun joong personality at the moment is hwangbo lol nobody else could suit him in my eyes... *interesting*