Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TV programs such as 1 Night 2 Days to take a break with the opening of the Olympics

Programs slotted for the weekend have all decided to go on a break due to the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The opening of the Beijing Olympics will be held on the 8th, and the very next day the games will start. As the interest of the viewers will be focused on the gold medals, the broadcasting companies expect a rise in ratings for the televised event.

Because of this, the weekend programs slotted for the 9th and 10th will all take a break.

MBC will not be broadcasting their programs such as "Introducing the Star's Friend" and "Infinity Challenge" on the 9th as that will be the opening day of the Olympics.

All the programs slotted for the 10th (Sunday) will not be broadcasted.

Recently, there has been a fierce ratings competition among the weekend programs such as Happy Sunday, Sunday Night and Good Sunday.

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*Credits: Empas News, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Meaning JoonGbo couple's Wedding photo Session wont be broadcasting this coming weekEnds?!?! Awww Man...i was realli looking 4ward to it.. my Fav Couple Fighting~!

Anonymous said...

atleast it will be broadcasted next week and not 2 weeks later like alot of other people are thinking. Personally wish it was this week tho coz I dont wach olympics as dont many other people so they should really provide entertaintment for others.. oh well i gues ppl who do wach O wont be bovered :(

Anonymous said...

omg..so its realli confirmed that there's no WGM this week?.. no Joongbo special this week..it just suxs.. T_T

Anonymous said...

Olympic opening seems to be good too i saw them practicing ...
Anyway, Ssangchu wedding is worth waiting for, just one week I won't die.....alone haha


Anonymous said...

OMG IM SO ANNOYED! 1NIGHT 2DAYS WAS AIRED!! Thats so unfair we got married is well better and all the stations said they weren't gonna air their competiting programs *dam sbs* well I stil can't wait this weekend but wish wgm was aired yesterday :(