Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hwang Bo: I was beaten up by my father when I was younger

Hwang Bo's surprising confession: she used to be beaten up by her father when she was younger.

Hwang Bo revealed on "Nam Hui Seok- Choi Eun Kyung's Yo Yu Man Man" that her father was a rather blunt, stern person, resulting in their not having much to say to each other, apart from these three sentences, "Please have your meal", "I'm going to school", and "I'm back from school".

She also said that as her friend's families ran supermarkets, ice cream parlours, juice shops, they would only be hit by things like bread and milk packs but as there were tools and such in her house, she used to get hit by those. She said that the one thing that her father hated the most was lies. Reminiscing her childhood, she said that there was once that she lied, saying that she was going to the Taekwondo training hall and instead she went out with her friends to play and was found out by her father, who then hit her head hard.

She also said that if there was a male's voice on her pager, her father would ask her "Who is this guy?" and say that he didn't believe her even when she explained that she had paid for the voice recording of the male, making her feel rather wronged.

However, she said on the show that even then, someone like her father would be nice. She described her ideal man by saying that she liked men who were rather blunt and not very expressive in their ways but are still able to make her feel that they liked her.

*Credits: Newsen, Yonhap, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

"rather blunt and not very expressive in their ways" = HJ !


Roobina said...

yeah that's exactley what i was thinking ....Oh her father hit her..woah poor unnie

Anonymous said...

my dad didn't hit me at all , cuz, thank god, i was quick enough to run away from him when i was young hehe

her childhood made her tough and strong...even if it's good i wish she would be softer.

Come to think about it, the guy who suits her well should be someone who is really really calm and kind-hearted..why am i bringing this up???
even i myself don't know...


Anonymous said...

i read somewhere that HB's ideal man is an emotionless and blunt man which i think matches HJ properly and HJ's ideal girl is someone who doesn't do a lot of skinship but whenever being around makes him feel comfortable..
i remember him saying in ep 20 that he feels akward when there are other people around and it will be better if there is only HB..
just perfect!! should i say they're match from!~

Anonymous said...

her descriptions match HyunJoong well <33