Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hwang Bo: Dating either someone younger or another celebrity: NO

Hwang Bo who has been receiving much love for her sexy yet unaffected charms has said that she has not had any experience with dating someone who was either younger than her or someone who was a celebrity.

Hwang Bo, who is currently filming WGM with Hyun Joong whereby they portray an older woman-younger man couple, remembers that at that time when they first started she had thought that they were not a well matched couple, that the production team had made a mistake with this coupling, that everyone watching would feel really awkward and that the viewers would criticize them.

However, they are both one of the popular couples in WGM, receiving support from both male and female viewers. They are also being cheered on by the SS501 fans.

In a recent interview, Hwang Bo said although she initially thought that they were not well matched, she now knows more after seeing the reactions of the viewers. She also said that she had made a list of people whose ages were more similar to hers, thinking that they would be better matched and more interesting to watch in a reality program, but the production team knew about her and Hyun Joong from other programs and thought that they would be a good match in terms of character and the general outlook. She also said that as she received the offer to guest in the program and that because she believed in the director, she went along with them.

She mentioned that she had no experience with dating a younger man or another celebrity and that her ex boyfriends were people who were not involved in the industry. She also said that the reason why opinions regarding love were coming about was because of her close mates. However, she also honestly stated that these opinions wouldn't come about without basis.

Hwang Bo guested on Radio Star together with Shinji on the 30th. According to the viewers, she answered the questions posed to her by the MCs regarding her ex boyfriend (whom she broke up with 2 years ago) and the fact that she has never dated a younger man before calmly and honestly.

*Credits:, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation. I never fail to visit your blog at least 3 times a day. Wonder who were in the "list".

Anonymous said...

hi chonsa, thank you so much !!!!!
you are the best !!!!

evelyn168 said...

Well, I'm glad that now she's going to consider dating younger guys... I seriously think age is just a number... There's a guy who's 4/5 years younger than me in my class, I wouldn't mind dating him if he's got the charms. I'm seriously hoping that HB doesn't close out the options cause she's such a wonderful person to date, or even marry.

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