Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hwang Bo: Despite being younger, Hyun Joon's charms are eing smart and kind

Hwang Bo revealed her feelings about her make believe husband Kim Hyun Joong.

She laughingly said in an interview held on the 14th that WGM is a program watched by everyone regardless of age and gender and that everyone seems to be talking about this topic wherever she goes.

With regards to her make believe husband Hyun Joong, whose age difference from her is 6 years, Hwang Bo says "If you look at Hyun Joong, you'd just think that he is a 4D type of person, but actually he's really smart and kind", smiling as she says these words.

In this interview, she says that Hyun Joong is a subjective kind of person who would think of the other person's feelings first before saying anything, and it is also because of this point that he shows the side of him that doesn't rely on me despite being younger than me. She also said that this is one of his charms.

Hwang Bo also said that it could be because of Hyun Joong that many of SS501's fans are visiting her minihompy and leaving words of encouragement for her, expressing her gratitude to Hyun Joong.

*Credits: Empas News, Yonhap News, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

Hwangbo Unnie... because i can't visit ur minihompy.. i'll leave my word of encouragement here... hwangbo Unnie accha accha FIGHTINGG!!!
thanks chonsa for the translation..
Lurve u

Anonymous said...

hwangbo and hyun joong! <3
wish you two really got together.. you were really compatible with each other. age ain't nothing but a number.
please do keep in touch with each other! i wish i could see you and hyun joong together again.

wish you and hyun joong the best of luck!

ssangchu couple for life! <3