Friday, July 18, 2008

Hyung Joon+ Hwang Bo: The couple's special date in Japan and... a sad goodbye

The morning of the second day in Japan! Hwang Bu In prepares breakfast as promised, and wakes up Hyun Joong and his members... Is the morning atmosphere pleasant and a little rowdy? The time to say goodbye slowly approaches!! Hyun Joong, who wants to express his gratitude to Hwang Bo, wants to bring her somewhere before she returns to Korea. Will the both of them be able to go to the destination?



Anonymous said...

where are they heading to? if it's HJ's idea then it'll be somewhere unexpected.
Waking HJ is hard but to wake all of them..oh my!
The scariest one is JM! on thank you for waking me up..he scared everyone.
this scene will be chaos!

abc said...

gasp. bring her somewhere? omo. where? where? what hav u prepared hyunjoong-ah? omo..*prays*
Thank you dear for the trans.

Anonymous said...

omg im anticipating this ep more and more, thanks chonsa for all these important translations, we love u! fighting! :D