Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WGM: Couple clinic

(Although this article mentions all the couples, I'm just gonna focus on the Joongbo part. This article describes older-younger couples in general, talking about the characteristics of this type of couple. It might sound a little spacey, sorry!)

Like in dramas and movies, the Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo couple reflects reality as well. A younger guy, older girl couple that has a big difference in age has also been introduced in Couple Clinic. The younger groom is unable to hold back when he sees the older bride thirsting for affection after watching his loving gazes. There will also be traces of conflict of interest, and there will also be repetitive instances of conflicts and reconciliation.

This is the actual reality of such couples. In reality, an older bride who is living with a younger husband usually has strong views regarding this couple when they watch them. In Couple Clinic, although there are many conflicts being gone through due to having a relationship with a younger man, it is hoped for that Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will be able to overcome these conflicts and have a good ending.
*Credits: Empas, Soompi*


abc said...

hmm, i'm sort of lost on what's a 'couple clinic'...haha. wait. hmm, it sounds like a show. interesting how lately younger groom-older bride couples' issues are getting attention becuz of Hyunjoong-Hwangbo. isn't that great?
Thank you very much for the translation, chonsa.

Anonymous said...

lol... appropriate photo for this article. Thanks for the translation.

Anonymous said...

yeah really greet photo...thanx for the info