Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hyun Joong: While filming WGM, our marriage relationship became discreet

Hyun Joong who appears in MBC's WGM said that being in the program reveals a lot of frank points. Recently in an interview, he said that one of the effects from being in the program is that the marriage relationship had changed.

He said "While participating in this program, the marriage relationship had changed" and that "It's not that I will change from doing things for someone I like, but considering the age differences, there are times where I think that I should be more careful".

Hyun Joong has received a lot of love from his honest, absurd and cute younger husband image that he portrays with Hwang Bo. Hyun Joong also said that because there is no script, more than 95% of the side of him which he shows on screen is the real him and that he thought that appearing on a variety show would be rather awkward, so he'd rather it be 100% real. He also added that it's good that he can do as he pleases and that if there was a script then he feels that it wouldn't be right.

Even if Hwang Bo sighs, he feels a sense of satisfaction. He said that initially his reaction towards Hwang Bo was one of politeness as she was the senior, but now they are becoming more comfortable around each other and that now there's even the feeling of the both of them really being husband and wife. He also added with gratitude that it was because Hwang Bo always laughs out loud at his words and actions, we seem to have become a very fun couple. But as he is an idol, although he has done a little skinship from his eyes, it seems as though there are things that he regrets.

Recently, Hyun Joong, who has been staying in Japan, had a date with Hwang Bo in Shibuya and she even cooked him and his members a meal in their hostel, making him say that Hwang Bo is the best partner.

Hyun Joong said that from meeting Hwang Bo for the first time with a nervous heart in Jeju Island, (he said that he didn't know who was going to come), to going for a holiday and living together, all this has brought change to their marriage relationship. He also said that he plans to continue showing his honest side to her in WGM.

It is because of this natural side of Hyun Joong which says things like "I'd rather it be 100% real" that he is Korea's perfect younger man.

*Credits: dcdoublegall, Soompi*


abc said...

haha. Korea's perfect younger man. lol. the next thing we know, he'd be Korea's perfect husband. Andy better be careful of his position now. xp
anyway, Hyunjoong fighting! must work hard to win Hwang Bu In's heart ok. i'm behind you, if she pushes you away, i'll push you back to her. lol.

Thanks much for all the trans, chonsa.

kaede said...

what does he mean by saying that there are things he regrets?? :O

Anonymous said...

yeah i was wondering that twoo...
he's kinda hard to figure your comment made me laugh ...push you back :P

Anonymous said...

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