Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hyun Joong's "Yeobo, let's live here together" vs Hwang Bo's "Think back when I open my eyes in the morning"

Lettuce couple Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo's suprising transformation.

During the WGM broadcast on the 20th, the sweet sides of Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were shown. At the moment, because of Hyun Joong's activities in Japan, he only comes back to Korea to film WGM. As their time together is different from that of the other couples, Hwang Bo's visit to Japan this time is an opportunity to somewhat bring their relationship closer.

Hwang Bo, who went to Japan to look for her husband Hyun Joong, personally bought and prepared food for the members and cleaned up the place for them. The staff and cast had nothing but praise for her, saying "That look is relly beautiful", after seeing this side of her. The side of her silently preparing food and working hard for the sake of her husband and his friends is really beautiful.

But the time that the both of them can spend together gradually lessens as the time for Hwang Bo to leave for Korea comes. Hyun Joong brings her to the studio where he works before she leaves, showing her the side of him when he works. This is a change from their previous episodes, whereby a much closer side of them can be seen.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo jokingly brought up the subject of her doing a feature for him while she was there, and they managed to get the consent to do the recording from the Japan staff as she too is a singer. Her part was to add sound effects to match Hyun Joong's rap. As the lyrics to the rap are rather direct, she was requested to use more breathless sound effects to increase the sticky feel of the song. Hyun Joong who was very satisfied with the results said that he helped Hwang Bo till the very end of the recording.

As Hwang Bo was unable to produce the sound that Hyun Joong thought of, he started to demonstrate the effects to Hwang Bo, making it sound almost like a lecture. He then called her "Yeobo" before quickly changing to "Bu In" but he couldn't control the situation at hand. The embarrassed Hyun Joong said "I think I must have wanted to call you that", smiling widely.

The both of them were pleased with the end result . Hyun Joong said "Although this won't be in our album, I will keep this for myself", making Hwang Bo laugh. He also said that as they had it in a file, he would be able to listen to it at anytime, which was good. His caring words regarding the song that he recorded with Hwang Bo shows that their relationship has taken a change from their initial awkwardness together.

Hyun Joong's words to Hwang Bo who was leaving for Japan was "Let's live together" whereas Hwang Bo's "When I open my eyes in the morning, I think of him" shows that the both of them are getting closer.

*Credits: Newsen, Soompi*

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skittles03 said...

thank you chonsa!!!! this is really really nice =).. i'm sooo glad other people, aside from JoongBo-ers are noticing the difference in their interaction.. cheesiness-hating Hyun Joong has changed a lot (Pooh and Crazy date, "yeobo", "let's live together" and more) and realistic HwangBo is slowly succumbing to the "attraction" (keeps on thinking of him, letter to him etc)... there's really something there! JOONGBO FIGHTING!!!