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Joongbo: 10

The episode starts off with Hwang Bo at the airport leaving for Japan, and everyone gets really envious as she’s going overseas. The funniest reaction comes from Hyun Don who exclaims that all he was sent to was Han Kang (Han River) during really bad weather with typhoon winds and all!

Hwang Bo arrives in Japan and goes off in search of Hyun Joong. She gets into a taxi, saying in the studio that it would have been a bit dangerous for her to hop into a bus since she doesn’t know her way around. She hands over an address to the taxi driver and asks him to drive her there, speaking decent Japanese!

HB: Excuse me, this address please.
HB: How long will it take to go there?
Taxi driver: About 20 minutes.
HB: So it’s near? It’s near.

As she is being driven off in the taxi, she takes a nap before getting off and trying to find her way around. She approaches a few people on the street, asking for directions and some are pretty helpful, except for one man that just brushes her off. Her reaction to that? “Yes, you’ve worked hard!”. This I thought was rather civilized of her, not complaining about him ignoring her! She wanders around, unable to find the address and says that she feels like crying because she doesn’t know where the place is.

She finally approaches another man and asks him for help when he tells her that it’s the building behind them. She shakes his hand in gratitude and says “It’s just right here and nobody knew!”

She walks in and comes out of the elevator a little hesitantly, worried about meeting Hyun Joong for the first time in a while. She’s really nervous since she doesn’t know what his schedule is and everything. She preps herself up, telling herself to be confident when she goes up to the door, takes in a few deep breaths, counts down and rings the bell. To be greeted with…. Silence.

HB: Is he sleeping?
HB: What do I do now? Do I wait here?
HB: *rings bell again*
HB : Oh, I’m going nuts!
HB: (in the studio) I’m always alone! (this is something she says quite often in this episode, even when she was coming out of the airport.)
HB: *suddenly* I hear a woman’s voice in there…

She leans against the door and presses her ear against it, wondering why she hears a woman’s voice inside. The door opens and she sees a woman inside… Greeting her, she stumbles over her own words as to how to introduce herself.

HB: I’m…. Hyun Joong’s… wife…

The lady at the door looks at her rather suspiciously before telling her that Hyun Joong’s at a recording and isn’t home at the moment. Hwang Bo just smiles uncertainly and says that she’ll wait outside when the lady tells her to come in. Hwang Bo enters happily before turning to her and asking her who she is. The lady laughs a little but Hwang Bo insists on finding out who she is.

(In the studio Hwang Bo says that she wasn’t very happy that there was another woman in the house, haha!)

Lady: I’m here to cook.
HB: *relief* Ah, really? You’re a really important person then! You need to cook for them!

They walk into the apartment together before the lady starts questioning her instead.

Lady: But who are you, really? I never heard anything about him having a wife.
HB: Ah, we had a secret wedding! Didn’t he tell you? I told him not to say anything, since he’s really popular in Japan. I was afraid that he would lose his popularity if he got married, so I told him not to say anything at all. And he really didn’t, huh…
Lady: *wonders* Is she for real? Or is this a joke?

She starts walking around, looking at his schedule board and notices that the space for the 22nd is empty. She then says that she should have come yesterday since he didn’t have anything scheduled, but Hyun Joong explains in the studio that it’s empty because it’s been erased as the arranged schedule has been done.

She then asks the lady when he’d be coming back. The lady tells her that he’s supposed to be at the recording till 12.30, but she’s not sure what time he’d come back. Hwang Bo tells her that he doesn’t know that she’s there, and she tells Hwang Bo to call him and Hwang Bo says that they’re not in the type of relationship where they’d call each other up!

She then walks into Hyun Joong’s room and wonders which bed is his, looking here and there. She sees a pair of dumbbells on the floor and says that he must be exercising and attempts to pick it up before dropping it because it’s too heavy. She then spots his brown bag in the cupboard and looks really excited and happy that she’s found traces of him in the room! She sits on a bed and starts guessing which bed belongs to him, and she guesses the wrong one! It’s only after she finds the note that she left him on the table that she realizes which bed belongs to him. She looks at the note that she wrote for him and is deep in thought, knowing that he has seen the message that she left him.

Private interview:

HB: He read it, I knew that he would see it sometime… It was because I saw the note there that I knew that this was his place. Like, aah, so this is his bed.

Hwang Bo appears in the dining room area dressed to clean, complete with her pink apron and headband. The lady asks her if she’s going to clean and she says yes. Hwang Bo explains in the studio that the lady had told her that since the wife had come, the wife should do the work! And she was a little taken aback and just answered, “Yes, I suppose I should.” She looks around and starts busying herself when the lady tells her that she’s leaving. Hwang Bo looks at her startled and asks her not to leave as she would feel a bit weird being there alone.

Lady: I want to hang out and play too, but I need to go study.
HB: Oh, really… *a little reluctant*
Lady: Isn’t this your husband’s house?
HB: *laughs* That’s right.
Lady: It was nice meeting you.
HB: Yes, it was nice meeting you too.
Lady: *leaves*
HJ: *in studio* So she just left then?
HB: *in studio* Yes!

In the studio when Hyun Joong is asked if he saw the helper again.

HJ: Well, she comes in daily to do the housework. And when I wake up, all I see is her back while she’s preparing meals, so I don’t see her.
HD: But now she knows that you’re married.
HB: Oh well, it’ll be fine!
HJ: *laughs*

Hwang Bo’s really nervous about being there alone and starts doing the housework. She walks into his room and decides to clean up the entire room, earning praise from everyone in the studio. She also takes out their wedding vows and displays it on his shelf and adds a framed photo of the both of them while on honeymoon in Jeju Island on top of his laptop. After she finishes everything, she walks back out and starts snacking on his food stash while she waits for him to come home.

She sits there waiting for him, looking really bored and Hwang Bo says from the studio again that she’s always alone. She starts getting really nervous and looks at the clock constantly; jumping every time she hears a noise thinking that he’s returned. She sits back disappointedly after a few false scares when she hears a distinctly louder noise. She walks towards the door and listens closely from behind the wall when she hears someone singing and the door opens. She smiles as she hides behind the door, and jumps out surprising everyone.

Hyun Joong looks at her in somewhat disbelief before smiling. Hwang Bo seems a little disorientated and starts talking to them in Japanese, saying “It’s been a long time since we’ve met” and shaking their hands. Everyone seems a little shocked and Hyun Joong enters his room with Yong Saeng and says that he's found some stranger's belongings. The rest of the members and Hwang Bo follows them from behind.

HB: I only cleaned up his room, sorry!
Hyung Joon: Really?
HB: *to Yong Saeng* You’re thankful right? I cleaned it for you as well since you’re his roommate!

The rest of the members enter their own messy rooms, feeling a little down that she didn’t help them clean up as well. Hyung Joon just stands in the middle of the room and asks why she didn’t clean up his room as well! Jung Min shows his envious side by going into Hyun Joong’s room and saying that it wasn’t cleaned all that well after all. Hyun Joong looks at what she’s done intently before spotting their wedding vow on his shelf. They all walk out and Hyun Joong opens each room door to check if she really didn’t clean their rooms up!

They are all in the kitchen area and there’s some food on the table in containers. Hwang Bo asks if they want to eat ramyun and they all perk up at that, especially Hyun Joong who immediately tells her that he wants to eat ramyun. She starts preparing in the kitchen and Hyun Joong goes back into his room to look at the vows.

Jung Min asks her what year is she born in and she just closes her eyes and lifts her head in exasperation before running off and another member tells him. He looks shocked and exclaims that she’s nearly thirty.

Both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are in the kitchen preparing the ramyun as the other members wait in the dining room.

HB: You’re happy to see me right?
HJ: Yea. Why did you come?
HB: *laughs helplessly*
HB: *in Japanese* Did you miss me?
HJ: *in Japanese* Yes, I did.
HB: As thoughtless as ever.
HJ: No…
HB: Why else would I come? I came to check up on you!
HJ: I’ve always sounded rather thoughtless when I speak Japanese.
HB: Oh really?

Hyun Joong’s members come in to check up on the progress of their cooking and Hyun Joong helps her add the finishing touches. She brings the food out and everyone starts digging in.

HJ: Bu In, eat, eat. Eat.
HB: No, no.
HJ: *looks at her*
HJ: Hey, why aren’t you guys asking her to eat?
Hyung Joon: *jumps up immediately* Hyung Soo Nim! Eat! Have a seat!
HB: No, no. I’m okay. I feel full when I see you all eat!

Hwang Bo in the studio:

It kinda felt like I was their mother since they are all so much younger than me!

Hyun Joong just stands there silently for a while before asking her if it’s really okay if she doesn’t eat. The members say that it’s really good before Jung Min starts commenting again.

Jung Min: Honestly speaking, although it’s not exceptional food or anything! *laughs*
HJ: *defensively* Why? She made it well! Her recipe and all!
HB: *laughs*

Hyun Joong then starts asking his members if they saw his room and his photo and everything, telling them that she brought it over for him. He then goes into the room and takes the photo out to show off to everyone, proudly telling them that they took that photo during their honeymoon in Jeju Island.

Hyun Joong then asks Hwang Bo what time was her flight and she said that it was at 8.40 a.m., surprising him. Kyu Joong tells him that she didn’t get to sleep the day he left, surprising him even more and he looks at her. She laughs embarrassedly and asks if they are going to tell him everything and Hyung Joon tells her that it’s because they aren’t really tight-lipped.

HB: So how has it been since coming back to Japan?
HJ: Me? What did we do today?
HJ: It felt like we were rather busy today.
HB: He didn’t say anything like wanting to return home to Korea right? Did he?
Hyung Joon: Oh, he did say things like he was missing someone and all.
HB: What? Come on…
Jung Min: Well you know men right? They always want to return successful and show that side of them.
HB: *laughs*

HJ: Sorry, but it’s nothing like that.
HJ: All I want to do is to work hard and then before going back.. I’ve been going to the 100 Yen mart and looking for all three of your things.

After finishing the meal, Hwang Bo starts cleaning up when Hyung Joon tells her that they’ll do it. She starts protesting again when Hyun Joong suggests that they decide by playing a game and the loser does the dishes. He tells Kyu Joong to play with him first so that they can choose their teams before they start battling it out. The chosen game? Rock, paper, scissors...

Kyu Joong and Hyun Joong begin playing and Hyun Joong wins the first time, and immediately chooses Hwang Bo to be on his team. Winning the second time, he chooses Yong Saeng and the final game begins. He wins against Kyu Joong again, but loses to Jung Min as does Yong Saeng. It’s only Hwang Bo left on the team.

HJ: It’s not right for the younger ones to win over elders!!
HB: I’m not an elder!

Everyone watches anxiously as she goes against Jung Min… and wins! Hyun Joong cheers really loudly and the both of them are extremely excited over their win, jumping up and down and giving each other high fives. Now it’s finally her against Hyung Joon.

HJ: Hwang Bu In vs the most unlucky person in the world!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Seriously, he’s never won once before in five years!
HB: Really?? *laughs*
HJ: You can win this!

They begin the countdown and the both of them put their hands out. And… she lost! Hyung Joon is really happy that he’s finally won for the first time in five years and thanks her. She starts cleaning up after them and Hyung Joon starts eating again.

She finally finishes doing everything and sits down alone with Hyun Joong for the first time that day.

HJ: Honestly, today’s the first time that I’ve eaten so much ever since returning to Japan.
HB: But I was thinking that ramyun’s not that great.
HJ: No, no.
HB: Why don’t you eat rice? You have a helper to cook for you all.
HJ: We can’t eat very well when we come over to Japan.
HB: Why? You don’t want to eat?
HJ: It’s strange, it’s not that I don’t want to eat, it’s just that I can’t eat. Today’s the first day that all five of us are eating like this together.
HB: It must be hard on you...

HJ: But why aren’t they coming and saying that they’ve had a good meal? Did they not eat well?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Did they not eat well?

HJ: *angry* HEY!
HB: Don’t do that!
HJ: Did you guys eat well?
HJ: I’m asking if you guys ate well.

HJ: It looks like they didn’t eat well after all.
HB: Are you angry?
HJ: No, I’m not angry.

They look around, being a little quiet for a while when Hyun Joong drums the table and tells her to wait there for a while before getting up and leaving. She waits at the table for him when suddenly Hyung Joon comes up to her and bows while saying “I’ve had a good meal!”. Following in suit is Yong Saeng, Kyu Joong and Joong Min, all bowing to her and saying “I’ve had a good meal!” making her laugh.

Jung Min: I’ll look forward to tomorrow!
HB: *laughs*
Hyung Joon: I feel like eating tonkatsu!
HB: Tonkatsu?
Jung Min: I want a chicken dish!
Kyu Joong: Bibimbap!
Hyung Joon: Yangnyom chicken!

Hwang Bo in the studio:

They just all started telling me what they wanted to eat!

Hyun Joong walks in after they tell her what they want to eat and Jung Min tells him that she’s going to make them a chicken dish tomorrow and he says okay. He sits next to her watching her as she nods her head to their requests saying okay, okay. He tells them that she’s good at these things, and that she’s a good cook, somewhat proudly.

Private interview:

HJ: I like it when my wife does everything for us guys. It’s like, ahh, she’s capable of all that. I want to say things like, this is my wife. Tell her to do anything, just ask her. She can cook all sorts of yummy things. I want to show off her capabilities, you know? My wife’s capabilities.

HB: What do you play when you’re free?
Jung Min: We don’t play at all!
Kyu Joong: Jung Min has a karaoke set in his room. Shall we have a karaoke session?

They all get up to prepare for the karaoke session, and Hwang Bo just laughs away. They begin having a small private chat together as the other members start preparing for the singing session.

HB: You were really surprised that I came right? You didn’t expect that I would come this far right?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: Actually I was really thinking about whether I should come or not, and if it would have been a bit over the top if I came.
HJ: But still, thanks to you the rest of the guys ate a good meal, my room’s now really clean.
HJ+HB: *smile at each other*
SS501 member: It’s done! It’s done!

They go into Jung Min’s room and the whole room looks like a karaoke room! The guys sit down and choose a song for Hwang Bo to sing. Their choice?

Arirang… (a traditional folk type of song, which usually older people sing)

HJ: The feeling of the scent of Korea!

She sings it a little reluctantly and embarrassedly as the rest of them cheer along with her, the loudest and most excited being Hyun Joong. Before long, she starts to get into the song and begins singing with gusto, resulting in many claps from everyone.

Hwang Bo is preparing to go on a date with Hyun Joong when he suddenly calls her, startling her before she starts laughing out loud. The reason being that he appeared in a Pooh costume!

HB: *laughs* Are you really going to wear that out?
HJ: I really want to wear this out.
HB: No, but (she says something somewhere in Japan but I can’t really make it out)
HJ: I said before that I wanted to wear this in Korea.
HB: In Korea?
HJ: Yea, when I go out with my friends. You know how I’d get recognized right? So I thought that I’d wear this with the head and I’d be covered, but then I realized that my face would still show.
HB: *laughs*

He puts the head on and asks her if she can go out with him dressed like that. She says yes, they can walk separately, no problem. He looks at her and says, “Separately? Am I embarrassing?”. She helps him fix his head and he starts dancing when she begins hitting him and telling him to come back to his senses. She then puts it on her head and he tells her to go out like that, which makes her glare at him. But not for long, because she begins dancing with the head on as well! The both of them begin dancing together while looking at their reflections, acting like children and laughing away. They finally go out, Hwang Bo with the head in her hands and Hyun Joong wearing the Pooh outfit.

They walk the streets of Shibuya together, and he begins talking to her.

HJ: I’ve always wanted to go out on a date like this.
HB: What kind of date? Walking on the streets?
HJ: This kind of special date! (referring to the outfit)
HB: You can’t do this in Korea can you?
HJ: That right, how can I in Korea. Seriously, I want to go on a date like this once in Korea.
HB: Me too.

They walk into a mart and he brings her to a section where they have all sorts of funny cool things like wigs and feather scarves and all. He takes a wig and she tells him to put it on, which he does. She looks at him and laughs and says that it seems that after he’s gotten married, he’s been doing all sorts of embarrassing things! She tells him that he looks cute and takes a photo of him and he puts on a pair of sunglasses and poses for her.

HJ: I look weird. Like a mental patient!

She, on the other hand, spots an orange feather scarf and puts in on herself, exclaiming that it looks really pretty. He tells her it suits her and calls her a Pattaya girl. She gets the attention of a store assistant and asks her to take a photo of them in halting Japanese when Hyun Joong dives to the rescue and asks them in fluent Japanese.

Back in the hostel, the boys are having a discussion about Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong.

Hyung Joon: There’s a six year difference between them! Six years!
Yong Saeng: She doesn’t act her age anyway.
Hyung Joon: She’s an aunty! An aunty!

Hyun Joong persuades Hwang Bo to try the wig on, saying that it’s an imaginary old look. He puts in on her and says “the imaginary old Bu In”. She starts laughing before she looks in the mirror and just falls, laughing! She looks like an ajumma!!

HB: If I really do wear this it’ll be so embarrassing!
HJ: No, it’s not embarrassing at all! Am I embarrassing?
HB: *hesitantly* No.
HJ: Not at all right?
HB: Not at all, it feels very natural.

He puts on a hat that has got a wig at the sides, making her burst out in laughter. The both of them standing side by side seriously look hilarious! They both begin dancing in the middle of the store.

HB: How would people look at us?
HJ: *points* Like that!

The whole store is looking at them suspiciously! They continue laughing and picking things out in the store when Hyun Joong spots a pair of sunglasses and says that if Crown J hyung wore them, he’d really look like an ant! They head to the checkout and pay for their items.

In the studio, Hyun Joong takes the sunglasses that he bought for Crown J and gives them to him. Crown J puts them on and transforms into an alien ant immediately!

The members begin planning them a party, decorating the dining area and writing them messages while Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are walking the streets of Shibuya.

HB: If you go to LA, you’ll see people performing on the streets.
HJ: For people who have no money like us, shall we perform as well for house expenses?
HJ: If I dance here, will I get money?

HJ: Okay! I’m not embarrassed!
*starts dancing*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Or should I start doing this instead? *starts miming*
HB: *runs and hides behind a pole*

HJ: Am I embarrassing???
HB: No, no you’re not. *drags him by his arm*
HJ: I’ve always wanted to do this at least once.
HB: What?
HJ: Have a weird date.

They arrive back at his hostel and when they walk in through the doors, someone yells and scares Hwang Bo. The members tell her not to come in so she waits a while before entering again, only to be scared again by Jung Min. They walk in and waiting for them are his members, who are videotaping their entry. It’s their little surprise for them!

They walk in and Jung Min says that since they don’t have any party poppers, they’ll just make the noise and Hyung Joon starts pretending to be a party popper, yelling “Boom!”. Hwang Bo laughs happily at their surprise. The boys also present them with a love cocktail that they made for the both of them and tells them to have a love shot. Hyun Joong tells her to go with it since the members have put in a lot of effort into planning a big event like this for them. Hyun Joong takes out their letter for them and begins reading it out loud.

“To Hyun Joong hyung and Hwang Bo hyung soo nim! First of all, we’d like to sincerely congratulate both of you on your fate. We’re thankful and envious that you came all the way to Japan to meet hyung. We’re sorry that we couldn’t do anything for hyung soo nim as you came so suddenly. We’ve prepared this for you instead, so we hope that the both of you will have a good time. Always laugh, have fun and be happy like how you were when you first met. We’re really envious of the kind of fate that you both had in your past life. Hyun Joong hyung, treat hyung soo nim well. Protect her. Hyung soo nim, you too, work hard like now (fighting!)! The both of you can never divorce! Promise!

Private interview:

HB: They are all really cute aren’t they? I’ve always said that about them, but at that time, seeing what they made for us made me think that they must have worked hard on it. I was really happy and it felt rather blissful.

Hyung Joon tells them there’s something else that they have spent a lot of time on, the highlight of the night. He turns the light on and ta daa! Their marriage vows to each other and their photo is in the middle, amidst flower petals and two tiny bears. The both of them look on, and upon request Hwang Bo reads out the part of the vow that she likes the most.

HB: I’ll always be by my wife’s side and be an oxygen like husband for her.
HJ: Aaahh… As for me, it’s I’ll never look at another woman. That’s the most important one.


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