Monday, July 21, 2008

Hyun Joong's ideal woman during his debut days is Hwang Bo?

A picture that Hyun Joong had drawn of his ideal woman on a program during his debut days with SS501 has been brought to the attention of netizens.

Some of the features include long hair, a V-line face, big eyes with double eyelids, and red lips. After drawing it, he looked at it and said "A monster right?".

After seeing his drawing, netizens are saying that the drawing really resembles Hwang Bo and that the both of them appearing on WGM together as make believe husband and wife is a type of destiny.

Hyun Joong in a recent interview said that regardless of the age, be it older or younger, he thinks that he should think more carefully.

*Credits:, Soompi*


Anonymous said...

This might take quiet a space in the comment section..but, I chose to just 'release' what I wanted to say....hahah;;
.....yeppp LOL..this is gonna show how..umm, not interesting my life is right now, focusing more on celebs pairing rather than reality itself...(=__=;)...let me go for just this once to do this, you [referring to webmaster(s)/mistress(es) or anyone] will not see me comment ever again...probably...since I just found out about "All Seoul'd Out"..will keep lurking for Joongbo couple here ^^~ here goes,

...Although, Hwangbo tends to change her hairstyles (the one in the recent epi. 19 is wavy-like & made her very gorgeous~ uri unnie ippuda~!), yet....omo XD...I want to believe that it's destiny, however with nothing to keep Joongbo's relationship steady, (as in real life; wow...I'm obsessing on them too much..but aish. I just LOVE their pairing..what can I do??(≧w≦)) for any relationships even..., I think destiny just hangs somewhere in between...*hopes in tiny hearts that somehow...the destiny moves just a bit :X..somehow..
*just me trying to believe blindly in celebs love...again..X|*

For all that I've typed in, my wish to "All Seoul'd Out" is to keep fighting! Keep the site alive okk!XD~


Anonymous said...

Omo! That's absolutely her!!! *Crazily happy* *In dream land*