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JoongBo: 12

The episode starts off with Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong both walking along the beach, dragging luggage bags with them.

HJ: It kind of feels like we’ve come for winter training.
HB: Isn’t the beach nice?
HJ: Yea, it is.
HJ: Oh, this is heavy. It’s like it’s filled with hammers and stuff.

They walk up to the letter box and pull out the mission card. Hwang Bo hands Hyun Joong her shoes as he sits on the luggage bag.

HB: I want to sit too…

He immediately gets up after setting her shoes down and lets her sit as she reads their mission. They are supposed to meet with another couple at 7.30 a.m. when Hyun Joong starts saying that the other couple was late as it was already 7.40 a.m.

HB: Another couple. Why are they going to be around? Don’t come.
HJ: I find it uncomfortable if there’s someone else around.
HB: Really? I find it uncomfortable when it’s just the two of us around!
HJ: It’s more uncomfortable for me when there’s someone else around.
HB: Really? So it’s better if it’s just me?
HJ: Yea.
HB: I see.
HJ: Try imagining if there are two other people like you around.
HB: *faints*

HB: What's wrong with someone like me?
HJ: An unfamiliar person.

He then tells her that he saw her on TV a lot while he was in Japan and that he thought that she would lead a quiet life while he was away, but she was really active and happy in the shows, clapping and all. She tries to explain herself by saying that even while she was doing that, a part of her mind was only thinking of him. The both of them have a slight silent moment before she asks why the other couple have not arrived.

The other couple, which is Alex and Shin Ae, are on their way to the destination. They have a discussion in the car as to who they would want the other couple to be.

S: Who do you want to be there today?
A: Hmm… Andy? If it was Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong, I think it would be rather awkward.
S: But I want to see an idol too!
A: You want to see an idol?
A: *starts muttering the words ‘Idol’ as Shin Ae talks*

Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are still on the sands waiting for the other couple who are really late.

HB: You’re expecting Crown J and In Young right?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: What if another couple comes?
HJ: Then another couple comes. Should I tell them to go away?
HB: If another couple comes, lets say this.
HJ: What?
HB: Let’s just each play by ourselves. See you around.
HJ: Isn’t that a bit too extreme? Even so, we shouldn’t sound like that to the couple that’s about to come meet us!
HB: You always make me seem like the bad person!
HJ: We can say this instead.
HB: What?
HJ: We’re newlyweds, and there are still a lot of things to improve on. Can’t we work on it ourselves?
HB: *laughs*

HB: Lets both of us talk a lot!
HJ: Ok.
HB: You can’t talk to other women.
HJ: I won’t.
HB: Even if you talk, just use body language.
HJ: Like I’m mute?
HB: Yes.
HJ: Ok, no matter who comes I’ll just keep quiet like I’m mute.
HB: *smiles* Ok.
HJ: But when are they going to come??

Alex and Shin Ae finally arrive and spot the both of them sitting on the beach, under an umbrella that Hyun Joong holds out. They walk over, and Hwang Bo sees them and starts asking them why they were late when she sees them walking away. They think that they have not been spotted by the other two, and Hwang Bo says that they’ll just pretend that they didn’t see them. Hyun Joong starts mentioning that it’s going to be awkward between them and Hwang Bo tells him not to say anything until they’ve apologized for being late and he agrees.

HB: What are you going to say when they apologize?
HJ: Okay.

They sit with their backs facing them when Alex throws out Hwang Bo’s shoe, scaring the both of them. Hwang Bo starts complaining, asking them what time it is and Hyun Joong’s reaction is:

HJ: No, it’s okay.
HB: That’s not it!
HJ: We’ve been waiting for about an hour. But it’s okay.
HB: *throws tantrum at Hyun Joong*

A: My wife really wanted to meet Hyun Joong.
HB: Oh really? Shillang, you remember what I told you earlier right?
HJ: Yea. *keeps quiet*
S: *puzzled* What?

They walk to their chalet (at least I think it’s a chalet!) and looks around, seemingly pleased with their plush surroundings.

Private interview:

HJ: … Well, it wasn’t just nice/cool. I mean I’ve heard that the both of them are known to be the romantic couple, so… It's different. (Captions: The young groom who is in awe of Alex Hyung)

The four of them continue looking around their place, commenting on the heart that someone had drawn on the sand outside. The two girls unpack in their rooms and the two guys do the same in theirs. Hyun Joong’s main things? Ten manhwa books and three packets of ramyun. Alex just looks on, speechless.

Private interview:

HB: It was rather nice. I mean, to have everything all arranged for you and to have someone to tell you, oh do this and that. It was nice to be given instructions. It’s not that Shillang doesn’t know how to do that, it’s just that he has his own thoughts and does things for me his own way. He’s the type of guy who steps up when I don’t.

After unpacking, all four of them run out to the beach, Hwang Bo heading straight for the sea. Hyun Joong motions for her to come to him and he brings her into the water, holding on to her hand while Shin Ae takes photos of them. Hyun Joong looks like he wants to submerge Hwang Bo in the water and she starts trying to run away from him when Alex comes up and grabs hold of her legs, and the both of them look like they are going to throw her into the sea. She struggles a bit before Alex lets her go and Hyun Joong helps her regain her balance. Hwang Bo starts splashing water at Hyun Joong and he runs away from her, the both of them happily playing together.

Alex comes up to them and snaps a photo of them, making Hwang Bo throw a tantrum in protest, telling him to take a photo of her when she looks pretty. Both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are winking in the photo and are captioned as the ‘Wink Couple’.

HB: I look weird now, don’t I?
HJ: No, it’s okay.
HB: *glares*

The second photo that Alex takes of them is also another candid one, which kind of looks like a poster shot. They play around, taking random photos and Alex and Shin Ae go off together, all romantic and all while both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are at another corner playing hackey sack with some sort of seaweed they got from the beach.

Alex and Shin Ae take their trademark romance-laced photos while Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are in the sea together. Hwang Bo is relatively further out that Hyun Joong and the captions read that Hyun Joong can’t go in any deeper because of his fear of sharks.

All four of them are on the sands hanging out when Alex suggests playing a game or rock, paper, scissors and that the loser gets buried in the sand. He ends up losing and Hyun Joong immediately says that he’ll start burying him! All three of them start piling sand on Alex and Alex comments that this was the first time he’s seen Hyun Joong work so hard and that he’s never done anything wrong to Hyun Joong. They all play around, bullying Alex while he’s trapped in the sand, especially Hwang Bo!

S: Are you going to be good and listen to whatever I say? *holds out ball on top of him*
A: *protests*
S: Are you going to be good and listen to whatever I say?
HB: *pushes ball down so it hits Alex’s face*
S: Ah! I didn’t do that!
HB: Shin Ae, are your hands weak?
A: *glares*

They move on to their next game, which is kind of like a sand Jenga. They have to like break apart the sand without letting the stick drop. Hwang Bo’s successful, so is Alex, but when Hyun Joong does it, it drops. They look at each other, disappointed when Hyun Joong gets up and pretends to throw something away while yelling.

They then have a couple battle, playing the palm pushing game. Hyun Joong watches on as Hwang Bo buries her feet into the sand in preparation for the game, and stands nearer to her as though preparing himself to catch her if she falls. He cheers her on as she takes on Shin Ae but she ends up losing the game and nearly falls over when he quickly holds on to her, supporting her as she regains her balance.

Private interview:

HB: I think she’s been working out. She’s really strong.

Alex and Hyun Joong start playing the game and Hwang Bo watches on, hoping that Hyun Joong would win, but he ends up losing again. This time, he runs out to sea, yelling. The two guys then head off in the water, taking off their shirts. Hwang Bo jumps up and down, screaming and cheering for Hyun Joong as he does so. He stands in the waters shivering as the water’s really cold! The four of them start playing ball in the water and they lose this game as well, and have to submerge themselves in water. Alex and Shin Ae walk away and after a while, Hyun Joong comes out and helps Hwang Bo out of the water.

The both of them walk to get drinks and come back, Hwang Bo sipping on Shin Ae’s drink. They hand them the drinks and walk away to the beach chairs when Shin Ae looks at her straw suspiciously and says that she thinks that someone’s already drank her drink.

S: You’ve tasted this.
A: You tasted the drinks after you bought them!
HB: *I don’t care*

The four of them walk off to the yacht and start enjoying the breeze while the yacht is being driven off to sea. They gather together with Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong sitting together in silence.

S: Did the both of you have a fight? Why are the both of you so quiet?
HJ: We usually don’t have much to say! *laughs*
S: It seems that the both of you have less to say to each other than the both of us.
HB: We don’t think that words are the most important thing. All we have to do is look at each other’s eyes and we know.
HJ: If we say a few words, it all goes out in the show anyway!

The two couples prepare to fish and Hwang Bo suggests that they have a bet, whereby the couple that manages to catch a fish first gets to order the other couple around. Shin Ae looks really lost at fishing and Hwang Bo looks at Hyun Joong and says, “It would be great if we could fish one fish today, just one!”. The four of them start fishing, Hyun Joong all serious and quiet. Shin Ae manages to catch one fish and Hwang Bo tells her not to tell Hyun Joong that she already caught one, so that he doesn’t feel down.

Hwang Bo looks really worried that Hyun Joong might not be able to catch a fish and be all disappointed. She tells Alex not to mention that they caught a fish as Hyun Joong might hear and that they can just eat the fish up and no one would know, and starts praying to be able to catch just one fish.

Private interview:

HB: I was really hoping that he would not know that they caught a fish. I kept telling them not to say anything. I felt bad for losing the games and not being able to do anything for him. I feel that lately, I have not been able to do anything for him.

Hwang Bo goes up to Hyun Joong and asks if he didn’t catch anything, and he replies with a dispirited “Mmmm”. Alex and Shin Ae sit near them and start talking about the fish that she caught, and Hyun Joong hears their conversation, disappointment written all over his face.

Private interview:

HJ: I just felt like putting on a diving suit and jumping into the water at that time. I honestly thought that I would have been able to catch a fish. But as the boat was too big, the sound of the engines must have scared the fish away.
PD: But Shin Ae managed to catch one.
HJ: .... I suppose the fish were all males.

HB: I felt that it was because of me, which made me feel really frustrated. You know how in some movies, you see that one girl that brings everyone down? I felt like that girl. I felt like I was a burden as I couldn’t perform well, and I hated that feeling.

Hwang Bo keeps assuring Hyun Joong that he will be able to catch a fish while Alex prepares sashimi in the kitchen.

HB: I’ll definitely catch one for you! Definitely!
HJ: No, I think it’s time to stop.
HB: I’ll definitely catch one for you! I’m sure I can!
HJ: I don’t think (says something but I can’t make it out)
HB: But I want to catch one…

The both of them give up and walk back into the boat where they find Alex preparing the sashimi. Hyun Joong asks if it’s the fish that they had caught earlier, and looks on while the captions state “I wanted to do this for Hwang Bu In”.

They start eating and Hyun Joong asks Hwang Bo if she wants to eat and she tells him to go ahead. He pops one in his mouth before holding out another slice for her as she sits down. They start talking around the table, and she brushes his cheek as he talks.

HB: Why are we always like this? I thought you said that you were good!
HJ: That’s just it. Usually when I go fishing, I can catch up to four fishes. I wonder why it’s like that today.
A: Maybe it’s because Hwang Bo is around that you can’t catch anything.
HB: *shocked*
HB: I think so too. When I’m not around, you can catch fish right?
HJ: *firmly* Mmm!

Alex and Shin Ae walk out and start having another spot of romance together, dancing to slow music in the breeze as Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong wash up the dishes in the sink.

After they’re done, Hyun Joong looks out the window to see what they are up to before the both of them go out to the deck as well.

Hwang Bo pretends to be throwing up at the scene, while Hyun Joong pats her back, the both of them back in their own 4th dimensional world together.


Anonymous said...

this episode......both down and touched. don't know what to say...just have a hope that next week, the atmosphere will get better (how? since there's a suspicious scene btween HB-SA hmm..)

thank you so much i think your summary is enough for me for this episode


Anonymous said...

actually i'm really happy with this episode.. coz it shows how hb n hj trully care aboout each other...
thank u for ur fast summary..
love u to the max.. ^^

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Thank you very much for the translation.It's greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

loved it really thanx

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haven't seen this episode yet.

thanks for the summary!

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thank you for the translation chonsa, luv ya and keep up the good work!

not really enjoy the show this week and i feel the AlShin's dance scene were too long..

Anonymous said...

yeah alshin's dance was too long
they should've put in more lively parts to spice things up bc as much as i love the skinship of HJ/HB in this episode I don't think it was my fave

thanks for the summaries/translation!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your hard work. I truly like this couple. I'm a little sad though, I sometimes feel that HB gets mad at HJ. I hope the next episode will show the softer side of both HB and HJ. Haven't seen the show, just going off your summary. Thanks for the summary it's really good!

Anonymous said...

If only it was HJ and HB alone together xD But it was a good episode. Not my favorite, but still good. I think my favorites are the Japan trips haha.

But WOW, thanks so much for posting this Chonsa!! I can never say enough how amazing you are! THANKS!

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Big thanks fot posting it, it nice and sweet. Hope next eps also sweet and better for this couple.

Really thanks !!!!

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thanks for summarizing this episode... i would really love it if only and HJ and HB didnt go with another couple...:D

Anonymous said...

i think HB a bit frustrated as she really trying her best to pleased her husband and stuff but he kinda makes her feels bad sometimes.. at least that what i thought. like this episode when Alex jokingly say that HJ cant catch the fish coz HB around, she sorta wanna cry but he as usual look so dorky and when she said that maybe both of them dont match, he jokingly says so wanna go to see fortune teller? kinda funny though but a little sad looking at HB like that.. u see after all she's a women and sure thing feel a bit jealous looking how lucky Shinea is.. (^_^)