Saturday, July 26, 2008

WGM's most popular male is young groom Hyun Joong?

The unexpected results of the survey garnered the attention of WGM viewers.

Based on the movie '100 Feet' (not too sure what movie this is), and in line with the number of live material of recent films, a survey using the topic 'The celebrity whom I don't even want to leave one foot away from' was conducted. According to the survey, the choices of artists were limited to the popular WGM grooms.

The landslide results revealed romantic Alex and An Seobang Andy, the Ant Groom Crown J and the Young Groom Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong, who displays his continuous but not hateful absurd actions and conversations with his older partner Hwang Bo has won the affections of the audience.
Hyun Joong took first place by getting 33% of the votes, whereas the calm Andy came in second place with 27% of the votes. Third place went to Alex, who shares a lovely love story with Shinae, with 24% and Crown J came in fourth place with 16% of the votes.

Hyun Joong recently revealed in an interview on a TV programme that he wanted to express his gratitude to Hwang Bo who, because of the show, came all the way to his dorm in Japan and cooked him a warm meal. Hwang Bo had gone to Japan for some personal matters and had come over to his dorm to visit. He also said that it was thanks to Hwang Bo's cooking skills that his members were able to enjoy a long missed meal and that before he used to think that he should meet either someone who was of the same age or younger than him but now, because of the programme, he has started to think that older women were a good choice as well.

*Credits: Osen, Soompi*


lovesub said...

oh my God!
Hyunjoong beat the other grooms?
whoohoo!! what an awesome surprise!
they're slowly winning people's heart. it's impossible to not love 'em, what more to hate 'em?^^
thank you so much for the trans.

Anonymous said...

^ miss ya!!!!

the last'll be better if he said HB was good choice! hahaha


Anonymous said...

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