Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alex+ Shin Ae: Seeing Shin Ae's tears for the first time! What would Alex's reaction be?

(Just FYI, since it's connected to JoongBo.)

The two people who are enjoying a romantic holiday... And together with the Lettuce couple, they even prepared a wine party with fireworks... However, while the husbands are getting closer, back in the chalet, the relationship between the two wives is getting strained. The icy relationship between Shin Ae and Hwang Bo results in Shin Ae tearing in front of Alex. What really happened between the two wives? What will Alex's reaction be towards the sight of his wife's tears?



Anonymous said...

really, i don't get why it has to be this kind of situation even if it's just a prank....i'm scared of fight..i love living a comfortable life.

what i'm looking forward for this episode is the preview of the wedding!


Anonymous said...

I didnt even think about the preview until you said that muize ... Thank you for another thing to get excited about!! woohooo wedding photoshoot preview lol
*I need a life, too engrossed in WGM can't think of anything else*